Designing the Fire and Ice Mystery Box

"Infernal Mystery Box"???

Can't find any information about that!
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please,remove hideout decorations and put skin transfers,tab upgrades,premium tabs and stash tabs at lower rewards

Ice Gale is ok.
Have to admit. I just came back this season after not playing for several years and when I saw loot boxes I was pretty saddened to see you guys had added loot boxes. In my opinion they are just as shady as Pay 2 win items in a cash shop. The whole point to loot boxes are to prey on people with gambling addictions. Frankly, they are the only reason I haven't bought any MTX since I got back. Don't get me wrong, I understand while you love what you do, you have to make money. I just personally feel loot boxes are a pretty crappy way to do it.
I agree that the HO decorations are the most sore spot. But mainly cause they are a pain in leagues.

as mentioned above, if we had a way to really save our HO between leagues then I could take some time and really make a kicking HO for everyone to visit with all of my micro transacts.

Instead they sit in a box or in standard. Cause I just don't feel like redoing my HO every league.

I know a few HO items are going to be around, but keep them like the last few where they tend to be large and of sizeable use. The HO's this time were pretty solid. Was able to make them work in a hurry and in a few neat ways. I have lava flowing out of my rocks onto the beach where i have them "burning bodies". with the fire gale wrapping it up nicely.

Try and stay away from total junk is the biggest problem really.

It's one thing to get duplicates of a skill MTX, i can spread them around my league characters. It's another though to get duplicates of 2 different footsteps which i have dozens of cause they are league challenge's first goal almost always it seems.

maybe a footprint combination that boosts their values. aka take two ice footprints combine them, and instead of a small ice shard you get a medium ice shard and your feet glow extra bright with ice. Combine a 3rd one and now you leave noticable stalagmites as you run, and it makes ice flow aorund boots.

I like the combination idea though, just need to take it to new levels, maybe as time works out allow new box sets to combine with older ones. Like maybe I can combine my white skull character affect with my fire character effect and get a flaming skull character effect.

You already spent the money I paid you months ago for the chaos and light box, but let me suck up an old duplicate with the new combine system. just a thought
Some great ideas here. But the idea of combining mtx doesn’t really solve the duplicate box issues for people like me who would like to get most mtx =/
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Life and Death mystery boxes would be great, with a verdant/skeletal (hopefully no more ghostflame) theme. :D

Character skins would be an awesome to MTX, like being able to change your entire character's appearance to something like a skeleton or an undying, things like that. Ideally it would be a character effect or something tied to the amulet or even a new slot for like rings, so that you could wear armor over it.
I wish you'd stay away from gambling, GGG. I used to be able to point to POE as a positive example of the free-to-play model, and I'm not comfortable doing that these days. The game is brilliant and it's been great to see it grow and be successful for you; 'mystery boxes' are the first instance where I just think you're doing the wrong thing.
Path of Exile the best game I have ever played. It is amazing and I really enjoy playing it.
Fire and Ice armor is also amazing and I also buy a lot of boxes.
Keep up the good work GGG.

Now a little bit honest criticism:

- Please remove hideout decorations from boxes. If I want a hideout decoration game, I would play Sims...

- What am I going to do with 4 fire helmet? Can we at least convert it back to points for half price of boxes? For example just vendor the extra fire helmets for 15 coins? This way people will buy even more boxes because they know in the worst case, they can save half of their original investment.
Can you add some new bow variants to the shop? the ones in there now i don't really like, i mean they're okay but i would not spend money on them

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