To celebrate the launch of the War for the Atlas expansion, we introduced the Fire of Ice Mystery Box last week with 38 new microtransactions. It's time to reveal a mystery about this box: you can combine some of these Fire and Ice microtransactions to get new ones! While some of our community have already discovered this, we felt it would be good to share this information with everyone.

While the primary motivation of this system is that it offers some extra value for players who buy boxes, it also has the helpful side effect of mopping up some duplicate microtransactions. While the existence of duplicates is priced into the model we use for boxes, we're open to carefully adding some fun methods like this to remove some.

Currently this system works only with some of microtransactions from the Fire and Ice Mystery Box: if you have received eligible microtransactions from the box, you'll see a little '!' on those microtransactions in your stash. That means you'll be able to combine them and receive a new one!

It is possible to get an entire new Fire and Ice Armour Set, Cloak, Wings, Horns, Shield and Portal! Check out the video of these new awesome-looking microtransactions below!

Please note: the combined microtransactions will be consumed, and it's not possible to undo this action. Be careful when combining!

If you're looking for some points to spend on the Fire and Ice Mystery Box, please check out our new Abyss Supporter Packs.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Path of Exile!
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Grinding Gear Games
That portal doesn't look really good combined honestly

That said the rest of the set is nice, I just think the portal needs to not be literally split 50/50 by a straight line. It needs more waviness or something to give it a more believable look
Last edited by DrCola on Dec 17, 2017, 6:52:49 PM
Combined armor set looks good (though obviously is super expensive to get) but the combined portal looks awful, sorry
Why no fire and ice frog combo :(
You expect me to act as something I'm not? I picked this name for a reason.
No footprints though. Weird.
i still wish to be able to upgrade my support packs:(
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Do the cloaks or horns combine? That would be amazing.

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