I'm VERY new, and sorta made a Passive Skill Plan, can you tell me if it will fall apart?

ipiroH wrote:
I feel a little bad at the amount of flak you're getting. Here's a bit of explanation. It's probably clearest if I tell you what would happen if you go ahead with your existing tree.

Case 1: You start out fresh, using a mix of frenzy / flicker / spectral throw to level. You will make very slow progress. Even assuming you take the time to pick up Energy Shield gear with life on it, and do your best to ensure your resists are fine, you will likely start dying around act 3-4 and lose steam. This is because (a) frenzy and flicker are terrible to level with, with ST not much better, and (b) your tree does not help you much with either damage or health.

Case 2: You start out with decent levelling jewels, uniques, and level with firestorm / firetrap, sunder, or some other generally strong level setup. You do make it to endgame, although you will likely die many, many times to most bosses (essentially zerg rushing them). You will also take a long time, i.e., days. When you do finally get there, you will find you have a tiny ES pool and die to nearly anything. Your leech is not strong enough to sustain you (look up the wiki re: maximum leech rates: you will find you probably only regenerate about 400-500 health a sec at best. Endgame bosses do much more than this unless you kill them first.) Your damage is also likely peanuts. You will not crit and you have almost no accuracy. I.e. Wraeclastian mobs will beat you up.

You will then likely reroll your character.

The main errors you made were:
> not getting enough ES / life on tree
> not realizing that crit and accuracy are important
> overestimating the impact of leech
> choosing too many skills

Someone who wanted to make a strong ES Flicker build could ostensibly do so, but they would certainly abuse well-known flicker uniques like Oro's or the existing bleed abuse to provide infinite flicker. They would also probably have a lot more life, crit, accuracy and layered defenses like evasion, MoM, acrobatics.

For what it's worth, your tree is a lot better than the first one I made, so take heart lol. Tinkering w Path Of Building is something basically all POE players enjoy. Keep doing it and eventually you'll design a good build of your own. Or follow a guide and get better fast, then try again :)


I appreciate your very helpful answer. Now I made what I call a rough sketch of a different type of Tree, without Frenzy and Flicker, but focus on Spectral Throw, Life Leech from Claws, Vaal Pact and Ghost Reaver with CI. I think the tree makes more sense, but the idea may be worse lol? Anyways, thanks for the insight.

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first of all, sorry about the dickheads on full tilt blasting you for being new. this game goes against a bunch of established norms for the RPG genre and people love to forget what it's like being new and having to adjust to all of this.

I had a vision of a Trickster with claws, focus on Spectral Throw, CI and Life Leech applied to Energy Shield. No poison, but I do like critical damage.

first thing you want to do is, whenever you've got a vision of a build, ask yourself what the intended content goal is. that's going to be hard as a new player, but you'll generally want to decide whether to focus on clear speed, boss killing, uber labbing etc. you also want to make sure your chosen ascendancy makes sense. Trickster doesn't do anything at all for critical damage, but it does increase damage over time (poison).

Question 1: Should I ivest in Vaal Pact if doing that? Does Vaal Pact work together with Ghost Reaver and CI?

this is where the game is a bit tricky and honestly I don't know the answer. The popular thing to do pre-3.0 was always go CI, stack insane ES, and Vaal Pact + Ghost Reaver. just face tank everything with 15k+ ES and instant leech it back. I believe in 3.0, they made instant leech no longer work with ES, but Vaal Pact doesn't do instant leech anymore so it *should* work again with Ghost Reaver.

that said, my own 2c is that ghost reaver + VP is gonna perform poorly compared to the point investment, and you should consider using one of the new Elder/Shaper shields that restore a percentage of energy shield on block.

Question 2: How many passive notes should I invest in Energy Shield? (If I insist on doing this)

full disclaimer, ES was nerfed with 3.0 release and I don't know what a truly healthy amount is nowadays since it was lowered across the board... but I would aim for as close to 8000 ES as possible to start. it's not hard to hit 5500 life, so I would hope 8k ES is realistic.

Question 3: How many Endurance/Frenzy/Power Charge notes do you normally pick up in Passive Skill Tree? I also wonder whether to go with Frenzy or Power for my build, but probably Frenzy.

charges are mostly icing on the cake and not all builds use them. if you have no way to generate them yourself, I would not pick up any. every character has a maximum of 3 to start.

About those Frenzy Charges, is there a good way to get them on critical hits, (not using Frenzy active skill), if I can afford enough passive critical chance notes with my claws, using Spectral Throw supported by Multiple Projectiles?

you could always run Herald of Ice + Ice Bite + Curse On Hit + Assassin's Mark and not worry about critting to generate frenzy and power charges. frenzy on critical strike is a thing usually granted by uniques like Terminus Est (two handed sword)
"I'm VERY new, and sorta made a Passive Skill Plan, can you tell me if it will fall apart?" Best advice is to follow a guide. Then after playing for awhile you can start tweaking it and creating something more of your own.

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