HELLO exiles. I set out to make an end game flicker build for myself using the new golden rule jewel.

This differs from other golden rule + red trail builds as it is FULL CRIT and utilizes 99% physical to cold conversion using the new Watcher's eye jewel:

Path Of Building Link (current gear 3.2



Typical speed
Minotaur 1-shot
Phoenix 1-shot
Chimera first phase in 2 seconds

T15 Belfry speed clear
7 Sextant T14 Vault
T13 Park + T14 Dunes
T11 Mesa Speed Clear



+ Fastest melee clear speed possible
+ 5.5k HP for an evasion based build (Really high for evasion based)
+ Herald of ice shatters (very satisfying)
+ Cheap to start (really only need red trail and touch of anguish to start)
+ Can't control your character sometimes
+ Not Oro's


- Not really a boss killer but with a few swaps it can be done
- Mana cost is absurd
- Gets really really really expensive for endgame
- Can't control your character sometimes
- Not a league starter


The main concept of the build is this:
We use the new combo of red trail + golden rule for frenzy charge generation for flicker strike:
We have to inflict bleed on ourselves somehow and using the Vagan 7 crafted prefix of 25% chance to bleed is the easiest way to achieve this.

We want to go full physical -> cold conversion because if we have very high physical damage our self-inflicted bleed will kill us. The reason we want to convert from physical to cold instead of just going straight cold damage is because we can attain much higher damage numbers by converting our physical damage rather then just scaling flat cold damage. We want to attain exactly 99% physical to cold conversion because we still need a little bit of physical damage to inflict a bleed. If over 100% is converted we can no longer self inflict a bleed.

Currently, the only way to convert exactly 99% of our physical damage to cold is by using the new Watcher's eye with exactly 29% converted to cold:

On top of that we use 50% physical -> cold using Hrimsorrow unique gloves:

as well as a singular node on the tree:
It's very important that we only take one node here. We are unable to take winter spirit as it will push us over 100% and make us unable to bleed.


There are two options for main links:
5R-1G (If you manage to get a 5R queen)

4R-2G (only a slight decrease in DPS)

Less optimal, but easier to roll:

CWDT Setup
I choose to use 2x Cast when damage taken setup because lazy. You're playing flicker strike anyways, why would you want to cast anything?

Pretty standard setup here, low level CWDT immortal call. Also a good spot for ancestral protector for bosses.


Herald Setup:

We use Herald of ice here. We are scaling cold damage here not much else to use. If you don't have a level 3 enlighten you can drop Ice bite in the links. It's just a little boost to dps but it's not a big deal.

Mobility Setup

Pretty standard stuff here.

Flask to help you go faster

Aura Setup

Must use hatred as discussed earlier, our Watcher's eye requires hatred to be active not to mention is's a big increase in cold damage. We also can link enhance to blood rage for extra attack speed.


Not much to say here, Lightning golem gives us more DPS over ice golem since we are using lycosidae, the accuracy doesn't benefit us much here.


You can choose what to do here with your last three link. You can either socket Vaal grace for bosses or choose to use a ancestral protector for more dps. I keep the vaal haste regardless as the dps increase is insane. You can also drop enhance on blood rage for the totem but I don't think it's worth it unless you are struggling on bosses.


Ascendent obviously



Ascendancy Points:
Trickster, Path of Shadow, Slayer[/spoiler]
I chose Trickster and Slayer as my two sub-classes. This requires a little bit of explaining. Some of the obvious choices for the build are assassin, inquisitor, or raider. Trickster gives us power charge on kill which frees us from using a curse on hit assassins mark or a blue dream which frees up a jewel socket. The extra damage as chaos damage is awesome, helps for single target. Cannot be stunned if not hit recently also very very underrated and helps overall with stuns in the build.

Having the overleech makes it so blood rage + self inflicted bleed never really gets out of hand. On top of the regen, you get a nice bonus to single target dps as well as a free stun on the first hit. This is a very strong defensive mechanic for flicker strike builds as you are constantly moving and it makes it so most mobs will never even get the chance to hit you as they are chilled/frozen + stunned if they manage to survive the initial hits.

Assassin and Inquisitor as also viable choices. I think that assassin helps early with damage if your crit is lacking but overall seems lackluster to me. Inquisitor is a big jump in damage but I much prefer the QOL of Slayer because i'm already melting everything in the game.

Bandits: Alira or Eramir. I would go Alira if you have biscos/headhunter/ventors as capping your resistance is really really difficult and Alira gives decent res + crit multi so it's a pretty good choice in this circumstance. If you don't have biscos/headhunter just go Eramir as you can cap your resistances just fine on your belt + amulet.


I chose to use storm cloud into tempest. There's a lot of ways to level a build like this. Sunder works. If you want to level with tempest, just get the bow, put on Wrath + herald of thunder and stack as many added lightning abyss jewels as possible. Use the static electricity jewel and put it here by the duelist:

I used shrapnel shot into tornado shot at level 28 with lmp, switched to gmp at 38. Equip a tabula and use: tornado shot, added cold, added lightning, GMP, mirage archer, pierce. This will carry you all the way to maps.

I re-specced at level 68 and went full crit flicker.


It's a standard crit tree taking phys claw nodes. We take all of the frenzy charges because we're playing flicker and pick up plenty of WED + ele pen nodes. We also hit the scion life wheel for plenty of life reserves if we need. Vaal pact helps a lot with survivability and has great synergism with the slayer mini-ascendancy. The resistance nodes at scion are pretty mandatory to cap resistance.


We need to make sure our Hatred watcher's eye is exactly 29%. You can either buy one that's already 29 or divine one, but it's probably cheaper to just snag one that's already 29%.

For abyssal jewels look for added cold damage to claw attacks + life. Also try to get at least one with unholy might on kill. This is a pretty big increase in dps when it decides to proc.
For regular jewels, look for life + crit mutliplier (global, claws, or one handed weapons).









My current end-game weapon. Gemini claw base is practically mandatory at end game. The cost of flicker strike is ~70 mana per cast and you are attacking 20 times per second. Mana on hit is pretty much the only solution as you don't want to use 7-8 passive points on the tree picking up mana leech nodes. Trust me, I tried and I would still run out of mana with 8 mana leech rate nodes. Try picking up a 300+ dps gemini claw and you'll be able to do pretty much about anything.

The 25% chance to bleed crafted prefix is imperative as it allows us to self inflict a bleed on ourself for the Golden rule to grant us frenzy charges.


Lycosidae. There pretty much is no other answer here. Flicker doesn't benefit from dual wielding very much as it alternates weapons per attack. There also isn't much room for accuracy to be built into so lycosidae is an obvious choice here. This makes gearing other slots much easier and cheaper for the most part.


Starkonja's is also pretty obvious here. We want to use QOTF for max movement speed so Starkonja's is a great pairing for good life + evasion. We get a little bit of crit as well. Starkonja's are also heavily enchanted for +1 barrage so there will be plenty for cheap with flicker enchants. I picked mine up for 20c.

The % damage per frenzy charge is better than the 40% flat damage enchant but if you can't afford it either one will do.


In 3.2, I have opted to switch to loreweave instead of previously using QOTF for this build. Loreweave just gives such an insane damage boost to the build while making us so much safer with the 80% allres bonus since we aren't normally buffing our resistances in other ways. QOTF is probably still viable but it's going to be hard to color as always. With the introduction of loreweave into the build, I have also introduced a shield charge setup.


We require 99% physical to cold conversion so we don't instakill ourselves with reflected bleed. I am currently using hrimsorrows because they were much easier to find with the ele-weakness corruption. If you don't have the corruption just use hrimburns instead.
If you are using the elemental-weakness corruption you must use a blue dream to generate power charges. Also switch curse on hit for ice bite + enlighten in your herald setup.


Build enabling unique here, not really much else to say. This allows for our frenzy charge generation. As for the enchant, A lot of things can be good here Leech or added cold damage are both good. I settled on either movement speed or cold damage but in the end this enchant doesn't matter a whole lot.


Use Biscos if you can for $$$$$$ dolla holla
If you can't afford a biscos get pandemoneous for damage:

If you can't afford that then just get a Yoke of suffering and make sure to take the freeze/shock/ignite nodes. Yoke is probably best if you are bossing or trying to kill high HP targets as the shock stacks really help. Pandemoneous feels best for general mapping but they are both competitive.


Use ventors if you are opting for the magic find route:

You are probably going to have to take an 30 int node or two on the tree if you opt for this setup.

If you want to use rares go for something like this:

You are going to need a really high intelligence roll on one of your rings. Other then that, look for high life, resistances, and if you can find it, elemental damage with attacks skills. As mentioned before, these rings can be quite expensive if you are using a biscos/headhunter and need high resistance on your rings.


If you are not part of the 1% you can just use a rare vise with elemental damage with attacks like this one:

It's also possible to make this build work with the soulthirst belt but I haven't quite figured out a great balance for using it yet.


Three damage flasks, two utility/movement flasks. Lion's roar gives you insane dps and a pseudo defensive mechanic of knocking enemies back when you hit them. The knockback makes them miss auto attacks a lot. If you can't balance your resistances for wise oak, Atziri's promise is a good starter flask. Diamond flask is pretty much mandatory.


I hope you all enjoyed the guide and try the build! I have played pretty much every flicker variant there is (oro's, terminus, blood dance + blood rage) and this is by far the most fun and strongest variant I have ever played. There might be some tree optimizations still so please don't hesitate if you find anything. If you have any questions feel free to add me in game:
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Turbo Cern Collider had me in stitches :D looks pretty dope!
As a Flicker enthusiast this build and guide look really great. When I saw this new jewell I pooped myself a little bit. Good job man
Why wouldn't you use yoke of suffering? Adds Shock to all the cold damage, and increases damge taken by enemies by 25% (chill/freeze, shock, bleed/poison, burning assuming any fire dmg or herald of ashe) Also how does queen help speed, just with walk speed between flicker? Whirling blades seems faster, but less reliable than walking at the speed in the short clips.
wyoian wrote:
Why wouldn't you use yoke of suffering? Adds Shock to all the cold damage, and increases damge taken by enemies by 25% (chill/freeze, shock, bleed/poison, burning assuming any fire dmg or herald of ashe) Also how does queen help speed, just with walk speed between flicker? Whirling blades seems faster, but less reliable than walking at the speed in the short clips.

The yoke amulet probably wouldn't be a bad choice but I typically only use an amulet swap when doing guardians. The cold penetration from pandemoneus on guardians will give you the biggest DPS boost more than anything so that's the reason why. Also, bleeds are reflected and don't count towards the number of ailments. Queen is just used for movement speed inbetween flicker strikes. Also the build is evasion based so it seems like a pretty obvious choice for price/performance. I personally don't like whirling blades and using regular movement walking feels best so that is what the build is based upon.
74k tooltip? is that with full HH buffs?
I'm using a similiar build right now. Just a little more budget friendly (no HH, no Bisco, no watcher's jewel).

Have not done the last lab so my tree will change a lot after that because of the ranger starting point.

The biggest difference is my choice of weapon because i wanted to use the oni-goroshi.
Still feels very strong, even if i died a LOT because stupid flicker strike madness ;-)
Hey, this looks like a very solid flicker build. I have played a couple of other flickers, and have been somewhat disappointed that they always die so easily.

A couple of questions:

How do you craft your claw? Or did you just buy it?

I noticed that many other flicker builds use abyssus. Is there any reason you don't, other than it makes us more vulnerable? Seems like it would boost damage quite a bit.

This build obviously looks pretty expensive, maybe 15-20 ex. Is it worth it to start it with less than that? I have maybe 6ex right now. Should I just keep making money until I can afford more of the core items in this build, or can I begin now?

*Edit* I thought of one more thing. I saw another build that uses blade flurry for single target, and flicker for maps. Is that a possibility for this build? And if so, how could we do that?

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eintopf wrote:
I'm using a similiar build right now. Just a little more budget friendly (no HH, no Bisco, no watcher's jewel).

Have not done the last lab so my tree will change a lot after that because of the ranger starting point.

The biggest difference is my choice of weapon because i wanted to use the oni-goroshi.
Still feels very strong, even if i died a LOT because stupid flicker strike madness ;-)

I wanted to go crit + lycosidae so 2H wasn't really an option. Oni goroshi is a pretty good choice if you are going slayer because it has access to a lot of good 2H nodes (on the tree and ascendancy) Also, pure evasion based characters are quite tanky with stibnite/jade if you are actually able to keep your flasks up so you should hardly die while using a build like this (given your flasks don't run out at inconvenient times)

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