[3.1] [Blade flurry] 1 Ex budget frost blades / Blade flurry build, all content viable

Any recommendations for trying this build HC?
How can I mitigate the dmg from Her Embrace? It's fine when I'm leeching but sometimes when mobs are gone and I haven't overleeched, it drains most of my health and has me spamming life potion. I'm lvl 73, 4600 life. Or if you have any gear tips based on what I have now, I'm all ears. I am already using enfeeble and arctic armor as extra survivability.

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I've never felt Her Embrace's degen thanks to slayer's ascendency allowing us to keep leeching even when we are at full life, weird.

Do you know how could i improve my DPS ? I'm level 82 and I have all the recommended items (abyssus, steel rings, spiked gloves...).

Is there a way i forgot to improve my DPS ? I'm running Herald of ash and enfeeble. I also have Lion's roar and Atziri's promise for the dps flasks.

With Blade Flurry i can reach like 800k dps according to PoB
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Maybe it's my fire res bringing me down, I'll try improving that.
Overall, would you say the abyssus setup is superior to starkonja's? also, can you run the lightning coil setup all the way to guardians? thanks for the guide :D
Im sad cause i made an Assasin cold damage build with Bf, i always loved using Frost blade, is it working with a perfect form 6l or a belly 6l, if it was i already have a slayer lvl 89 on standard, and i realy want to test this, i need only the ony and i have 3 res belt, and a stakorja with bf 40% enchant, realy curious how it work, on my curent assasin build i feel like i need more dps and i have trouble with late game boss...
So with the Abyssus I felt kind of fragile, so i replaced the Abyssus with a Starkonja but kept the shaped chest with 15% physical taken as lightning, and also replaced Enfeeble with Hatred.

All in all, I lost a tiny bit DPS but gained a bunch of health and overall survivability. I find this well more balanced to do maps.
Just want to say that leveling this build is insane, It absolutely melts everything. I just practically one shot every boss encounter in A3. Loving it!!!!!!!!!
Is there any value in getting https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Fight_for_Survival

Seems really useful for 2 skill points?
I followed this guide from start I read all post in this thread and I have problem with blade flurry dmg. On t6 map I have huge problem with boss :(

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