[ 3.1 ] CI´s NOT HOT inquisitor ... Budget Ele Sunder [ Hc,400k+dps,7k+ES,82 alress]

Hey guys, this is my second build and its a sunder build again ... its something about this skill - and I dont know what it is (if you remember the pre sonic era, the sunderbomber here)

This time im bringing you something new. More or less a ci build. YES - ci is not DEAD. it is in a quite interesting position right now and especially with the current league the numbers you can achieve are quite retarded as "quote" tarke said: "any build with less then ... nr of sockets is bad" that goes for this build as well.

On the other hand - the numbers below are without the new league jewels. With them, they are even bigger :) feel free to play around and see what you can archieve.

As always, its a hardcore build. I didnt put effort into creating a sc version but the current way to take less es and more dmg is always a good to go. Enough talk lets start the business. :*

This build is way shorter than the last one. If you have questions, visit me on my twitch :) thefufuu)

Ci ele sunder
+ 7k+ pool
+ 400k+ dps with sunder
+ 81 all res (82 with last ascendency points BUT not to degen effect)
+ Chaos immune
+ Great Clear speed due to sunder + atk speed
+ Cheap (key Items each around 1c+)
+ great upscaling possibilitys
+ es leech + es regen with over 10% per sec
+ Elemental ailment immunity (IF you pay attention my Rip clip ;/)

- Transition into CI sucks as always
- Physical dmg is somewhat an issue even though 10k armour + IC
- No Life Flasks
- Mana Leech dependency
- Its a sunder build ...
- Sunder isnt the best choice for bosses


Due to the fact that we will have a CI transition we are "forced" to have a weird looking tree at the start. It all makes sense once you get your transition. The tree provides more then enough dmg even on 4 Links. I lvld it 2 times already both times on 4 links with no items in under 8h to kitava. You can have a different tree , this one focuses on staying in the reskill points you get from quests.

Transition is at lvl 70

For the start:
Sunder - MultiStrike - Melee Phys - Concentrated effect
Warchief - Melee Phys - Concentrated effect - Added Fire
Blood rage - Hatred - Herald of Fire

Typical lvling setup. Mana pots for sustaining your mana.

Stack up life and resistances for lvling. I took these weapons for smooth lvling. Both are cheap and give you some nice dmg.

At 50 you switch herald of fire for arctic armour due to chilled ground which works on bosses and helps this sweet boi.

This is the tree- before the transition all the red circles will get removed and become ES Nodes at 70. the rest is a solid lvling tree - dmg is more than enough as well as the survivability.

Tree before 70

And the last pic is for the ascendency


KILL ALL BANDITS due to jewels are BAE this league :O

For pantheon, take the flame goat, because running on burned ground is "HOT" ... sry. and for major, take arakali (spider one). it synergises nice with ci and bloodlust, which causes the recovery-effect to trigger and increases our es regen end es leech even more


The main concept of this build works around 2 items. The rest is optional and they are some choices -

This Badboy Provides us Armour 1k+ 300+ base es and even better 25% of incoming ele dmg is negated due to CI , speaking in math, we got this (the formular is simplified but the result is the same).

75% res + 6% (25% of 25% reduced ele dmg taken 25 * 0,25 = 6,25 = 6% game always counts down)

up to 20 extra chaos dmg due to the fact that 95%+ of our dmg is elemental. This is roughly half a gem and somewhat insane.

Discipline for flat es + Anger for raw dmg - furthermore flammability for bosses and tough rares (self cast)..

Last but not least, up to 1% life( ES ) leech...this is, especially with our tree positioning, pretty neat.

The second one is just raw dmg. There will be better rares, but not for the price. its simple and does the work.

For off-hand

Defensive choice no 1.

other choices

Gives you es life leech which we would get from ghost reaver. This claw does the same, so we save 2 points and it doenst give us penalty on recharge, with is ok but not necessary.

Sunder and 3 green Eclipse goes hand in hand, corrupted with leech or cull its delicious :)

The rest goes with flat ES and resistances -

For gloves, atk speed would be bae and if you can invest take the flat fire dmg essence to give our Warchief some neat juice.

For Jewelery, we need es, resis and either flat ele dmg or inc ele atk dmg - or both :O this will be the most expensive part.

Good es gear with t2 rolls is pretty cheap at the moment which helps a lot due to the fact that really good jewelery will be pretty expensive.

For flasks, take

And if you can hit high Fire res

The rest, Granite and Sulphur for the sweet speed dmg ele immunity and regen buff

Here is the equip my char had. When he died it was 7.2k es and 200+k dps on a five link :)



7.3k at the end, with no jewels and 460k dps on sunder the chief has 250k

with the right jewels, I mean flat energy shield and flat fire dmg, we will hit around 600k dmg and 8k es
nothing too special. ele atk dmg on the rings and flat fire is the answer for the high numbers.


full 123 points dbtwlink

Side note - Influece is better for dmg and def. I tried it out wirh several versions and I think this one is the best (influence = better anger + better discipline).

I enjoyed this build a lot. Lvling with sunder is a breeze and later scaling as well. My goal was to hit 100 with this build. I died 2 times and lost the interest due to other builds still lurking in the back of my head. I recommend to everyone who playes/played sunder to try it. 80+ ele res feels great as well as the very high regen + leech combo. Not to care about chaoes dmg is also pretty neat. The fact that not a single items costs more then 5c for this build to start makes it a great starter for leagues and once you get used to deal with bleed and phys dmg with flasks, this build goes zoom zoom.

I'm thanking everyone who got this far. I hope you appreciate my work and enjoy the build.
With love,


Edit: skilltree now with ascendencys ;O
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What t maps you cleared with this build?
up to t10 but should be easily addapt to t10+ aswell
Your final build doesn't have ascendancies selected
thanks edited it :)

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