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Overall 3.11 was not the update that i was waiting for, the clear and aoe was immensely buffed but at the same time the single target was kinda cut in half and nothing about tankiness for every 2H :psyduck:
It's a joke when you see casters with maxblock 7k life and 10mil aoe autotarget dps tbh and they keep getting buffs

I was creating this build since approx 3.0, in 11 leagues it had 2 buffs, one was the jug rework, the other was Legion.

Strangely the 2h rework gave this build an identity crysis, the true oneshotter are now Slams+Warcry

Don't get me wrong it has a 2+mil clear dmg and ~3-5mil realistic single target now with +1 strike and retains the ~0.3s attack speed so still worth playing for those who want a solid 2h striker

But i think it is time for me to mothball it for a while until there will be a "strikes and melee actually tank better than casters rework"


Hello, this build comes from a long iteration across various leagues.

The concept is simple, oneshot packs one by one with upfront raw damage to have a realistic ttk equal animation speed.

The focus is on big hits with 2h weapons with huge aoe supported by the thickest armor a jug can get (50k for 90% dmg reduction, maxed molten shell) plus crit immunity on top of that

Move to pack -> Animation speed -> Pack dead -> Move to pack

No 10aps, no deadsplosions, proc chains, no delays for falling balls, aftershocks, projectile travel or such stuff, nothing.

Believe when I say this clears fast, faster than the avg cyclone. Jug is the melee class that has a lot of attack speed that helps to counter interact the 2H slowliness, plus sword 2H are in the fast range of 2H.

If you find it hard to believe/concieve I bring you a T16 Mino clear in 2 minutes WITH loot & boss

What's new in 3.9 and 3.10 & Changelog

3.9 + 3.8:

New cluster jewels for impale, double damage, phys damage, armor, extra stuff: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2783927
Awakened gems for moar damage (awakened brutality, melee phys dmg, or moar aoe (awakened AC, splash), aoe clear should now be
Starforge less common?
Impale becoming a bit oppressive on all builds

3.8: sidebuffs

Jug, heavy strike and molten shell are untouched.
Big sidebuff in the form of buffs on Ancestral Call.

Considering that 3.7 damage enabled to do most bosses with AC, the no less dmg penalty is considerable.

Multistrike dropped from the gem setup

Post 3.7 changes

3.7 greatly improved the build.

Mainly the increase in 2H Aoe and improvements to Leap Slam literally gained minutes in mapping.

On top of that the HS gem got buffed to get inline with current dmg plus new gems to support pure phys damage have been added, it pretty much tripled the dmg compared to 3.6

Good luck and Enjoy!


SoundwaveOiA wrote:

Build can do all the endgame content I've killed about all the endgame content with it. Conquerors, sirus, guardians,... as all builds it has it's strenghts and weaknesses. I think maybe the one thing people might get annoyed with it is that it doesnt have that typical 1 cast, whole screen explodes skill. like for example ED/contagion

But I can tell you with confidence it can keep up with delirium mist in T16 maps up until the bossroom and often still kill the boss while under delirium effect. I think that's a testament to the strenght this build still has.

XEdwardElricX wrote:
I love this build, started off with a 6L Terminus only costed like 70c, 5L Brass Dome like 30c and a bunch of 1-3C gear for other slots. That alone allowed me to farm Red Maps.

Decided to go hard on this build farming and now.

Interestingly enough, I switched from an ED/Con Trickster to this, and love it more because I didn't like how many buttons I had to press.

I love just Leap Striking into packs, Right Clicking, and Q/W for Totem/Vaal Totem. Such a simple build.

Bolde85 wrote:
Uber Elder down. The first time for me in the First Attempt of that nice fight.
I switched to the multi Target Gems with the Single Target they melted down fast but I had problems with the tentacles so i switched.

RestlessNomad wrote:

What I came up with after reading through the guide and looking at everyone's build for inspiration. Phases Uber Elder pretty damn fast.


A8 Sirus in 2:43 by architektur https://youtu.be/mRY2IQGh5LI
Baran ~5seconds https://youtu.be/YeEtPGWzSg4
Video compilation by nEgativezEro89 -https://youtu.be/OvUry-0ftJk

Phoenix - Perma stunned (!) https://youtu.be/GFtS1XRemZM
Mino - Dead in 5 seconds map in 2:11 https://youtu.be/KbNdlRLEcHY
Chimera - Vaaled 121 IIQ https://youtu.be/4-PEVeDUwtM
Hydra - https://youtu.be/RNzh-cLJEYI
Shaper https://youtu.be/9Ozkly3vuuE

Uber Elder by Hologram_o - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STcl050sWF8

HUGE AoE with 2H AC Splash

Older Videos


Mino in 2:30 https://youtu.be/bE6gcp-jo4A

Hydra in 2:40 https://youtu.be/-EbDDNJpcvs

Hall of the Grandmasters! Last 5min replay


Uberlab Demo On 5links Doomsower, Brassdome and Devoto helm

Lab setup at end of guide in gear section

2h lab gameplay, thanks wellslls!



Bosses Deletion

Spanking random spawn Breachlords:

Chayula https://youtu.be/gcXVpYsB0ko

Xoph https://youtu.be/hqQ0AwMB3Mw

Tul https://youtu.be/YUDY347XzlY

Lich Boss - https://youtu.be/1NpkhO1NFw8

T15 Carcass in 5 seconds - https://youtu.be/KIQ41-DK-3I

T14 Dark Forest - https://youtu.be/RhVOuIkKvcM

T14 Plaza Twin beam facetank - https://youtu.be/io11kD1xlyg

T14 Shaper Vault Twin Boss 10s - https://youtu.be/tMPruAqEqE0

T14 Crimson Temple - https://youtu.be/CucuX2ZG9aU

T14 Colosseum - https://youtu.be/ZaGrtOXQL-s

Clearing vids - Oneshot everything

T15 Basilica https://youtu.be/6Ms8-UDbUl8

T15 Sunken City https://youtu.be/1Hv2qEE56NM

T15 Reef https://youtu.be/q0kICdod_DQ

T12 Racecourse https://youtu.be/9wfTnqGZ0vw

T16 Hydra https://youtu.be/lrULpNd7Dbk

Xoph - https://youtu.be/sCeQRARfUww

Endgame Atlas Bosses

Shaper & Guardians Deathless
First Shaper run in 3.6 deathless - https://youtu.be/J8GNo89hCno

Shaper Deathless - https://youtu.be/zTaDCtmtkEc

Chimera Boss - https://youtu.be/7Rdj5wUUwGE

Minotaur Boss - https://youtu.be/pOOeM4bs7R8

Hydra Boss - https://youtu.be/VBRPsepx8dk

Phoenix Boss - https://youtu.be/1gU-lKePngc

I'll keep adding every new league I'm in


3.11 POB
- Revised tree (sorry for those who need to respec)
- With the new warcries
- without multiex mods and checks
- with what is imo the best balance between offense and defense


staff version with less dmg more block (approx 20-30% more effective ehp) and less life (approx -10%)

For both versions you will achieve more with a crafted weapon, check with your trusted crafter on what are the best options out there

!!IMPORTANT FOR POB!!: Please use the community fork to have native support for close combat, impales and a ton of other stuff!

TL;DR dps in 3.11:
AC Splash DPS on trash mobs (Is the enemy a boss: No):
~1mil+ 5L Terminus (1c sword)
1-2mil+ 6L Terminus
2-3mil+ 6L Starforge

Single Target (Shaper DPS, Shocked, Vaal Haste):
5mil+ 6L Starforge


+ Simple mechanics
+ 50k armor
+ Clears faster than the rando cyclone dude
+A LOT of immunities: CRITS, tempchains & slows, stun, freeze, poison
++ Glorified autoattack
+ Jug ascendancy hidden uber life regen

++ To be 100% functional it does not require 100ex worth of 30ex jewels, 30ex weapons, enabler influence/sindicate crafts, stacking half your damage from from elusive mods on gear, extravagant enchants, random crap. My jug runs on random crap no tailwind, no coh ring, -phys helmet, bottled faith and deals 5mil+

- No facetank shaper beam stuff mechanics, 2H remains the weakest tank in POE

HS Damage Mechanics

Below is the full explanation on the things all stacked together behind the build:

HS is strong very strong, with a 220+ dmg multiplier (on 85% base speed) it deals some high power shots

The key of HS is its builtin double damage
The HS gem has 20% chance to deal double dmg.
Threshold jewels adds another 20% + 20%
The helm enchant gives us another 12%
Plus there other sources of double damage, the baseline is 60%-72% chance to deal Double Damage (effectively a 72%+ more dmg)

Starforge gives us Shock on crits.
With current shock effect mechanics, we want to get as close as possible to max shock of 50%. And trust me with HS you can deal big shocks
Shock mechanics:

Abyssus gives us big crits. It comes at a cost, and together with Brassdome + Double Armour ascendancy (explained in the defense section) it will be totally counteracted and will sinergize defensive gear and ascendancy into offense


+1000 to Accuracy Rating
1% increased Attack Speed per 200 Accuracy Rating
Gain Accuracy Rating equal to your Strength
30% increased Accuracy Rating if you've dealt a Critical Strike in the past 8 seconds
30% increased Damage if you've dealt a Critical Strike in the past 8 seconds

Undeniable is perfect to allow jugs to go crit based and 2h.

The rest is the bunch of gems to increase the base dmg

Flesh and Stone blood stance linked with Maim
Curse Vuln or Assasin Mark

So to recap, a HS hit goes through all of these:
+ HS double damage
+ Crit
+ Shock
+ Rest of usual stuff

There you go!

Defense Mechanics

Read carefully:

- Armour received from Body Armour is doubled
- 5% reduced Damage taken
- Regenerate 2% of Life per second
- 1.5% of Total Physical Damage prevented from Hits in the past 10 seconds is Regenerated as Life per second

Every single line of Unbreakable sinergizes with the below:

Brassdome becomes a 11k armor plus makes you become crit immune

Cast When Damage Taken lvl 1 + Vaal Molten Shell lvl 1-4

level 1 CWDT will trigger ASAP and it will give:

Molten Shell:

75% of Damage from Hits is taken from the Buff before your Life or Energy Shield
Buff can take Damage equal to 20% of your Armour, up to a maximum of 10000

Vaal Molten Shell (bind it to a button ex. spacebar):
80% of Damage from Hits is taken from the Buff before your Life or Energy Shield
Buff can take Damage equal to 60% of your Armour, up to a maximum of 30000

MS/VMS is your main defense against ele dmg. 76% base resist plus unbreakable's 5% less dmg taken from hits plus 75%/80% molten shell prevention plus fortify 20% less dmg from hits (25% if you spec the fortify aspd cluster).

Life Regen:
90% phys reduction and all forms of damage prevented work with unbreakable "1.5% of Total Physical Damage prevented from Hits in the past 10 seconds is Regenerated as Life per second".

Other defenses:

Action Speed cannot be modified to below base value
Movement Speed cannot be modified to below base value
10% increased Movement Speed
Cannot be Stunned

For those who don't know, this will give you immunity to freeze and temp chains curse.

30% chance to gain an Endurance Charge when you are Hit
+1 to Maximum Endurance Charges
25% chance that if you would gain Endurance Charges, you instead gain up to your maximum number of Endurance Charges
Gain an Endurance Charge every second if you've been Hit Recently

Pretty much free ECs for added phys reduction and resists

Ancestral Call + Melee Splash > AoE skills (yes cyclone included)

In 3.7 Legion melee strikes were changed radically: your weapon hits anything in its "reach".
Let's say you can hit 2-3 enemies with a single swing.

Now we add Melee Splash: every hit is splashing meaning each enemy is hit by the surrounding splashing hits.

There is more! Let's now add Ancestral Call: we are repeating this by another two times.

Result & comparison:
When I'm doing 1-3mil with Cyclone/Sweep whatever, it is exactly 1mil on each mob.
When I am doing 1-3mil with an AC-splash strike skill, it is 1-3mil PLUS all the other extra splashes, it is almost unquantifiable but it is a LOT of damage that guarantees oneshots on packs

Long story behind the build

Why Heavy Strike?

Traditionally every RPG and MMORPG has (melee) tank classes. Most probably in each one of these games you had a BASH skill and Heavy Strike is the Bash of PoE.

HS is incredibly strong, it has its own builtin mechanic that is "Deal Double Damage". The tree and gear is built all around creating the biggest single hits as possible.

Been working on HS since 2.0 with ups and downs the two ascendancied most suited for HS are Jug and Slayer. The fact that it is a "true melee" skill requires to be tanky, and Juggernaut delivers the best platform for the skill.

My first try was on Slayers and it works good with these as well.


A screen from 2.0 with Kaom Primacy and BoR, it was doing 200k which impressed me a lot at the time

NOTE: About budget/affordability, scalability and alternatives

The baseline of the build works universally, items like starforge and brassdome + abyssus are what defines the build but that doesn't mean it doesn't work without these.

In fact and especially it can clear the majority of content like normal farming with minimal budget (1c Terminus).

The tree is universal for many sword skills, e.g. Cyclone Lacerate or Sweep. You can use terminus and go flicker. It can even be easily retooled for a Slayer/Champion. It works also with dual wielding, saviour + pdps rare sword does in fact increase the dmg and doesnt even need any respec lol

It is all up to you, the complete gear and the use of HS enables for crazy oneshots (which are clearly overkill for normal mapping), you can play np with much less investment or even adapt it to another thing altogether.


Passive Tree, Gear Progression, Gem setup - From Larva to Truck

General tips for attack builds

Attack builds need to scale up via weapons (contrary to casters who scale a lot with gem levels)

When leveling the char these are universal good practices:
- Unlock jewels and put them ASAP!
HUGE damage boost for heavy strike (+20% more each, it translates into an extra dmg gem, like Melee Phys Dmg).

HS jewels are designed in a way that you will use Melee Splash or switch to pure single target for max carnage (like VS and on contrary of DS or GH jewels for example).

If at league start: Don't worry too much about jewels, you are absolute poor at league start, everyone is and there are no jewels yet (but keep an eye very often, to check if they are being sold).

- Scavenge all rares you find, best bases are Armor ofc secondary Ar/Eva Ar/Es, rest can be ignored
Absolute only rolls to look for are: +res, +life.
- Abuse Helena's Crafting bench to craft resistances

- DPS is boosted via the weapon, ignore most damage nodes on the tree when leveling!
- Keep two STR-base 1-hand 3 socket weapons in the weapon switch and put future gems in these! Example: Multistrike/Ancestral Call, Pride, Warbanner, Precision, Ruthless, Warchief totem support gems and so on

- Can use "leveling uniques", search on google. I didn't really do this as I think they come with a cost and I like to scavenge rares :p

What gems to use at beginning?

You can use Ground Slam or Molten Strike until you enter the prison, after which you can go to town and receive Splash from Nessa.

From then you will play on a 3-4link most of the time, it will be HS:
+ Melee Splash + Ancestral Call that will give utility
+ 2x HS jewels that will give the damage boost
4th link and/or gem swap will be Fortify (more defensive) of Brutality (more offensive)

Like this:

Mana leech read here

Mana you need to pick mana leech here:

If you feel that's still not enough, you can craft 'non-channeled skills cost -X mana' prefix on rings/amu

Leveling weapons

Dedicate ALL your currencies on buying a weapon, if you are not SSF, DON'T be shy on using trade, trade is life for attack builds!

It will be ~1 alch for the first, then probably 1c for the rest later at lvl ~40

Check the unique swords here

Buy/sell on trade sites:

Buy these ASAP! (Don't worry at league start)

Your swords will be these in sequence:

First weapon:

Use this if you want a dmg boost before next sword (careful do NOT use brutality gem with edge of madness!)

Next in sequence, should be during end of part 1 and start of part 2:

As of 3.7 Terminus Est is pretty much enough to do all content until you get a Starforge

Tree progression step by step inside

Early levels:
- Make beelines to open up 2 jewels and most of the clusters (which are STR beeline on left/marauder and Leech beeline on duelist)
- You will use Shiversting and Edge of Madness for most of the time, leveling will be fast

First labyrinth
- First lab (around act3 I think?), unlock the +1000 accuracy point, this will lift your need to watch for accuracy stuff

Middle levels, around 40ish
- Now your damage will start to increase via new weapons
- Time to get some attack speed and then fill %inc life up to ~150%ish
- Soon you will progress to Part 2

Second lab
- Get "Generate endurance charges". It initially helps more than the "Double armor from chest".

Middle-to-Mapping, from 55 to 68, part 2
- You should complete all beelines (DEX beeline for sword/life clusters into ranger area) in preparation for mapping: scion health wheel and ranger sword cluster

Third lab, around act 10
- Get antifreeze + antistun. Your char is good to go for mapping without any hassle!

How my chars looks in 3.2 at lv65: https://pastebin.com/sibPnZRE
3.5k hp, 75%+ phys mitigation with charges, 15-20k+ dps, 30k+ single target

Early mapping, from 68 to 85ish
- Priority n1: close ALL health nodes
- Close all sword dmg nodes
- Get jewels slots

Once all clusters are open, it is UP TO YOU on what to prioritize depending on current needs. My personal suggestion is to:
- Try to fill life as much as possible
- Damage nodes priority:
1. Attack speed
2. Damage
3. Crit


NOTE on what tier to run: Do not worry about rushing red tier maps! These are unlocked via gear upgrades and especially 90+ level tree. It is totally fine to stay on yellow tiers until about 88-90, you go faster, drop more, will sustain maps 100% and will get NO exp penalty until very late!

I won't stress it enough to advice people to stay lower tiers as long as possible and to move up only once the level difference penalty start to kick in :)

Have a look here:

Tree at lv90 is flexible, you can add/remove attack speed for dmg or life etc, you can personalize it. (Just be sure your leap slam is at least around the .50 sec animation and less).

Ascendancies Bandits Pantheon

1: Undeniable. Solve accuracy issues
2: Unstoppable. Get 10% move speed and freeze + stun immunity
3 and 4:
Unbreakable. Double armor
Unflinching. End Charges to achieve highest phys reduction
(or vice versa if you feel more confident with end charges phys reduction)

Bandit: Alira. +all res I love it! Also some crit multi


Basically all the other gods are builtin with Jug x)

Also fully upgraded Arakaali is FULLY synergic on Jug, it covers chaos dots and especially shock effect.

Shakari - Chaos resist. Immune to poison
Ralakesh - Bleed resist. Immune to Maim/Blind

The minors also cover jug's exposed flanks. Pretty good, especially the poison immune, or the Maim immune if doing Vuln mods

Uberlab base setup and advices

This is for when leaguestarting (so no brassdome around) with almost 0 gear and cash probably not even level 90.

Uberlab base gear

5L sword, 4-5L warchief, in line with early uberlab expected budgets.
Devoto to tank more, run more, jump faster. Or Starkonja for more HP

Totally doable with a 2K chest imo, but the key item for uberlab is brassdome with which you become impervious to traps and izaro. With brassdome it becomes probably one of safest runners in Poe. Note that uber Izaro is doable with like 50k real dps (something like 10-20k tooltip) so if you are running around with a 6L terminus or SF you will nuke it

Uberlabs tips

For general navigation, it is good to use in the equipped offhand a Brightbeak + 3xGreen Prismatic Eclipse, using Leap Slam + Faster Attacks. It is very good for jumping over traps and to move around

There are usually 2 ways of running lab: speedrun rushing to izaro for ranking and getting enchants asap and fullkeys run to open most chests as possible.

Check http://www.poelab.com for the daily layout

When speedrunning golden rule: go to the top right direction to find the doors

In both cases you usually go for extra key from each Izaro phase, by not interacting with his specific phase. These are described in http://www.poelab.com/?page_id=493#Izaro1 as well

If you can't kill Izaro fast enough (so he will be hitting you often), be EXTRA careful with +elemental damage buff types, sometimes it's worth sacrificing a key to exclude an ele buff on izaro, to not rip at the final stage (when he has all buffs from previously skipped phases).

There is a good prophecy to use for lab runs: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Twice_Enchanted
Ofc have your stash with many spare helmets/boots to enchant

Other than that there is not much that i know about running lab, tbh i always hated it, but i noticed with this char that it is very easy once you get brassdome

Have a look here for a wooping 2h lab gameplay by wellslls



Progression into endgame, personal farming strategy

To make things very simple i resumed endgame activities into the below points:

- Basic farming. This is what you do at the start of mapping, this is when you are underleveld and broken as f and need to get that 6L and those gear

- Exping. Either to reach 90 or to get past 95 you are focused on exping at some point and to want avoid rippy situations like rip mods and rip bosses

- Advanced farming. You got your gear straightened or you want to get uber bis gear, you will be doing some advanced farming like league exclusive content or high ilvl content.

(other activities like uberlab farming, delve, anything else can be done interchangeably at will)

Normally what I do every league is:
1. To get to lv85-90 to have a solid passive tree, by completing some Atlas (see below), and then:
2. To get back to basic farming until i got good life on gear and the 6L. (this is the painful step so far for me)
3. Then can proceed to advanced farming, closing atlas, league content, doing whatever

Atlas completion strategy

- Sell 3 obsoleted maps of the same to get the next tier
- Abuse Zana vendor
- Abuse horizon orbs
- Use all your fragments/scarabs/missions (einhar jun zana etc)

SSF way (slow relaxed):
- Unlock tiers one by one. For example run multiple tier 3 until you stashed ALL of the tier 4. Only then complete tier 4, and proceed to the next tier.

Explanation about SSF way:
One map normally can drop the +1 tier map "linked/in the path" to it in the Atlas map.
BUT, in a twisted GGG logic, if say you unlock one T4 this one will likely start dropping a lot also from other "not linked/not in the path" maps. So you would get a lot of the same T4 you unlocked and less likely the needed ones.

Semi SSF/Trade way (bit less slow):
- Complete highest tier possible and run whatever you have in stash. Then buy remaining maps

Totally trade way (spend more time trading than mapping):
- Buy every single map one by one and sell everything you have in the map stash

Thanks to zana and horizon orbs both ways are effective

When you are 85-90 but still haven't got your final gear and especially a 6L, there is no point in trying to rush T15 reds, you are undergeared and farm slower!
To progress smoothly into red maps you need that 6L, there is no other way around it.
Running yellows even white maps is not a pity, you run them faster farm loads of league content and currency, it never dies, you can make tens of chaos with chaos recipe from white maps (which are done at lightspeed) and so on

Chaos recipe is your friend
Most of white maps rare drops are effectively vendor trash.
To do chaos recipes in a quick manner, just:
- Pick all rings and amus you find.
- Pick needed rares dropped from bosses or at times when there lootsplosions. Ideally you want to use one single tp back to town with a full-ish inventory without slowing down at all compared to skip loot.
- Maybe identify the nice bases (like diamonds rings and league sauce rares)
- Do a big round of chaos recipe once you have tabs full

You will know when to stop doing chaos recipes, incidentally it is when you got all your gear done and don't really need all that chaos

The lucky uniques and all the currency drops will basically speed up the process. Also converting all of some unused orbs into chaos will speed up a lot (example: extra regrets/chances/sextants etc)

To make your own 6L

So there can be many ways to have a 6L:
- Cheap tabula. Very cheap but very weak defense
- Cheap 6L from market. Cost effective but got to change it at some point
- Link your own (usually when you need that brassdome, shavronne, belly, windripper, inpulsa etc)
- Buy an already linked big item (6L starforge, windripper, unique chest)

How i do my own 6 links:
I did it in so many ways. The one i found myself most confortable is to:
Farm white/yellow maps forever. As soon as one ex drops sell it for chaos, buy fusings and spam them all into the chest.

Gem Setup

Heavy Strike setup in personal priority:

- HS
- Ancestral Call
- Melee Splash

- Brutality
- Fortify
- Impale

For Map clearing
HS - Ancestral Call - Splash
Brutality - Fortify - Impale

Other choices: Melee Phys Dmg and Close Combat. You can switch for more alpha at the cost of impale or fortify

Do not panic if tooltip with AC + Splash looks like crap. Against packs it deals a lot of damage because you are dealing x3 overlapping AoE dmg

For Boss killing Single Target 5L/6L
HS - Brutality - Fortify - Impale - Multistrike
6th gem: Melee Phys Dmg/Close Combat OR Ancestral Call

Using Multistrike + Impale for longer bosses.

Boss killing Mix mode
AC or splash or both can be used against those bosses with some annoying adds like Phoenix and UE portals.

For every lone bosses like Conquerors and Sirus you can 100% go pure single target, the weapon range is actually quite long so by going AC/splash you are only losing deeps. By comparison:
- Single target Strike skills weapon range: 24
- Cyclone max stages, blank no conc effect inc aoe: 20-24
I've already verified this on multiple strike skills, frenzy double strike and HS, going pure single vs conquerors & similia is the way to go and they go down much better

Other gems
Ancestral Warchief (In this order):
Culling Strike + Maim + Brutality + Melee Physical Damage + Impale/Ruthless
Warchief must have Culling Strike and is used to buff our damage, but when put in a second 6L it does respectable damage on its own

Other slots:

- Cast When Damage Taken lvl 1 + Vaal Molten Shell lvl 1


CWDT molten shell needs to be CWDT level ONE + vaal molten shell level 1-4

Molten shell level doesn't change the effect, level 1 CWDT will trigger asap and it will give you 75% dmg reduction for 10k hp total dmg prevented PLUS:

You can bind Vaal molten shell for example on spacebar to press during oshit moments and it will give 80% dmg reduction for 30k hp total prevented

Both work fine it is more a matter of taste:
- Dash + Second Wind + Blood Magic
- Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic (+ Fortify if you don't have it in the main skill)
BLOOD MAGIC SUPPORT: if you craft -mana cost on rings the move skill becomes free

Optional if you got slots:
Blood Rage, Vaal Haste, CWDT + Ice Golem

Recommended final setup:
- Flesh and Stone (+ Maim) + Pride + Dread Banner/Warbanner as aura.

No impresence, get a dope phys amu instead (it will add like +20%)

Impresence was always a cheap choice in caster leagues, a phys amulet easily beats Impresence so it is the way to go.

Shaper ring with Curse on Hit Assassin Mark
lvl 1 CWDT + Any curse (Vulnerability, Assassin Mark, Enfeeble, Temp Chains, Poacher Mark, Warlord Mark, Punishment etc)

Other possible aura setups if you want to experiment

- Flesh + Blasphemy Vuln + Warbanner (no pride)
- Flesh + Pride + Warbanner + Impresence Blasphemy Vuln (if you can obtain a cheap impresence amulet) <- Too expensive/not worth in melee leagues e.g. 3.7

List of possible mana reserve aura/skills if you want to experiment:
- Flesh and Stone + Maim
- Vulnerability Blasphemy
- Pride
- Dread Banner/War Banner
- Precision high or low level

Flasks choices:

Lion's Roar bis of course
Silver <- To be upgraded to Cinderswallow Urn crit variant
Quicksilver of Adrenaline MUST HAVE for mapping
Sulphur good for endbosses later luxury upgraded to Bottled Faith
Life flask what you like, secondary antibleed not a bad choice here

What you need on flasks is anti-bleed (of staunching) and anti-curse (of warding) in either Life Diamond Silver flasks

Early Mapping Gear

This gear enables you to farm most maps, white and yellows and probably reds up to ~T13-T14 at lv90. From here you have the base to scale up to final gears.

1st step: get cheap gear to have 75% res.
2nd step: get a starter weapon.
Early Gear

Before Starforge:

From what i last time checked in POB Terminus seems to be the good one until Starforge. If it's expensive, then Doomsower/Kondo until you can afford it

My recommendation for a 2H char is to 5Link the weapon so you can freely attempt 6 linking the Brassdome

Get a 2K armor chest (nothing less than 2k!!!), life and resists not required but helpful, NOTE: try to not rely too much on res from chest as it will be changed later!

Devoto and Starkonja until you get Brassdome

Alternatively you can pick a cheap helm to get more armor and life and eventually fill some temporary resistance hole! Be mindful that a lot of damage can come from Devoto/Starkonja

Gloves priority is high attack speed, like 14-16%. Spiked gloves helpful but not necessary at this point, titan gauntlets for top economy. Rest is decent life, some accuracy and 1 decent res.

Two-toned or armour boots, a lot of resists will be loaded into boots and belt.
If you are starter buy cheapos (not T1 life roll) just to fill the res, you can upgrade later on.
Boots without movespeed and open prefix for movespeed crafting can sometimes be found cheap.

Starter ring and amu.
Some life and resists will be enough

Rest for now will be fill resistances and have +life. Optional is +accuracy on rings/amu and +attack speed on rings, adds x-y phys dmg is not that good on 2H but it can help a little (usually amulets have high values).
Rings/amu without accuracy/aspd/adds phys are very very cheap like couple chaos cheap.

Ok! This is the starting gear

With this you will be leveling and start saving to slowly make upgrades. (Plus other stuff like completing atlas etc)
It is so far where your "endgame grind" starts, it will feel tough, but you are running on 10c gear so far!

Rare gear mods choices

So, we have as few uniques as possible and rest of rares have high priority on getting T1 life and 1 big res each (40%+) on each item to overcap resistances to 109% (you become immune to Ele Weakness, which does not only appear on map mods, but is also casted by a couple mobs and can rip you). A lot of resistances are loaded on two toned boots and belt, plus rings should have open suffix to give an extra bench craft res.
Offensive mods will be attack speed, accuracy. Base damage is plentiul, we have to pump it up with secondary stats.

T1 life
Added phys
Attack speed highest possible
1 big res if possible

Best base: Diamond, but single res or two-stone are pretty good as well
T1 life
1 big res
Attack speed (best) OR accuracy
VERY Recommended:
Open suffix to enable bench crafting of extra res!

T2+ Life
2x big res
VERY Recommended:
Open suffix to enable bench crafting of extra res!

Best base: Ar/Eva Two toned boots, but Armor boots with many big res can be good
25-30% Movespeed Almost mandatory! Too good of a stat
T2+ Life
1-2 res (30%+)
Or open suffix for extra bench res

If you want to go with rare helm route.
The expensive and BiS route is to get an enchanted Eternal Burgonet and Delve craft it with Jagged Fossil + life fossil until you get good life and "Nearby enemies take inc phys dmg"


Crit multi
Big added phys dmg
Anything else: %inc armour, str/dex for life/dmg/accuracy/eva, dunno what else

Jewels (3rd slot if you have room)

- Life 7%
- Attack speed with swords
- Life 5-6%
- Crit multi 2h
- Dmg with swords/2h

- Crit multi melee/global
- Attack speed
- Resistance

You usually go with life+dmg mods jewel or pure dmg jewels, trimod quadmod

Lategame mapping:

Final gear & Endgame - Smash Bosses

Last steps (in any order depending on budget):
Get a starforge
Get a brassdome + Abyssus combo
Make 6 links
Get chaos res
Improve trinkets + luxury upgrades

Attention: FOR QUICK MAPPING YOU NEED: Quicksilver flask of Adrenaline + high movespeed boots

Without these you will move slow do not oomplain about clearspeed :p

Core combo:

+ HS Weight of The empire jewels

.........Congratulations! You have been promoted to Super Heavy class!

Example Final Gear

Unlimited budget further upgrades & minmaxing

- Blood Rage
- Vaal Haste
- Shaper base ring - Curse on hit assassin mark
- Amu Anoint
- Bottled Faith
- Cinderswallow Urn - Crit version
- Tailwind boots
- Switch to impale version to increase long fights single target
- Awakened gems
- Watcher's eye Pride impale
- Crit Elder chest <- VERY RISKY with abyssus, results not guaranteed

Anointments and Cluster Jewels

This is highly personalizable, I will not give exact guidelines, but some good suggestions
(Use ctrl+f for search text in the passive tree/pob/browser)

Good ones suggestions: Tenacity, Static Blows, Tribal Fury

Cluster Jewels
Full list: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2783927

Possible cluster jewels
NOTE: To be fair I am not sure anymore about cluster jewels, non cluster seems to be equal if not superior. The only exception is adding impale stacks in a mixmaxed setup

Large cluster 8pts any type of damage with Deep Cuts, 0 to 2 sockets and up to 2 extra notables
Large cluster two-handed dmg 8pts:
Surefoot striker - 8% double dmg if crit recently
Feed the fury - life leech, dmg aspd while leeching
Martial prowess - dmg aspd accuracy
2 jewel slots
Large cluster phys dmg 8pts:
Force Multiplier: 5% double dmg 25% dmg
Iron Breaker: -10% phys reduction
Master the fundamentals: 10% all ele res 35% dmg
2 jewel slots

medium cluster aura effect 4pts:
Master of command - 15% inc effect aura on enemies
Precise commander - 50% crit chance 15% crit multi
1 jewel slot

Small cluster life 2 or 3pts:
Fettle - +20 life +10% max life
Small cluster Ele resist of choice 2 or 3pts:
Prismatic carapace - +1 max ele res
(ultimately the life cluster seems to be slightly better)

Gives streamers & friends queue priority and leaves supporters who spent hundreds $ packs in the 100k queue.

GGG: Don't you guys follow streamers?
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Last bumped on Aug 12, 2020, 7:18:26 AM
Just the kind of build I was looking for. Can't wait to try it out! Thanks for writing this.
can you post the current gear you are using? and what is ur thought about the Oni-Goroshi sword thingy?
and pastebin link too if you can.
Just the kind of build I was looking for. Can't wait to try it out! Thanks for writing this.

Thanks, that's very nice to read :)

DemiSandal wrote:
can you post the current gear you are using? and what is ur thought about the Oni-Goroshi sword thingy?
and pastebin link too if you can.

Added final gear and progression explanation!
Gives streamers & friends queue priority and leaves supporters who spent hundreds $ packs in the 100k queue.

GGG: Don't you guys follow streamers?
Added detailed mechanics explanation. Phew! Time to go play
Gives streamers & friends queue priority and leaves supporters who spent hundreds $ packs in the 100k queue.

GGG: Don't you guys follow streamers?
very very good guide. especially mechanics explanation. ill start playing this build. can you add leveling tree/skill choices/leveling tems too? it would be extremly helpful.
I think I'm gonna roll with this build since dropped a Starforge. Thank you! Also, I wonder if I can use a 4Link flicker to clear maps.
Last edited by Rechno on Dec 28, 2017, 9:27:43 PM
thesargeras wrote:
very very good guide. especially mechanics explanation. ill start playing this build. can you add leveling tree/skill choices/leveling tems too? it would be extremly helpful.

Added build link with progression!

Explanation will come asap! :)

Rechno wrote:
I think I'm gonna roll with this build since dropped a Starforge. Thank you! Also, I wonder if I can use a 4Link flicker to clear maps.

The build itself has no mechanics to generate charges, if you're planning to use terminus imo you're gonna gimp the dmg output, you should really try AC + splash with starforge, it oneshots T16 trashmobs :)
Gives streamers & friends queue priority and leaves supporters who spent hundreds $ packs in the 100k queue.

GGG: Don't you guys follow streamers?
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Added a fundamental core jewel that i forgot to mention x)

Gives streamers & friends queue priority and leaves supporters who spent hundreds $ packs in the 100k queue.

GGG: Don't you guys follow streamers?
I immediately loved the build and respecced my EQ Disfavour Jugger into it. So far my gear is, due to currency limitations, not really perfect but it works out.

Two things though: I am not near 65k armor with everything I have. I'm at about 55k armor. Am I missing something?

Two: I nearly killed myself at Atziri today because she reflects some damage (not in the split phase - see here: https://gfycat.com/PinkSevereKinglet )
What can we do against reflect? Basically nothing? Basalt flasks (forgot to use one)?


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