Stories from Development: The Undying

NoopManU wrote:

Diablo 2 was way worse in this regard and it was still perfectly enjoyable.

IDK man act 3 Diablo is crazy annoying I hate when ladder resets playing that act, and after we get a char through we just rush that act lol. Act 3 is the only reason I haven't started speed running D2, I just don't think I could stand that act over and over.
~Play On~
Just make a currency to add to a spell gem and corrupt it to let you kill them xD
cool story!
would definitely like to read more of those if your time permits.
Some players would not understand that this was a sign that they needed to go elsewhere and find a way to become powerful, and would have instead become concerned that the game is too difficult and it's literally impossible to progress. We saw these exact concerns later from encounters that were far more winnable than how we intended this one to be

... and this is why I have little to no hope for pc gaming nowadays. pc games in 80s and 90s didn't have to account for special olympics contestants playing the game and getting stuck on something.

whereas nowadays, God forbid you get stuck on something, it's a tragedy and a sign from God to run on the forum and accuse the devs of unfair game.
NavarreElder wrote:
This was fantastic. While I understand it's not possible, I regret that this didn't make it into the game. It's exactly the sort of gameplay that enriches things.

I was just lamenting the other day that with the introduction of Part 2 and the final 5 acts, many dangers that we had to plan around in the old days are now not even mentioned anymore.

Getting past Brutus in Merciless was a thing.

Kole in act 3, when Piety was the final boss, was a real concern for hardcore players.

Titty bitches (tentacle miscreations) in Merciless were seriously problematic for some builds.

I miss the old days. That's not to say I don't love the game now, it's just that I regret that there aren't really any big things to watch out for anymore. The only thing that concerns me now is the final Kitava fight, and only if I'm making a build that comes into it's power late in the game, after level 68.

Just some more things for the sake of nostalgia

Ledge parties, then Fellshrine Ruins parties, then Docks parties
Act 1 zone Coves and its tar zombies
Those damn exploding sea witch spawns in Merveil Caverns
Getting one or two topaz rings for Chamber of Sins (spark skellies were op)
Crematorium Piety (I remember having a templar full of life nodes, capped res, getting close to Piety and getting one-shot from her arc)
"I tell you to come to Sarn and here, you, are. Put the stray puppy down, boys!"
Getting scared shitless of standing close to Vaal because of its slam, and getting scared whenever you started seeing rocks drop
Spork totems
Thanks Chris! Quite the interesting backstory. More of these please. :D
Just a lowly standard player, often found in global 2.

Current IGN: Don_Juan_de_la_Nooch
I think that you guys gone the right way... and this was a really really bad idea...

(edit: also... maybe give a look at:
* the Brazilian servers.
* Spell/attacks gems discriptions (they really need rework).
* Kaom's Dream and Kaom's Strongholds this giant snake maps are the worst.
* What happened with all the maps with a billion of dead ends? (this wasn't like that before.))...

plz more fps/lag optimization... less water improvements...

over 1000 hours playing this game... A big thanks from some unknow guy who really love this game...
but it always have a lot of room to improve...
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/irony on

I wonder what happened the day you discussed "economy in PoE" for the first time :D
I want to read this story aswell :D

/irony off

Great read :) thanks for sharing
Hf :)
Perpetus basically accomplished this back in Nemesis. Great read though, thanks!

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