[3.4][Super Heavy Heavy Strike] HS SF Crit Jauternug - Safe Labfarmer Shaper + Elder

3.4 Note: Base build unchanged. Herald of Purity can be used for more phys damage
ZaeN wrote:
Hey guys, I don't think I will continue mantain this topic in 3.3, if anybody is willing to keep it up, feel free to take parts of OP in their own 3.3 topic :)


Hello, I am ZaeN, currently with ASC_UberZae at lv98, 465th-ish in ladder, 15th-ish of all marauders, 2-4th of all Jugs bros in ladder atm :)
I am also author of another guide from 3.0 (True Shadow https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2016637/page/1)

This char is the latest incarnation in a sequel of 2Handers, that consisted of:
1 marauder, 3 slayers, 2 juggernauts, 1 zerker, 2 sacrifical inquisitors, a couple other passerbies and bystanders

This time, after a long gestation, I am going to present you one of the strongest meanest possible jug builds: Heavy Strike SF critnaut

Quick recap on final functions:


Why to play Jug?

The Jug native Ascendancies have a great potential that can go unnoticed. It is the most relaxing char I played tbh, no matter the lack of Slayer leech

In 3.2 GGG has cemented jug as the perma Endurance Charges class, together with its core helmet (later explained), jug becomes one of the strongest crit 2handers ingame, even without a single [more damage] boost in his ascendancies.

+ This one can kill bosses & oneshot packs
+ Lots of double dmg procs
+ Can crit
+ Can shock
+ Pure Physical

3.2 POB Shaper DPS Single target 20/20 flasks up w/ golem = 1mil DPS [NOTE: REAL damage goes up a lot more because of shock snowball (up to +50%), vaal haste, blood rage, but I won't give you bullshit checkbox DPS :) Just check the shaper gif and make your thoughts]

3.2 Clearing DPS on trash mobs AC + Splash full flasks (example: 1st hit DPS on rares and trash, no maim) = 528k [NOTE: AC DEALS 1-3 SPLASHING HITS, do your math!]

3.2 POB link https://pastebin.com/bRL1hiYT
Or just import ASC_UberZae from my account ZaeN

+ Immune to Stun, Jug Ascendancy
+ Immune to Freeze, Jug Ascendancy
+ Immune to Poison map mod, with Soul of Shakari Minor God
+ Immune to Inc Crits map mod (& Gain Power Charges mod), Brassdome
+ Immune to Temp Chains map mod, Jug Ascendancy
+ Immune to Ele Weakness map mod, If you follow my tree can easily overcap your res)
+ Immune to Vulnerability Curse map mod, With Watcher's Eye Determination mod

+ Tons of armour.
Can tank phys bosses no problem (ie, Necro, Gorge)



Abyss spinners

Kinda impervious to trashmobs autoattacks

Long story behind the build

About me

I tried some chars while playing PoE, right before ascendancy I think I was playing a Ground Slam Marauder and a max block templar, both from some very famous guides made by cool people.

Then when 2.1 came out my first choice was Slayer, of which I did 3 iterations in total (check my "ZHAKA*" characters), leech was just revamped and I really liked the leech concept of Slayer, you can see with your eyes as it's been meta for a long time.

So I ended up becoming a 2H "specialist", or let's say a 2H fan. I just like the clumsy animation, the "big hit" sensation, the constant fight against attack speed and the melee range feedback.

Unfortunately, melee playstyle and physical builds in general (honestly) to me have always seemed like absolute crap (it was just all about some kind of ele rainbow stacking conversions) up until very very recently (the very 3.0 and 3.1 to be precise), previously the melee phys game just wasn't there, so I was always quitting PoE in the middle :D

But here we are! With so many additions it's become playable now, the game itself is very close to mature! Especially in 3.1 so many underdog ancestral (*cough* Ancestral..?) skills are now featured as conventional, from the HS bro that on the contrary is famous Dual Strike, to Wild Strike and a lot of mumbo jumbo nametags.

Heavy Strike?
Some people may have noticed HS from a build posted in 3.0

I've been playing HS on my own since the day 2.1 (Ascendancy) came out.

When I picked up Slayer I saw the big potential of Impact I went to search for the meanest single target skill and I saw that it was the most ancient one: Heavy Strike.

So this is how I sticked with it for all this long time, needless to say HS + Impact is a beast. (Well actually I also played a lot his ele cousin, Glacial Hammer, another HUGELY underestimated skill, should I tell you I did 3.0 Shaper with GH as well?).

I just found an ancient screenshot from my first slayers:

It was already doing in excess of 200k, just with a Kaom Primacy and a BoR WTF XDD

In 3.0 I started as Jug for the first time (but ended up making a Slayer as well, and a Zerker, and then an Inqui omg :V).

My jug is nothing new, it does the homework and I really like how it plays out. I took example from the first crazy jug build I saw back in 2.1, EQ crit jug with Hegemony it was, and adapted with all the new gear that arrived later.

Just check vids, and for those new to heavy hitter Jug, more to come later into mechanics explanation section.



Hall of the Grandmasters! Last 5min replay

Uberlab Demo On 5links Doomsower, Brassdome and Devoto helm

Lab setup at end of guide in gear section

2h lab gameplay, thanks [b]wellslls[/b]!


Misc Bosses Deletion

Spanking random spawn Breachlords:

Chayula https://youtu.be/gcXVpYsB0ko

Xoph https://youtu.be/hqQ0AwMB3Mw

Tul https://youtu.be/YUDY347XzlY

Lich Boss - https://youtu.be/1NpkhO1NFw8

T15 Carcass in 5 seconds - https://youtu.be/KIQ41-DK-3I

T14 Dark Forest - https://youtu.be/RhVOuIkKvcM

T14 Plaza Twin beam facetank - https://youtu.be/io11kD1xlyg

T14 Shaper Vault Twin Boss 10s - https://youtu.be/tMPruAqEqE0

T14 Crimson Temple - https://youtu.be/CucuX2ZG9aU

T14 Colosseum - https://youtu.be/ZaGrtOXQL-s

Clearing vids - Oneshot everything

Pretty much oneshots packs with 0.29s animation speed, 3-5min per map depending on Abysses and Breaches

Endgame Atlas Bosses

Shaper & Guardians Deathless

Elder Red Tier + Elder Guardians 1st tries Deathless

Elder Red Tier Deathless - https://youtu.be/NpRHmTtistc

The Purifier - https://youtu.be/nChQJuOXfyU

The Eradicator - https://youtu.be/2SM7cXpmgBI

The Constrictor - https://youtu.be/ibQVNrAV32k

The Enslaver - https://youtu.be/qkGt0lrEjFw

Sorry about elder guards, 2 of them are yellow, it's my first full Elder run!

More to come! (or just check my YT channel)

What's new in 3.2!


The new Jut ascendancies totally unlocks the build, which was very strict previously.
My main two points for 3.2 are:
- See how the regen works out, if it feels good I'll keep the Double Armor point, drop the phys leech cluster, reroute the tree and make it cookie-cutter. This way it gets 20-25% increases in dmg
- See how the new Endurance Charges uptime works out. It should be totally fine to keep them 99% up, in this case I'll add Enduring Cry (as emergency butan), change Brassdome for Belly/Kaom to gain up to 8k and more life. This will finally solve issues vs Ele dmg

This is the draft pob, 8k hp 1mil Shaper dps compared to current 6.5k hp 800k dps. A ~25% increase in damage and life, looks good on paper!!

Plans for new progression:

I will update the progression for the new tree, but definitely the progression tree is easier:

Two main beelines, one in marauder one in duelist that continues to ranger.

Start racing to duelist for jewels and the "no move penalty from armor"

Then open beeline to marauder, and after this open beeline to ranger swords

Once pathing is done as usual close life nodes first then -> close dmg nodes -> close crit nodes

Regarding chests, yea it's a bit of a mistery because this is not cheap stuff (you can still farm t11-12s with starter mapping gear btw).

Definitely now 6L brassdome won't be done anymore. Maybe use dome as transitional or don't use at all and use a 2k +100 life chest to have as backup 5L while obtaining and linking Starforge. Only after this get kaom (& eventually sell dome). So basically in my plan there is a change which is obtaining starforge & linking it before kaom.

But i really must see how end charges uptime is before including final changes to build.

Synergy & Interactions Explanation

Juggernaut core ascendancies breakdown

It is weird that if you look at them one by one they don't seem powerful at all, especially because you don't really get "direct" extra damage from them, and many of jug's feats can be obtained via notable passives in the tree or from some uniques.

Let's have a look on the Jug ascendancies, let's see how they can be used to maximum and how they really make the Juggernaut thematic, which i really love.

You cannot be slow below base speed
Movement speed cannot be modified to below base value
10% inc movespeed

This doesn't look special, but for those who don't know, this will give you immunity to freeze and temp chains curse.
Same attribute is on Kaom's Roots (see also "Unbreakable" below).
With Jug: you can have it freeing up boots slot.

+1000 Accuracy Rating
1% inc attack speed for 200 accuracy

This one is special because it's usually skipped in favour of other points.
What a mistake to skip it(IMHO)!
+1000 accuracy is A LOT, and it gives you extra much needed aspd.

Also here, there is the notable Resolute Technique that gives you 100% hit, but you can't crit.
With Jug: you can take this point, put some accuracy on gear, get easily 95%ish hit chance, GO CRIT, and have a lot of attack speed on top of it!

Ok this one is easy and looks more intuitive on Juggernaut tank thematics.

Cannot be stunned:
Notable "Unwavering Stance" and Kaom's Root give you also "Cannot be stunned". But also "Cannot Evade enemy attacks".
On Jug: ok it is not that much of a downside on an armour based char, but my dude still has 10% evade.

Armour received from body armour is doubled:
There is nothing like this in passives or uniques. This one is key on building the rest of the character.

Last Ascendancy is not that important. You may notice now that this is not an End Charges build. It's a pure armor offensive Jug.

The core gear

Now let's take Unbreakable and pump it up to the maximum.

New in 3.2: end charges generation is now default for every jug. We can now reach max phys mitigation without Dome

This fine piece of art was added in Atlas of Worlds IIRC.
Just this piece together with Unbreakable will give you More than 30k armor. About 34k with my current chest and passive tree.

What's more? This chest gives you Take no extra damage from critical strikes. This one is HUGE (repeat: huuuuge) for tanking.

Then let's add MORE:

Yep, we're gonna use this one as our main aura. 51% more armor at lv20, no joke.
With this aura we are going to have like 60k+ armor.

But boss? Woz we gonna do wiz all dis armour? We ain't doing no stomping!

Here comes the final piece of our creation, a very famous and controversial item:


Juggernaut with Abyssus takes increased Physical damage taken.
But the Juggernaut doesn't know, so he keeps bashing like a champ.

Abyssus is an item I really despise, especially when I see it put into absurd squishy chars just to make them deal some x2 damage.

Truth is: this item belongs to Juggernauts

Armour base? check
Can we crit? Undeniable! check
Increased phys damage taken? Unbreakable + Determination, 65k Armor man! check

So this is how we take Jugs modest Ascendancies to weaponize its armour.

With Brassdome and Determination we will deny the huge drawback of Abyssus and it will just feel like having some less armor, like 40k instead of 65k which is still a lot more than the usual 10-15k you can achieve normally.

I really love to realize how the Juggernaut core thematic revoles around the armour it is wearing, it's a perfect circle, really! I just love it!

Final choice on weapons

2H Swords. No discussion. We wanna crit like crazy. Not a bleed build, Yes this is yet another crit Starforge build. But jug does it pretty well if you ask me x)

As I said, most of original inspiration was taken by EQ Hegemony jug, because the REAL CRIT 2H is the Staff, not the sword.

But then this arrived:

Just look at this, look
+accuracy, that gives more aspd on jug
+life, starforge build is fatter
+more aoe, yess

Mandatory for Heavy Strike

Forgot to mention, take these ofc:

HUGE damage boost for heavy strike (+20% more each, it translates into an extra dmg gem, like Melee Phys Dmg).

HS jewels are designed in a way that you will use Melee Splash or switch to pure single target for max carnage (like VS and on contrary of DS or GH jewels for example).

Where does all this damage come from? AKA Pure phys HS so stronk

You read Heavy Strike, Pure Armor and Pure Phys, it may look quick and simple, but there is a bunch of things all stacked together. Below is the full explanation on the "interactions" behind the build:

Here are the usual known culprits, the aim is to get the biggest base damage possible.

Yes multistrike actually has a -less mod, but HS is a nametag, so MS or AC is mandatory, period.


Nametags are basically these skills that require you to click on the monster name (or to have your mouse somewhere on a monster) to ensure you are hitting something.

Up until now Multistrike was the (bad) solution to the nametags issue of missing its target: supported skill hits 2 additional times and the 2 extra hits auto target something in rage.

Ancestral Call has been added in 3.1 as the pack clearing bro of MS: if extra targets are in range, up to 2 spirits appear and auto target them.

Both skills have a -less damage mod. MS is vertical for single target, AC is horizontal for pack clearing.

I highly suggest to not put them together as they become redundant and you waste a gem slot. Not to mention that you get double -less dmg for no benefit this way

Ruthless gives us a guaranteed big hit every 3rd attack, 113% more dmg at lv20

Threshold jewels, and possible helm enchants give us a "chance to deal double dmg", from 40% to 52%

Abyssus gives us big crits, Starforge gives us Shock on crits.
With current shock effect mechanics, we want to get as close as possible to max shock of 50% https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Shock#Mechanics

Vulnerability curse lv20 gives "take 39% increased phys dmg".
Maim gem and vulnerability gives us a good chance to maim.
With maim gem equipped, maimed char gets an additional "take 14% increased phys dmg".

So to recap, a HS hit goes through all of these:
+ Ruthless blow
+ HS double damage
+ Crit
+ Shock
+ Take increased physical dmg

There you go!

Damage with Ancestral Call + Melee Splash

AC hits 1 to 3 times, with an accordingly variable distributed aoe (melee splash in 1 to 3 places), when 2 or more hits overlap the dmg is actually more than the single figure.

I don't really know right now the final formula, but HS with AC lv20 on a pack does 1 hit + 1 hit with 26% less + a potential another hit with 26% less, so against a pack AC does a lot higher dmg than DPS of a single hit.

[Passive Tree, Gear Progression, Gem setup - From Larva to Truck]

With the following you will learn how to scale a 2H melee char (with my method at least).

That's the keyword: scale-up.
Attack builds are not cheap, because of expensive final weapons and 6Links but you gotta start somewhere, no?


Leveling gear & Passives tree progression

One of the beauties of PoE is growing the character and see it flourish from little crappish to godslayer.

When leveling the char these are universal good practices:
- Unlock jewels and put them ASAP!
HUGE damage boost for heavy strike (+20% more each, it translates into an extra dmg gem, like Melee Phys Dmg).

HS jewels are designed in a way that you will use Melee Splash or switch to pure single target for max carnage (like VS and on contrary of DS or GH jewels for example).

If at league start: Don't worry too much about jewels, you are absolute poor at league start, everyone is and there are no jewels yet (but keep an eye very often, to check if they are being sold).

- Scavenge all rares, absolute only rolls to look for are: +res, +life. Rest can be ignored!
- DPS is boosted via the weapon, ignore most damage nodes!
- Can use "leveling uniques", search on google. I didn't really do this as I'm lazy and I liked to scavenge rares :p

What gems to use?
If you wanna be MANLY and MACHO like me, you will use Heavy Strike from here:

Till here:

Even at the cost of going single target until the prison, where you will unlock melee splash. Luckily in 3.1 they added Ancestral Call very early on.

Jokes aside..

Ground Slam or Molten Strike until you enter prison, after which you can go to town and receive Splash from Nessa.

From then you will play on a 3link most of the time, it will be HS:
+ Melee Splash + Ancestral Call that will give utility
+ 2x HS jewels that will give the damage boost
4th link and/or gem swap will be Brutality then Melee Phys Dmg

Like this:

Leveling weapons

Dedicate ALL your currencies on buying a weapon, if you are not SSF, DON'T be shy on using trade, trade is life for attack builds!

It will be ~1 alch for the first, then probably 1c for the rest later at lvl ~40

Check the unique swords here

Buy/sell on trade sites:

Buy these ASAP! (Don't worry at league start)

Your swords will be these in sequence:

First weapon:

Use this if you want a dmg boost before next sword (careful do NOT use brutality gem with edge of madness!)

Next in sequence, should be during end of part 1 and start of part 2:

Tree progression step by step inside:

Final tree 3.2: https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/3.2.0/AAAABAEBAQHcBS0GIAaiB3UJlg48EPAUIBRNFHEUdRfcGJEY2xo-G6ohVSFgI_YnICz7LlMwfDGwNZI5DjpSOuE9_ECgRJ5Hfkp9TZJN41BHU7tW-lhjXhNfP2MXZU1noGhlbydvO3SgdO108Xasd9d343gNeWh6738rgTqCB4TZhO-FUodqh3aKIozPjX2PYJBskn2XeZhvmmqmV6knqW6plK2NtfK8n702vqfAGsCmwQTBB8bYy_XPftNv1FLXfti92WHZfNrB3CPcPdy945_kUeXP5w_qGOsJ7w7yL_JB8kXyWvPd9kj3Mvjr_Ev-Cv6P


Once all clusters are open, it is UP TO YOU on what to prioritize depending on current needs. My personal suggestion is to:
- Try to fill life as much as possible
- Damage nodes priority:
1. Attack speed
2. Damage
3. Crit

Early levels:
- Make beelines to open up 2 jewels and most of the clusters (which are STR beeline on left/marauder and Leech beeline on duelist)
- You will use Shiversting and Edge of Madness for most of the time, leveling will be fast

First labyrinth
- First lab (around act3 I think?), unlock the +1000 accuracy point, this will lift your need to watch for accuracy stuff

Middle levels, around 40ish
- Now your damage will start to increase via new weapons
- Time to get some attack speed and then fill %inc life up to ~150%ish
- Soon you will progress to Part 2

Second lab
- Get endurance charges. Helps more than double armor chest initially

Middle-to-Mapping, from 55 to 68, part 2
- You should complete all beelines (DEX beeline for sword/life clusters into ranger area) in preparation for mapping: scion health wheel and ranger sword cluster

Third lab, around act 10
- Get antifreeze + antistun. Your char is good to go for mapping without any hassle!

How my chars looks in 3.2 at lv65: https://pastebin.com/sibPnZRE
3.5k hp, 75%+ phys mitigation with charges, 15-20k+ dps, 30k+ single target

Early mapping, from 68 to 85ish
- Priority n1: close ALL health nodes
- Close all sword dmg nodes
- Get jewels slots


NOTE on what tier to run: Do not worry about rushing red tier maps! These are unlocked via gear upgrades and especially 90+ level tree. It is totally fine to stay on yellow tiers until about 88-90, you go faster, drop more, will sustain maps 100% and will get NO exp penalty until very late!

I won't stress it enough to advice people to stay lower tiers as long as possible and to move up only once the level difference penalty start to kick in :)

Have a look here:

Tree at lv90 is flexible, you can add/remove attack speed for dmg or life etc, you can personalize it. (Just be sure your leap slam is at least around the .50 sec animation and less).

Ascendancies order:
1 - Undeniable. Solve accuracy issues
2 - Unflinching. End Charges
3 - Unstoppable. Get freeze + stun immunity
4 - Unbreakable (or one of the others if you want them)

Bandit: Alira. +all res I love it! Also some crit multi


Basically all the other gods are builtin with Jug x)

Also fully upgraded Arakaali is FULLY synergic on Jug, it covers chaos dots and especially shock effect.

Shakari - Chaos resist. Immune to poison
Ralakesh - Bleed resist. Immune to Maim/Blind

The minors also cover jug's exposed flanks. Pretty good, especially the poison immune, or the Maim immune if doing Vuln mods

Mapping: Gem Setup - PURE RED SLAUGHTER

In sequence:

Map clearing

Ancestral Call + Melee Splash always! Then brutality or melee phys etc

6th link:

Boss killing Single Target
SINGLE TARGET BOSSES ONLY (like no adds 1 empty room, example: Colosseum, Plaza, Hydra etc)

On a 5L or 6L: switch AC for Multistrike and add another Red gem in place of melee splash.

This is not that much required early on white maps with a 4L. This is more for endgame bossing

5th link splash or maim (depending on boss):

6th link:

Boss killing Mix mode
NOTE: Some bosses are better with clearing setup or with Melee Splash + Multistrike!
Example: I fight Chimera with AC+Splash and sometimes Mino with Multi+Splash. Phoenix instead I use AC+Ruthless (no splash). Make your own cocktail!

Other gems

Quick recap:
- Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Blood Magic
- Blasphemy + Vulnerability
- Determination
- Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Molten Shell (Helpful optional) + Ice Golem (you can put also Earth if you like, Fire is kinda useless instead)
You can put Immortal Call on a low level CWDT for an extra invulnerability (for example in the same item that has blasphemy + vulnerability)

Early Mapping Gear


This gear enables you to farm most maps, white and yellows and probably reds up to ~T13-T14 at lv90. From here you have the base to scale up to final gears.

1st step: get cheap gear to have 75% res.
2nd step: get a weapon and 5L it (doomsower/kondo very cheap).

Early Gear

Get a 2K armor chest (nothing less than 2k!!!), life and resists not required but helpful, NOTE: try to not rely too much on res from chest as it will be changed later!

I took Doomsower because it had more attack speed, but you can pick Kondo as well.

Your priority is to 5L this one!

Little parenthesis on weapon

Another good choice is Kitava's Feast axe, which you can see in the vids I also have (cannot link anymore as I lent it to a buddy :D).

But I don't recommend this route to starters, it is longer/more expensive and requires respecs axe<>sword, you can definitely do if you have a budget and want to try stuff, it's up to you.

Kitava is specially tailored for heavy strike, it is very good for farming but Doomsower somehow has better boss killing. A downside of the axe is that it has very bad attack speed (so you will leap slam around very slowly)

Devoto still favourite helm (enchant not strictly needed)

Alternatively you can pick a cheap helm to get more armor and life and eventually fill some temporary resistance hole! Be mindful that a lot of damage comes from Devoto (Abyssus later)

Gloves priority is high attack speed, like 14-16%. Spiked gloves helpful but not necessary at this point, titan gauntlets for top economy. Rest is decent life, some accuracy and 1 decent res.

In my builds I like to load most res into 2toned boots and a belt.
If you are starter buy cheapos (not T1 life roll) just to fill the res, you can upgrade later on.
Boots without movespeed and open prefix for movespeed crafting (note: from master Tora workbench bowmaker tool) are very cheap.

Starter ring and amu.
There is a prerequisite of having ~+40 int in one of these, in order to be bale to equip Golem/CWDT/Blasphemy

Rest for now will be fill resistances and have +life. Optional is +accuracy on rings/amu and +attack speed on rings, adds x-y phys dmg is not that good on 2H but it can help a little (usually amulets have high values).
Rings/amu without accuracy/aspd/adds phys are very very cheap like couple chaos cheap.

As you can see larva mode is cheap as fock and you will be already murdering things. But the best comes with the real core items.

Ok! This is the starting gear, it is capable for an attack based leaguestarter. Remember it is an attack build so getting that big weapon is the enabler! (but still with high level this build surpasses 500k shaper dps with a 6L doomsower/kondo).

With this you will be leveling and start saving to slowly make upgrades. (Plus other stuff like completing atlas etc)
It is so far where your "endgame grind" starts, it will feel tough, but you are running on 10c investment gear so far!

Remember: level is important! Attack build = grind! But the results will be totally worth. It's a build with good progression goals that can keep you on track for a while

Uberlab base setup and advices!


Uberlab base gear

5L doomsower, 5L warchief, so it is more friendly to uberlab expectated budgets.
Devoto to tank more, run more, jump faster

Totally doable with a 2K chest imo, but the key item for uberlab is brassdome with which you become impervious to traps and izaro. With brassdome it becomes probably one of safest runners

Uberlabs tips!

For general navigation, it is good to use in the equipped offhand a Brightbeak + 3xGreen Prismatic Eclipse, using Leap Slam + Faster Attacks. It is very good for jumping over traps and to move around

There are usually 2 ways of running lab: speedrun rushing to izaro for ranking and getting more enchants and fullkeys run to open most chests as possible.

Check http://www.poelab.com for the daily layout

In both cases you usually go for extra key from each Izaro phase, by not interacting with his specific phase. These are described in http://www.poelab.com/?page_id=493#Izaro1 as well

If you can't kill Izaro fast enough (so he will be hitting you often), be EXTRA careful with +elemental damage buff types, sometimes it's worth sacrificing a key to exclude an ele buff on izaro, to not rip at the final stage (when he has all buffs from previously skipped phases).

There is a good prophecy to use for lab runs: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Twice_Enchanted
Ofc have your stash with many spare helmets/boots to enchant

Other than that there is not much that i know about running lab, tbh i always hated it, but i noticed with this char that it is very easy once you get brassdome

Have a look here for a wooping 2h lab gameplay by wellslls

Final gear & Endgame - Smash Bosses


Last steps (in any order depending on budget):
Get a starforge
Get a chest
Make 6 links
Improve trinkets

Changes in 3.2:
With new End Charges generation in the build, we are not so much tied to Brassdome like before. You can choose to keep the 2k 100+ life chest and directly work towards a Starforge, or get a Belly before SF. Choice seems more flexible now.

About Abyssus:
Equip Abyssus when you start feeling that mobs autoattacks don't deal anymore damage. Exactly when to do it varies a lot depending on your mitigation/lvl/map tier. Let's say that it should be good from 80-90% phys mitigation, maybe even 70%

Chest armor choices:

Good for starter: I'd say belly is the best for starters, cheaper, gives resists and good life. It can stay as your final chest or you can decide to go for kaom for example.

Each one has its merits, thanks to 3.2 we can now choose between the 3 equally. A good shaper/elder chest is now also an option

.........Congratulations! You have been promoted to Super Heavy class!

You should be fat rich by now, pimp your truck, get pimp rings, life is beatiful!

My Final Gear

Recommended to have 30% move speed boots and hyperspeed pot! Faster clearing similar to cyclone run n gun style


General logic on endgear choices

So, we have as few uniques as possible and rest of rares have high priority on getting T1 life and 1 big res each (40%+) on each item to overcap resistances to 109% (you become immune to Ele Weakness, which does not only appear on map mods, but is also casted by a couple mobs and can rip you). A lot of resistances are loaded on two toned boots and belt, plus rings should have open suffix to give an extra bench craft res.
Offensive mods will be attack speed, accuracy. Base damage is plentiul, we have to pump it up with secondary stats.

T1 life
Attack speed highest possible
Accuracy 200+
1 big res if possible

Best base: Diamond, but single res or two-stone are pretty good as well
T1 life
1 big res
Attack speed (best) OR accuracy
VERY Recommended:
Open suffix to enable bench crafting of extra res!

T2+ Life
2x big res
VERY Recommended:
Open suffix to enable bench crafting of extra res!

Best base: Ar/Eva Two toned boots, but Armor boots with many big res can be good
25-30% Movespeed Almost mandatory! Too good of a stat
T2+ Life
1-2 res (30%+)
Or open suffix for extra bench res

Extra mods only on amulet to enable Bisco meta!
Recommended not to have res or stats enabler on amu.

Good to have on amu:
Crit multi
Big added phys dmg
Big accuracy
Anything else: %inc armour, str/dex for life/dmg/accuracy/eva, dunno what else

Flasks choices:

Lion's Roar bis of course
Quicksilver good for mapping
Sulphur good for endbosses
Life flask what you like, secondary antibleed not a bad choice here

Jug only needs anti-bleed in one of the utility flaks, rest you can put anti-shock, extra movespeed, extra armour
Preferred prefix duration, but it's up to you

What to look for extra jewels (3rd and maybe 4th)

Hello, here are good mods to look for on jewels

- Life 7%
- Attack speed with swords
- Life 5-6%
- Crit multi 2h
- Dmg with swords/2h

- Crit multi melee/global
- Attack speed
- Resistance

You usually go with life+dmg mods jewel or pure dmg trimod quadmod jewels

Helm Enchant

I've always bought helm enchants for cheap, 20c everytime. The enchants are rare as runners will chase Cyclone/Barrage stuff, just keep an eye every then and so and you will find a runner selling! (PS. ignore cartel prices if they will happen again like last league, enchant price is 20-50c max)

Elder jewel Watcher's Eye

New elder jewel looks solid on the build, double aura bonus if you can find it, still rare atm and high prices so far, gives added tankiness and invulnerability immunity that enables another mod to be run without issues :)


Extra stuff:

Mapping Advices

I run all maps but avoid any boss with a big oneshot or melee slam, so that's basically all the T15 :/ and some of the new bosses. My fav is T15 Shaped Arachnid Nest :D

Best maps for melee are indoor with rooms, but not too much maze-like, example all the Overgrowns, the Arachnids the indoor pyramids, the Palaces.

Worst bosses are ofc pure ele ones, Atoll, Dominus, Terrace for example. Luckily they are few

Easy bosses laser/channel ones, Torture Chamber, Plaza, Dark Forest

Phys or half phys bosses are cake, Gorge, Arsenal, Ghetto, Caldera, Acid Lakes, Crimson, Necropolis, Shrine, Colosseum, funny that squishy builds are murdered by last couple listed bosses :D

So generally I kill about 4/5 of bosses, but if you are not into lvling past 95 you can throw your body to any boss tbh

Regarding mods, because I am lvling I absolutely reroll any inc dmg so I can dive into bigger groups. So the purpose of all these immunities I to run as many mods as possible like if it was a white map.

Mods that are dangerous especially in breaches: inc ele dmg, inc monster dmg, inc aspd (buffs breaches too much), -res.

Forgot to mention: I run no regen, but one mod I avoid is -60% recovery, even though more than once even in the past leagues I ran entire no leech maps without noticing until the end. I just can't full dive with less recovery so i avoid it.

You can run up to dual dmg mod or any mod if you are not into lvling and don't care about ripping sometimes

I run all the rest including all charges also frenzy, all grounds also shock, ofc it can run all curses including vuln temp chains and ele weak and can run crit mods and power charges, curses and crits are the big thing about the build.

Other mods: Less armour and any tank mods like inc life, phys reduction, enfeeble don't matter because the build is definitely overtanked and overkills

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Just the kind of build I was looking for. Can't wait to try it out! Thanks for writing this.
can you post the current gear you are using? and what is ur thought about the Oni-Goroshi sword thingy?
and pastebin link too if you can.
Just the kind of build I was looking for. Can't wait to try it out! Thanks for writing this.

Thanks, that's very nice to read :)

DemiSandal wrote:
can you post the current gear you are using? and what is ur thought about the Oni-Goroshi sword thingy?
and pastebin link too if you can.

Added final gear and progression explanation!
Added detailed mechanics explanation. Phew! Time to go play
very very good guide. especially mechanics explanation. ill start playing this build. can you add leveling tree/skill choices/leveling tems too? it would be extremly helpful.
I think I'm gonna roll with this build since dropped a Starforge. Thank you! Also, I wonder if I can use a 4Link flicker to clear maps.
Last edited by Rechno on Dec 28, 2017, 9:27:43 PM
thesargeras wrote:
very very good guide. especially mechanics explanation. ill start playing this build. can you add leveling tree/skill choices/leveling tems too? it would be extremly helpful.

Added build link with progression!

Explanation will come asap! :)

Rechno wrote:
I think I'm gonna roll with this build since dropped a Starforge. Thank you! Also, I wonder if I can use a 4Link flicker to clear maps.

The build itself has no mechanics to generate charges, if you're planning to use terminus imo you're gonna gimp the dmg output, you should really try AC + splash with starforge, it oneshots T16 trashmobs :)
Last edited by ZaeN on Dec 28, 2017, 9:33:41 PM
Added a fundamental core jewel that i forgot to mention x)

I immediately loved the build and respecced my EQ Disfavour Jugger into it. So far my gear is, due to currency limitations, not really perfect but it works out.

Two things though: I am not near 65k armor with everything I have. I'm at about 55k armor. Am I missing something?

Two: I nearly killed myself at Atziri today because she reflects some damage (not in the split phase - see here: https://gfycat.com/PinkSevereKinglet )
What can we do against reflect? Basically nothing? Basalt flasks (forgot to use one)?


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