[On Hold] Kinetic Blast Deadeye [Magic Find Speed Mapper]

Decided to put all my guides on hold for the moment. Thanks for your support if you've used this build or supported my content in the past.


After making my first guide for Glacial Cascade Totems I farmed up some currency to give Wander a shot. I immediately fell in love with Kinetic Blast and wanted to take this skill as far as it could possibly go. KB is overall my favorite ability in the game and below you'll find out everything I know about KB and the build I've decided to run with it.

Quick Reference:
Final Skill Tree

  • Kinetic Blast - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Ice Bite/Added Cold* - Added Lightning Damage - Damage on Full Life
    • Check the 3. Gems and Links section to see what gems work for you!
  • Herald of Ice - Onslaught - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark
  • Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Vaal Grace
  • Wrath
  • Ice Golem - Cast When Damage Taken - Culling Strike - Blind
  • Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Vaal Breach
  • Decoy Totem

Item Stat Priority
  • Weapon: Flat Lightning Damage > Crit > Attack Speed
  • Shield/Helm/Armor/Gloves/Belt/Boots: Life > Resists > Evasion
  • Rings/Amulet: Life > Crit Multi > Crit Chance > Resists > Flat Lightning
  • Abyss Jewels: Life > Flat Lightning Damage (wands or attacks) > Crit Multi > Dodge if hit recently > Blind on Hit > Crit Multi after Kill > Attack Speed

PoB: https://pastebin.com/RPBxddhc

YouTube: New Video for 3.7 Legion!

Full Playlist of all my videos related to KB since the start of the guide!
A couple highlights from the above series:

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thi3n

Update Log:
3.12 Updates:
  • Nothing meaningful being added on this patch I don't think. Will keep an eye out for new wand bases for Heist.

3.11 Updates:
  • Nothing meaningful being added on this patch I don't think. Will keep an eye out for new enchantments via Harvest.
3.10 Updates:
  • Cluster Jewels have been added to the game but nothing I wanted to add to the guide.
3.9 Updates:
  • Awakened Support Gems.
3.8 Updates:
  • If annointments go core there will be a permanent addition to the guide.
  • Nothing very notable to change about the build in this patch.
3.7 Updates:
  • Shield Charge with wands!!!
  • Removal of synthesized implicit mentions throughout the guide.
3.6 Updates:
  • Added 3.6 Gear Snapshot
  • Keeping an eye out for new uniques, synthesized bases, veiled mods, and anything else that might be relevant to this build
3.5 Updates:
  • More nerfs to this build. Well, nerfs to items that all Quant farmers use. Queen of the Forest and Sadimas are worse which opens the door for items like Thunderfists, Tombfists, Shroud of the Lightless, and Greeds Embrace to be considered as options. Like I mention in the 2. Gear section it's a balance between quant, movespeed, damage, and surviability so tweak the build with your available options to make the build work for you.
  • Added a gear snapshot for 3.5
  • Nothing really impressive on the gear front in terms of crafted veiled mods - can now craft elemental damage with attacks which is nice!
3.4 Updates:
  • Kinetic Blast has finally been nerfed. However it's still fine in terms of stacking quant and blasting through maps.
  • Added notes in helm about Abyssal Sockets.
  • This build is still a great option for generating currency and I will likely make it again after I do a more all-content focused build to complete my atlas.
  • Updates to the "mechanics" inside Tips and Tricks.
  • If you were shotgunning bosses like in my videos you can expect around a 50% slower boss kill.
  • If you insist on trying to do single target with this build then use Barrage and Point Blank. It's a wanders only option for single target at the moment.
  • Leveling tree updates and the removal of Aztiri's Acuity Alternate Tree.
3.3 Updates:
  • Revamped the leveling guide to use Rain of Arrows and Barrage.
  • New YouTube Video!
  • Still viable for 3.3!
  • No nerf to Kinetic Blast. No nerf to Queen/Abyssal Jewels. No nerf to anything relevant us.
  • Added a link setup for a knockback barrage ranged attack support totem!
  • Added "tough to league start with" in the Cons section of the guide as I am looking to overhaul the leveling section later in 3.3
  • Liked and added some suggestions for Waste Pool on suggested maps and Greeds Embrace as a chest piece option.
  • Added a mention of Increased Item Rarity to the main Kinetic Blast setup - with a nod to low tier farming.
  • Added a "snowball" section to 6. Tips and Tricks when talking about Eshs's Mirror and how it wants you to move fast through maps.
  • Added new gif at the start of finding doctor.
  • Added a gear snapshot for single target since it gets asked so often... it is NOT MF
  • Added a mention to Inspired Learning Jewel in both Jewels section in 2. Gear and presented an alternate tree in 5. Leveling + Skill Trees.
3.2 Updates:
  • 3.2 Youtube Video
  • Deadeye buffs! Ascendancy changes for some options like MORE speed, free pierce, and/or doubled accuracy along with a whole host of other nice buffs to existing nodes we already took. The AoE and extra proj are still in tact so this build is alive and well. This will remain a great choice for blasting through maps in the Bestiary League.
  • Update to Armor Section to give some potential options for people who don't want to queen.
  • Update to Auras Section to mention the new Aspects and options for high budget users who have reduced mana reservation.
  • Update to Pantheon Section
  • Updates to Tips and Tricks and Questions section to mention the use of Barrage to make this build an "all arounder".
  • Changed the Ascendancy order to put Gathering Winds first! It's great while leveling.
  • Added more Questions I've Answered.

  • 1. Pros and Cons
  • 2. Gear
  • 3. Gems and Links
  • 4. Bandits + Ascendancy + Pantheon
  • 5. Leveling + Skill Trees
  • 6. Tips and Tricks
  • 7. Questions I've Answered
  • 8. Thank you + Other Guides

1. Pros and Cons
  • Fast and Strong. One tap packs. Fly through maps. Kinetic Blast clears everything on your screen... and sometimes things around corners or off screen.
  • Magic Find. Doesn't take much for this build to be powerful. You can realistically use KB on as little as a 4-link or (most barrage-for-single-target-setups already do this). The combo of speed clearing and stacking Increased Item Quantity (IIQ) make this build ideal for chaining maps.
  • Evasion and Dodge. Without getting too much into the nitty gritty these things are similar but different defensive layers. If you want an in-depth explanation go to the Questions section. The short of the long is that we rarely get hit twice in a row and when combined with a high leech and leech rate we top off before taking another hit.
  • Far Shot Playstyle. This is literally the opposite playstyle of Point Blank. By nature, standing further away from the damage will mean you die less.

  • Not a good "all-around" build. This build is not designed to see all the content in the game. I made this build in 3.1 with the goal of being a very good Shaped Vault farmer.
  • Have to reroll some map mods. Reflect is not possible and and Avoid Ailments is doable but much less satisfying due to Herald of Ice shatters.
  • Single Target. Without Barrage and Point Blank bossing can be a pain.
  • Tough to League Start with. Rangers are notoriously tough to league start with and inexperienced players might struggle with this build without key uniques like Thief's Torment.
  • Have not tested Hardcore. Personally I wouldn't want to roll a dodge/evasion based character in Hardcore. You'd probably want to go max block or life stacking at which point you're losing out on a lot of quality of life that this build is designed for.
  • Can be high budget. It depends on how high of content you want to farm. Balancing life pool, defense, and IIQ will dictate how high of maps you can run. Insane Jewels and Headhunter can min-max this build and you could easily spend over 200 exalts.
2. Gear
Zero uniques? Full uniques? Something in between? The build is SSF and league-starter viable since it can operate on yellows. Damage comes from auras (Skill Gems) so you can get unlucky with drops and still do respectable damage.

In Depth Gear Explanation
Rare. Good spot to pick up one of our cheap helm enchants on a rare base to fill in resists. [Rat's Nest, Devoto's Devotion, Tempest's Binding, and Lightpoacher are alternatives for more speed/damage/mobility. Kinetic Blast Damage or Extra Explosion enchants are great for more damage and the Kinetic Blast Area of Effect is nice quality of life as well. +1 Barrage Projectile can be considered for people keeping Barrage in for a Single Target option. In 3.4 Delve league there are now Rares that can contain Abyssal Sockets! These will be optimal if you can afford to drop links.

Stats to look for: Life > Resists > Evasion > Accuracy
Queen of the Forest. Obvious synergy with evasion stacking. A staple for blasting through maps. Shoud of the Lightless gives more Abyss Jewels as an offensive option and also gives a mini-immortal-call which is very underrated for additional defense! Don't feel too locked in to your chest piece, other Uniques like Greeds Embrace, Perfect Form, Yriel's Fostering, and Belly of the Beast can be useful. Lots of potential ways to take the build to suit your needs!

Stats to look for (if you're using a rare): Life > Resists > Evasion > Elder Attack Crit
Piscator's Vigil. It does everything we want. Rare wands are the absolute top end but in terms of value Piscator's is hard to beat.

Stats to look for (if you're using a rare): Lightning Damage > Crit > Attack Speed > Multi > other flat elemental damage
Esh's Mirror. This is another staple of speed mapping builds and we're taking full advantage of this item as well as having synergy with Vaal Breach for single target. Lycoside is a great option for a more consistent feel to your damage and allows you to de-prioritize accuracy on the rest of your gear.

Stats to look for (if you're using a rare): Life > Resists > Accuracy > Evasion
Sadima's Touch. Classic IIQ gloves. Atrizi's Acuity can be considered for getting Vaal Pact without picking it up on our tree which can allow for some nice quality of life nodes. Thunderfist are great for putting KB in a 4 link if you wanted to keep Barrage in your main setup for single target.

Stats to look for (if you're using a rare): Life > Resists > Attack Speed > Evasion

NOTE: Gripped Gloves or the of-Reflection enchant are nice to have but in no way required.
Headhunter. Speed mappers absolutely love Headhunter. Although any build can take advantage of rare buffs from monsters, wanders get use of basically everything. Perandus Blazon or Bisco's Leash are great for Magic Find.

Stats to look for (if you're using a rare): Life > Resists > Flask Duration
Goldwyrm. Classic IIQ Boots. Atziri's Step is another unique we can consider for more defense. Bubonic Trail gives us access to more Abyss Jewels for a more offensive option.

Stats to look for (if you're using a rare): Movespeed > Life > Resists > Evasion > Open Prefix to craft Elemental Damage with Attacks > Shaper Decoy Totem!

NOTE: Leech, Damage, or Attack Speed if you've killed recently and Movement Speed if you haven't been hit recently are all good boot enchants but are not required.
Biscos. What were you expecting? This makes div card and currency returns better. If you've played with and without Biscos... the difference is noticeable.

Stats to look for (if you're using a rare): Life > Crit Multi > Crit Chance > Flat Light Damage > Accuracy
Ventors. Good ones are obviously very expensive. Prioritize Quant, Resist,
then Life.

Stats to look for (if you're using a rare): Life > Resists > Crit > Flat Lightning Damage >
  • Quicksilver. Adrenaline is great.
  • Jade/Stibnite. (if Queen). Evasion means more movespeed
  • Silver. (if not Queen). Use with Quicksilver to multiply your movespeed. Great for jumping around between packs
  • Diamond. Getting crit capped is important because we stack crit and crit multi.
  • Dying Sun. Gives an additional projectile which is great for both parts of our Kinetic Blast!
  • Instant Life Flask/Wise Oak/Vinktars/Atziri's Promise. Flex flask for personal preference.

Look for Increased Duration and removal of Bleed/Freeze/Curse.
Abyss Jewels are huge sources of flat damage in their current state. It's worth mentioning the Watcher's Eye jewel that can give you some insane stats like Lightning Pen During Wrath. It may be worth working in an aura like Hatred/Haste/Grace if you get a Watcher's Eye that gives you useful stats like Flat Cold Damage, Base Crit, Permanent Phasing, Dodge, Spell Dodge, or Movespeed. Inspired Learning can be great for people wanting to get the headhunter "feel" without spending tons of exalts. Check the Leveling Section for a tree that incorporates this jewel.

Stats to look for: Life > Flat Lightning Damage (wands or attacks) > Crit Multi > Dodge if hit recently > Blind on Hit > Crit Multi after Kill > Attack Speed

NOTE: Below is a list of sample gear I used along with what content I was able to do with that gear. These gear choices are not always optimal. As a content creator I will try things out if they are new or different or just for variety sake. Use these gear snapshots as possible inspiration and not as an end-all-be-all for gear choices. The above In Depth Gear Explanation has my recommendations for new players trying the guide.

3.1 Shaped Vault Farming

3.2 Shaped Arachnid Farming
3.3 Burial Chambers Farming
3.4 Single Target Shaper Killing (not MF)
3.5 T16 Mapper (non MF)
3.6 Shaped Moon Temple Farming
3. Gems and Links
Elder/Shaper items can give us free links for quality of life things like Culling Strike/Blind or Increased Area/Duration/Crit Strikes or granting an Aura/Decoy Totem ability.

Kinetic Blast
Kinetic Blast - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Pierce* - Added Lightning Damage** - Damage on Full Life**
  • *NOTE: If you have pierce from your tree then this isn't necessary.
  • **NOTE: These last two links will vary based on your gear! If you have plenty of flat light damage from other sources or if you have have different colored links then you may want to look into Lightning Pen, Added Cold, Ice Bite, etc.
  • Use path of building to see which alternatives will work best for your gear!
  • If you are fine on damage consider Increased Item Rarity, especially for low tier farming!
Hearld of Ice - Onslaught - Curse on Hit - Assassins Mark
  • The satisfying ice shatters come from this ability. Assassin's Mark is a way to crit more often and harder. Onslaught keeps us moving.

    NOTE: Abyss Jewels can also give Onslaught!

  • A staple of wander builds. Pre-Abyss Jewels this was a primary source of flat lightning damage. Now with Abyss Jewels we have access to some quality of life alternatives.

  • It may be worth working in an aura like Hatred/Haste/Grace/Clarity if you get a Watcher's Eye that gives you useful stats like Flat Cold Damage, Base Crit, Permanent Phasing, Dodge, Spell Dodge, Movespeed, etc.
  • Consider things like Arctic Armor, Aspect of the Avian, or Aspect of the Cat if you pick up things that reduce Mana Reservation! Just make sure you have enough mana left over to cast Kinetic Blast a couple times.
Cast When Damage Taken – Immortal CallIncreased Duration
  • Don’t overlevel your gems. You need to keep these gems relatively low level because we want CWDT to proc at a lower life threshold. By keeping it low – it also limits what level of spell it can cast, so feel free to level up Increased Duration but the Immortal Call and the curse of choice needs to stay in line with CWDT. Personally, I keep CWDT at level 1.

Shield Charge – FortifyFaster Attacks – Blood Magic – Culling Strike
  • An alternative to Queen of the Forest and moving around. Note that Deadeyes get great value from Gathering Winds as Shield Charge scales off of both movespeed and attack speed.

Lighting Warp/Flame Dash/Frostblink
  • Try them all out and see which you like better.
  • It's just something to get over walls with. If extra links then Faster Casting is nice quality of life (also Less Duration for Lightning Warp).

Ice Golem
  • Ice Golem gives us Crit and Accuracy, both of which are useful for our build.
  • Can be annoying to recast and keep up so try having a high level Cast When Damage Taken. Culling Strike, Blind, and/or Increased Item Rarity are good ways to get more value from your golem.

Decoy Totem
  • Used for dragging the boss/tough rares to a wall.

Barrage - Knockback Support
  • Great for knocking back ranged bosses against walls. Try supporting with Ranged Attack Totem (this means you can't use Decoy Totem) and/or Greater Multiple Projectiles.
  • The totem is less good against bosses that summon adds because then you have to deal with Totem AI.
Other Nice to Haves
Vaal Grace
  • Some extra survivability for bosses.

Vaal Breach
  • Synergy with Esh's Mirror and Headhunter to get big damage for boss fights.

Vaal Haste
  • For all the speed demons.
  • With any of these Vaal Skills consider linking to Increased Duration!
Quality Priority
Kinetic Blast (AoE .5%) > Herald of Ice (.75% Global Cold) > Damage Supports (All give .5% increase) > Attack Speed Supports (GMP)
4. Bandits + Ascendancy + Pantheon
  • Help Alira. Kill them all is an alternative.

  • Gathering Winds
  • Far Shot
  • Endless Munitions
  • Powerful Precision

Alternatives: Fast and Deadly is an option over Powerful Precision for people keeping Barrage in their setup.

  • Major God – Brine King with Stun and Block Recovery
  • Minor God – Gruthkul
5. Leveling + Skill Trees
No uniques are required as this build is fine for a league start - but if this isn't your first character of the league then these will make the process easier: Goldrim, Tabula, Wanderlust, Prismweave, Silverbranch, Hyrri's Bite, Storm Cloud, Storm Prison, Lochtonial Caress, Karui Ward, Blackheart, Thief's Torment, Elreon -Mana Cost jewelery (resists/int a plus!), and buying skill/support gems with quality ready to be socketed in!

NOTE: Rangers do not get access to Added Lightning or Kinetic Blast so buy them on another character or trade for them! Kinetic Blast can be purchased from Siosa in Act 3 for SSF.

NOTE: It needs to be stated again: MAKE SURE YOU USE BARRAGE FOR LEVELING. Kinetic Blast will be miserable against some bosses.

Alternatives: If you have a favorite way of leveling (Abberaths Hooves, Poets Pen, Sunder, etc.) then do that!

1. Low Level Tree

Early levels we grab both the Ranger and start heading through the right side towards Shadow. INT is a bottleneck for us so look for it on the tree and in your gear.

MainSkill: Ice Shot - Added Cold - Mirage Archer - Volley - Added Lightning - Onslaught
Mobility: Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks
MainSkill2: Barrage - Added Lightning - Added Cold - Faster Attacks
MainSkill (Replaces Ice Shot): Rain of Arrows - Mirage Archer - Added Lightning - Added Cold - Onslaught - Chance to Bleed

Find a free Green socket and start leveling Pierce Support. Barrage will stay as your main single target skill for throughout the entire leveling process.

2. Grab Tailwind

When in doubt, life it out. Gathering Winds is a great ascendancy for leveling, 1000 flat evasion is huge!

MainSkill: Rain of Arrows - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Mirage Archer - Added Lightning - Added Cold - Onslaught
Aura1: Herald of Ice - Onslaught
Aura2: Herald of Thunder
MainSkill2: Barrage - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Added Lightning - Added Cold - Elemental Focus - Faster Attacks
Mobility (Replaces Blink Arrow): Flame Dash/Lightning Warp - Faster Casting

If this isn't your first character I highly recommend a Thief's Torment ring at level 30, it will absolutely carry you in terms of survivability. The mana leech node is there for people who don't have Thief's Torment (Kinetic Blast is mana hungry!). Also remember that your auras can reserve more mana than you want them to if they are linked to unwanted supports.

3. Wand Nodes and Blood Aqueduct Farming

As we level past the 30's everything will start to unlock for us: the better supports, a second aura, and our golem. At level 38 we should have the below abilities and will use these for the remainder of progression. Switch into Kinetic Blast once you reach Blood Aqueduct.

MainSkill: Kinetic Blast - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Pierce - Elemental Damage with Attacks
MainSkill2: Barrage - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Added Lightning - Elemental Focus - Faster Attacks - Slower Projectiles
Aura1: Herald of Ice - Onslaught - Curse on Hit - Assassins Mark
Aura2: Wrath
Golem: Ice Golem
Utility: Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration

After you complete Act 6 Lilly will have all the skill gems you may have missed.

4. Final Skill Tree

If you plan on taking this build to 100 there are a bunch of 3 point jewels along the way in this tree.

4.b Alternate Inspired Learning Tree

Alternatives: These trees are guideline, go off the beaten path and make the build your own!
6. Tips and Tricks
Boss Killing
  • Decoy Totem against a wall. The tighter to the wall the better it will be for explosion overlaps. Each projectile creates 4 explosions. 2 of which can hit an enemy if large enough, 2 of which will dissappear on the other side of the wall. Multiply 2 Explosions by all of the projectiles we have and you can see how much damage KB is capable of. Prior to 3.4 all 4 explosions were placed and single target was much better. Today, I recommend using Barrage and Point Blank if you must kill single target.
  • Vaal Breach for Esh's Mirror stacks and the "Recently Killed" buffs from Abyssal Jewels.
  • Vaal Grace before using Vaal Breach to avoid interruption.

Mobility and Positioning
  • Take advantage of Far Shot. Think of it like a whole gem link that you are adding to your ability. It's a MORE multiplier!
  • Conversely, don't always feel like you have to take advantage of Far Shot. Some situations may call for you to stand next to the wall to blast explosion overlaps.
  • Move Fast! Especially if you are using Esh's Mirror. The shield really wants you to use the extra damage to "snowball" maps. If you are spending a lot of time picking up loot and slowly trudging through maps then you aren't taking advantage of the huge boost that Esh's Mirror provides and would be better served using a life/res/evasion shield or Lycoside.

Vaal Skills and Flask Management
  • Think of these as things that get filled up for free as you progress. If you are getting kills but your Vaal skills and Flasks are full then you are leaving value behind!
  • As your player experience and skill improve you'll get a "feel" for when to use Vaal Grace preemptively.

IIQ balancing.
  • We'd all love to kill Shaper with 500% Quant but this game is designed in such a way that you will lose speed/power/survivability if you want to stack quant. Figure out which combination of gear works best for your level of wealth, playerskill, and speed/comfort.

Pick good maps.
  • Pick layouts that are linear with walls. Maps with melee bosses are great because decoy totem can bring them to walls. Some of my current favorites:
    • Toxic Sewer
    • Underground Sea
    • Phantasmagoria
    • Gorge
    • Vault
    • Arachnid Tomb
    • Waste Pool
    • Post your favorite in the comments!
  • Spend currency to make currency. Don't crawl through a temp chains or avoid ailments map if you know it will take you too long to do it. Using 1 scour and 1 alch will save you time and that time can be spent getting more currency in the next map!

Level with Barrage.
  • Some bosses will be impossible to kill with Kinetic Blast only.
  • If you are looking to keep this build as an "all around" build then consider just using KB on a 4 link. KB will feel worse but having Barrage on a 6L gives you more single target options.
7. Questions I've Answered
What about X Item? What About Y Support? What about Z Ascendancy?
I always encourage people to make the build their own. All of my guides are just that, guidelines. Take what is useful and apply your own ideas and create ways to make it work for your situation.
What do I upgrade next?
Check the In Depth Gear Explanation in the 2. Gear portion of the guide. I go into stat priorities there. Gearing will be very individual based on your current gear and your objectives. Do not be afraid to drop quant for more "power" be that damage or survivability.

If you are starting this build from scratch I recommend unique "progression" along these lines: Thiefs Torment, Piscators, Esh's Mirror, Queen of the Forest. At some point you'll drop Thief's Torment for Ventors and balancing your resists/life/quantity to a level that feels right for you. The build can be very budget (wise oak and bisco's leash) or very high budget (dying sun and Headhunter).
Mana Sustain
Pick up one of the two spots on the tree for mana leech if you are without Thief's Torment.
Why do you love Kinetic Blast?
I am of the opinion that KB is one of the most mechanically top tier abilities in the game. For those of you who don't understand KB let me break it down... There are two components to KB:
  • The first is a generic looking wand attack projectile that shoots out and hits normally. This part of the ability can only hit the same target one time even if the attack is supported by multiple projectiles.
  • The second mechanic involves the creation of explosions when one of three things happen:
    • The projectile pierces a target
    • The projectile hits the target
    • The projectile hits a wall
  • This is where it gets busted because the explosions scale with area of effect, extra projectiles, and can hit the same target multiple times.
Why Deadeye?
Deadeye boosts every part of Kinetic Blast. The extra projectile works for creating more explosions, the extra area of effect is huge for creating overlaps in damage, heaps of accuracy, and projectile speed all help us in making Kinetic Blast the best it can be.
  • Some bosses will be impossible to kill with Kinetic Blast only.
  • If you are looking to keep this build as an "all around" build then consider just using KB on a 4 link. KB will feel worse but having Barrage on a 6L gives you more single target options.
Evasion vs Dodge
Both are great. Evasion works against monster attacks (both melee and ranged). Every attack in the game (yours or the monsters) has an accuracy rating which is rolled against the targets evasion rating. A successful evade prevents all damage including things like ailments and stun. You get evasion from leveling up, grabbing dex, or from gear/flasks/passives. Spells cannot be evaded. Dodge and Spell Dodge are a second layer of defense. Different sources of dodge are additive with each other up to a cap of 75%. Dodge completely prevents the damaging hit (spell or attack).
Is this build all content viable?

In order to do all the content you'd want Barrage in your 6-Link setup, KB in a 4 Link, and probably move away from Deadeye for Pathfinder or Raider. These changes move us into a more "traditional" wander that wants to pick up Point Blank. It costs about 50 Regret orbs to do a switch like this but the gear is similar. I won't go too in-depth on traditional wanders as there are plenty of guides around for them.

I want to re-emphasize that this is a build meant for speed mapping specific maps at a rate that's incredibly fast and fun!
8. Thank you + Other Guides
  • Thank YOU for reading! I appreciate the success stories in the thread.
  • Special shoutout to all the people who drop by and hangout on Twitch as well as my Followers/Subs!

Other Guides
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Update this im ready to play it!
Working on it! I filmed a YouTube video but I'm not super happy with it. Probably going to do another take. You can check it out around 4:30~ of my latest stream on Twitch.
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How do you keep Divination Distilate up?
Leveling this build now, Will post updates as i make progress.

Alternatives: Powerful Precision for a non-Acuity build that needs skill points!

Powerful percision in place of what ascendency?
Last edited by perfectionistX on Jan 20, 2018, 5:14:43 PM
How do you keep Divination Distilate up?
Before this most recent patch the distillate was persisting and giving +4 all res, but now it's removed once you reach full life/mana. I've since moved away for a Vinktars - I'll update the guide with this info.

Leveling this build now, Will post updates as i make progress.

Alternatives: Powerful Precision for a non-Acuity build that needs skill points!

Powerful percision in place of what ascendency?
Ricochet is the least important of the 4.
Nice build, however i struggle at 1 target, even with barrage(
Last edited by Zloberik on Jan 22, 2018, 4:31:38 AM
Nice build, however i struggle at 1 target, even with barrage(
The single target is not good at all during the leveling process with Kinetic Blast. Hopefully the updated portion in the leveling guide will help with your barrage setup.
have some questions pm u already please check inbox thanks thi3n
Another great innovative build. Well done TN.

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