An Update to the Volatile Dead Helmet Enchantment

We have a small patch planned for tomorrow that includes bug fixes and some new microtransactions. This patch also includes a fix regarding a bug with the Volatile Dead Helmet Enchantment values that we wanted to communicate as early as possible.

Alongside 3.1.0 we introduced the Volatile Dead Helmet enchantment that could be obtained from the Merciless and Eternal Labyrinths. Unfortunately, when this was released, it had a value we never intended it to have, making it exceptionally overpowered.

After tomorrow's update, the enchantment will only be available from the Eternal Labyrinth and all existing versions of this enchantment will be changed so that Volatile Dead can only destroy up to 1 additional corpse, down from 2/3 additional corpses.

We want to apologise to anyone this may have inconvenienced. We are normally against mid-league changes to player power levels but this was an exceptional case that needed to be corrected as soon as possible. Our apologies again.
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When enhanced Map Tab search functionality?
Can I have my 35 regrets back that I just used to Respec my character.. What a bunch of crap!!

Standard IGN: _DipDodgeDuck_
Glad you tackled it quickly
OMEGALUL rip waggle

calling this is a "bug fix" is kind of a joke. can't you just say "we fucked up and released a helm enchant that was too strong/not intended to be in the game"
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Oh no! My obviously overpowered, insane boss killing spec will have to cast 3 times now instead of 2! GGG broke my build :( JK, while you're at it can you please fix that lightpoacher too please?
Thanks for ruining a character mid league.
meanwhile barrage +2 was untouched the whole league OMEGALUL
rectis wrote:
meanwhile barrage +2 was untouched the whole league OMEGALUL


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