[On Hold] Kinetic Blast Deadeye [Magic Find Speed Mapper]

1i1W4DE wrote:
How to sustain burial chamber this league?
at tier7 bc (under awakened7), map drop sucks :(

orb of horizon any t7 map
very high chance of becoming burial
have fun
any idea of BiS cluster jewels for this build?
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Hi all!

One question, is this build good for Delve?

Nice guide dude (:
I have only two more questions;

1) Would u Recommend inspired Learning ?

2) a second setup could be help or Not ?
Für example a 5 Link bow
could you update pob for 3.11? reall would like to play.

Also, how do you get your int early on. im stuck around 40int at lvl 40. im using a tabula, stormcloud, sadima, wanderlust, wormsmolt and thiefs torment
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I think your build is not entirely updated for 3.12 cause you say :

Hearld of Ice - Onslaught - Curse on Hit - Assassins Mark

But in 3.12 Assassins Mark is a Mark and Curse on Hit only support Hex curse, So it didn't work now

I Use Frostbite but with my experience IG, i didn't see the hex curse probably don't work now

And Assassin's mark give some Power Charge if you have an other solution i wait :)

Ty !
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Hello, I'm following the Tree with Inspired learning, what should I change at Deadeye to remove the PIERCE SUPP gem, remove Tailwind or Fast and Deadly, to put in Powerful Precision?
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