[3.1] LL SRS Aegis Auramancer - 8 auras, 80k+ armour, 75/75 block, 81/80/81 Resists, 500k+ DPS

PoB Link - https://pastebin.com/Bmbh0YEC
Budget Version - https://pastebin.com/xq6v3qqe


3 Million DPS cheap glass cannon version -https://pastebin.com/tdhAJLQw

How to Play
Simply charge into the middle of packs and channel SRS while facetanking, using Bone Offering in between packs and when you hit SRS limit. The bigger the pack, the tankier you are and faster you can clear, making abysses and breaches easy to clear. Use Melee Splash with SRS while Map Clearing and swap to a Melee Physical Damage gem when facing bosses for more single target DPS.

Current Gear

The best in slot items are generally these Uniques, not much room for improvement. The Baron could be replaced by a perfect minion Helm and Sin Trek with higher ES Boots. Ephemeral Edge can be replaced with a minion damage weapon or Advancing Fortress for extra block/Fortify, and even Aurumvorax if you prefer the resists.


Astramentis gives stats for Shaper's Touch and The Baron scaling, the other slots should be used to for ES and Resists. Sapphire Rings and a Stygian Vise is usually the best combo.


The Granite and Jade flasks are necessary, the other 3 can be filled with whichever flasks/suffixes you need.


Find high ES rolls with the new minion damage mod, use the 2 free affixes for whatever you need.

Build Mechanics

SRS: Most damage scaling comes from The Baron, stacking strength and using the +2 to minion gems. A 4-link in The Baron will do almost as much as a 5-link in your chest so not much point until you can get a 6-link Shavs.

The new Ghastly Eye Jewels give up to 20% increased minion damage if you've used a minion skill recently, which is always up with SRS/Offering. Using 6 of these gives you up to 120% minion damage while also being able to roll for flat minion damage and ES.

Elemental Equilibrium also gives a large damage boost, as your Raging Spirits deal mostly Phys, Cold and Fire and you can easily deal Lightning damage with Tempest Shield and Shield charge linked to added lightning damage.

Auras: Using Haste and the Aura bonus from Commander of Darkness you can get a large amount of cast speed and attack speed for Raging Spirits.

A Hatred Aura linked to generosity gives it a total of 108% increased effect giving your Raging Spirits 75% of their physical damage as extra cold damage.

Other auras give strong defensive bonuses: flat ES from Discipline, Grace/Determination for armour and 2 Purities for easy resist capping and max resists.I use Purity of Fire and Lightning since Aegis already provides max cold res.

Block: Using Mistress of Sacrifice allows Bone Offering to give you 35/35 Block, putting you on 70/35 Block. 3 Reckless Defense jewels with minimum rolls puts your block at 76/80. 100% Bone Offering uptime is achieved with 75% increased duration on the tree, an Inc. Duration support and using Desecrate which gives at least 7 corpses to consume.

Armour: Grace/Determination with Iron Reflexes grants most of the armour. Shaper's Touch allows INT to scale your evasion, giving 100% increased EV. Any extra flat or increased % AR/EV scales extremely well with this: A Granite Flask of Iron Skin and a Jade Flask of Reflexes gives you an extra 60k armour.

Avenger's/Additional Chance to receive crits: With 3 Reckless Defense jewels giving up to 30% chance to be crit and more possible from corrupting jewels/rings, Avenger's flasks will fill very quickly when facetanking. The extra damage taken can be easily negated by Block, Armour and the Soul of Solaris Pantheon upgrade.

Having high uptime on flasks also allows us to get extra bonuses like permanent fortify from Basalt, Onslaught from Silver or +Max res from Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz, and immunity to freeze, curses and bleeding from suffixes. Lab enchants also give bonuses from taking a crit, like the Of Light enchant for gloves and 10% chance to dodge on boots.

Aegis:. Aegis gives 500 ES on block going up to 1700 ES with Flasks up allowing you to facetank large packs and abysses since most mobs will heal you more than they damage you. This means your survivability increases the more mobs you facetank as they refill your flasks faster and keep your ES full through big hits. Because of this, using zombies as meatshields is detrimental to your survivability despite how strong your gear and tree make them.

ES: You only take 120% ES from the passive tree, meaning most of your ES has to come from attributes. Shaper's Touch makes Strength also scale ES, so with an Astramentis and STR/INT rings, you have a combined 900-1k STR/INT for giving 200% increased ES. Most of your flat ES comes from Discipline, Shavs and Sin Trek with the rest coming from Rings, Belt and Abyss Jewels. You should hit 6.5-7k ES with a full build which should be enough alongside your high armour and resists.

Resists: Your Fire and Lightning Res are close to cap with just Purities and Commander of Darkness, so you can aim for mostly Cold Res on your Rings and Belt.Jewels can also contribute to capping your resists if you can afford them. Using an Aurumvorax or Purity of elements while levelling should keep you easily overcapped until you can cap resists with accessory slots. Your resists should be at 81/80/81 once Purities hit lvl 20 and Avenger's flasks can be used to increase the max even higher for certain bosses.

Blood Magic/Life Regen: Stone golem should be enough to sustain SRS casting if you don't use expensive links like Multistrike. Some extra regen can be useful for keeping up with Vaal Haste cast speed and recasting Stone Golem in case it dies. An easy way to do this is use consecrated ground from an Avenger's Sulphur Flask or the 'Of Light' Lab enchant. Any tier Lab enchant can be used since it only scales the damage and not the consecrated ground. Alternatively, you could use a Vaal Clarity alongside Vaal Haste as it can last around 20-25 seconds allowing you to cast freely.

Mana costs: Since a full build will reserve 98% of your life, you might find Stone Golem uncastable as it costs more than your unreserved life. An easy solution would be linking it to reduced mana so it's cheap enough to be recast if it dies. A better option would be using a reduced reservation lab enchant to increase your unreserved life, giving you a big enough life pool to cast golem and a healthy buffer that allows you to run reduced recovery rate map more easily. You use more than half the Auras in the game so finding the lab enchant shouldn't be hard, I use one for Purity of Fire.

Other Stuff

Pantheons: For your major pantheon the best choice is Brine King which gives immunity to Stun when you block and upgrades to give a similar effect for freeze. You can take the Soul of Solaris for the upgrade that allows you to ignore crit damage, however while running through multiple crit maps and powerful crit mobs i've had no issues with being 1 shot so Brine King is generally more useful. For your minor pantheon take Soul of Shakari as it provides damage reduction to Chaos and Chaos DoT which are your weakest points defensively as you cannot block damage over time. The upgrade gives immunity to poison which also makes it a much better option than the other minor pantheons.

Ascendancies:Only Mistress of Sacrifice, Spirit Eater and Commander of Darkness is necessary for the build. If you complete Uber Lab, you can either take Beacon of corruption for the extra Chaos Resistance, or just take the 2 minor minion damage nodes.

Vaal Skills: Your best choice for a Vaal skill is an Aura since you have a ton of increased effect to make them very powerful. Your Best choices are Vaal Haste or Vaal Grace since Vaal Discipline is useless and doesn't scale with your aura effect. Vaal Haste provides your Raging Spirits with a large DPS boost, and allows you to run to the next pack and summon up to 20 much faster, allowing you to clear maps quickly with an almost permanent Vaal Haste. Alternatively, Vaal Grace gives up to 60/60 Dodge and Spell Dodge, adding another layer of defense over your block. Vaal Clarity can be used alongside the other Vaal Auras as it can be kept up full time very easily and won't reduce your other aura's uptime too much.

Map Mods: This build can handle high IIQ/IIR map mods such as increased crit chance/multi, reduced max resistances due to it's ability to benefit off crits taken and it's high max resists. This allows you to get more out of your maps without putting yourself at too much risk. It cannot run no regen since that limits your casting ability a lot, and I wouldn't recommend running reduced recovery rate or reduced block/armour. All other mods can be run without issue as they do not affect you that much.
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This looks pretty sick, my current league starter doesn't feel great without VP, but I've grabbed the Shavs and can pick up the other pieces of this before starting out. Do you have any videos of it in action with bosses, guards, red elders, etc? Really like the idea of this, looking forward to a showcase :D
I'm loving this idea.

Question: With Blood Magic, how do I sustain my health as a resource for casting SRS? I just lose all my health casting SRS and then I have to use a health potion to regain my health to keep casting.

What things did you accomplish with this build?
can you link your tree?

Elratha wrote:
I'm loving this idea.

Question: With Blood Magic, how do I sustain my health as a resource for casting SRS? I just lose all my health casting SRS and then I have to use a health potion to regain my health to keep casting.


Not sure if he's using it, but either Vaal Clarity (lasts for like 20+s) or the "150% increased effect of Stone Golem Buff" helm enchant will make casting smooth.
Explained some more stuff.

Also just trying to farm up to higher tier maps right now since my elder influence is all over white maps and won't spread upwards much. Might just showcase some map mods like increased crit+extra cold damage and reduced max res if i can get shadowplay working.
gibtuck wrote:

Not sure if he's using it, but either Vaal Clarity (lasts for like 20+s) or the "150% increased effect of Stone Golem Buff" helm enchant will make casting smooth.

It turns out I was using Zealot's Oath. I just took that out and I am good now!

I am lvl 68. Just about to do Merc Lab and kill Kitava. It feels really good finally. I am so tanky and my friends love me. I tried to switch to ES way too early though. For those that are trying this, I wouldn't switch to the actually build until you are 66 (Shaper's Touch). Just level as a regular summoner and just regret when you are ready.
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If you really want more defenses you can run Vaal Grace with some minor sources of dodge to hit the cap. Vaal Grace gives 60/60 at level 20 and you can get 8% more from the Watcher's eye and 10% from a Quartz Flask or one of the lab boots enchants.
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