[3.1] Dual Nebuloch Molten Striker - HUGE DPS and NO Degen (IN PROGRESS Theorycraft right now)

Hello there!

When I first checking this Item I really loves them. Huge DPS for juggernaut.

You use 8 endur charges with kaom's and buffs your damage and survaivability. Bur degen is SO HUGE. How to beat them? Look at this old school chest

When we take a hit daresso's gain to us 15second onslaught and no degen.
With unflitching and unrelenting we gain endur full charges pretty often. That's like great damage buffs not everytime, but often ;)

How that works

Dual nebuloch boost alot of our damage. With Daresso's chest we don't take a huge degen. That's simple.


Molten strike with ancestral call will be great. With conversion and dual wildfire jewels we have great damage.
Another option - sunder. That will provide more endur charges stability but less damage.

Why juggernaut

With this option you will be not a standart juggernaut. Your charges will grants not surveivability but huge damage buff with onslaught and Nebuloch boost. Also, jugger have undeniable that grants us +1000 accuracy that's great for our overload boost.


I just started to leveling with this build, and will answer about it later. Right now, it's more theory

PoB link

All theory stuff is here - https://pastebin.com/Ei5B83Zy


In PoB link I used medium gear. Xoph's blood, dying sun and enchantment for molten strike is our endgame NOT necessary options


Armour: Over 20k without charges and 30k with
Damage: Over 250k without charges and 400k with in hit with molten strike and ancestral call. 50k each ball
Sunder over 500k damage
HP: over 5500
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Can you post videos mapping or doing a boss plz?
I'm doing a pretty similar build this league, because of this weapon ;D but at the moment I just have planned to go for 1 Nebuloch + Shield;

as countermeasure for the Nebuloch degen, i plan to go dual Kaom's way rings, gonna have 9-10 end charges in the end, thus getting about 4% lifereg per ring
So my core items will be: Nebulochs / Veruso's / 2x Kaoms Ways / 1-2 Wildfire Jewels; Xophs blood and Death's door as endgame items
PoB can't calculate extra proj dmg from Grelwood Shank
, so probably it's worth consider, i really liking that sword and it saves 2 skill points (PB and IR) in your tree!
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I was hoping the down side would be more manageable without heavy investment.
So the fire damage taken per endurance charge acts more like the degen from RF.

Leech with VP should net more hp per sec than the regen nodes.

The Magna Eclipsis elemntal agis wont reduce the damage if anyone is wondering
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good idea, but doesnt work. ive tested it. the degen is crazy
kurOsawa79 wrote:
good idea, but doesnt work. ive tested it. the degen is crazy

You have no degen, because when you hit - endurance charges expired with daresso's defience
My issue with Nebuloch on a jugg is we want to get hit the whole ascendancy is about taking hits. Our regen and leech are not the best.

Daresso's defience also removes the upside of the item. Sure you can make it work but Nebuloch is an easier fit in something like Chieftain totems.
hc viable?
Tecken1407 wrote:
hc viable?

That's theorycraft right now
build in progress

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