Super Stash Sale - All Stash Tabs on Sale This Weekend!

Eeee, but I just upgraded my stash tabs only a few days ago... :( Oh well, time to buy a map stash, I guess.
Aw man you were going down the armor sets and stopped before the wasteland set... that's the one I was waiting for.
I really hope GGG work on making norm tabs to quad tabs a thing. Having 100+ useless prem tabs is kinda annoying.
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Makes today an awesome end to my 26th Birthday!

Belated Happy Birthday Exile!
I almost buy a map stash...not enough maps to store and all under t10. Maybe will buy next time if ggg fix the map drop defect
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Completed 10 ChallengesOnix095 wrote:
Where is the map fragment tab?

In the backlog
no other payment provider then xiolla. No points left.

so no stash tabs or supporter packs :-(

no support for criminal data collecting payment provider.

so no support for ggg, only working with criminal data collecting provider
map stash tap is awesome thanks . i ll be alot happier if you make it 100 point but its still alot cheaper for what its offering.
just bought mine a day ago... T_T
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