[3.1][The Volatile Poet] Smoothly cast Volatile Dead! Fast clear speed! Now with Uber Lab video!

Running a Hierophant perma IC version myself. However why do you use Spell Cascade after nerf?
I run Bodyswap+VD for mapping and change Bodyswap for Conc Effect on bosses.

I do however envy your movement speed and I cant belive you are that tough with 5.5K hp.
When I ran my your build as Inquisitor I got rekt in lab at lvl 86 with 7.7K hp
I have 7k life now! I switched to Kaom's Heart recently. I also forgot to upgrade the gem section post-helm-enchant nerf. They are now correct and show that I use Conc Effect all the time with VD, and with Unearth I use GMP and Cremation. No Bodyswap, I run around with great movespeed so I feel it's unnecessary. Also, I hate swapping gems for bosses!
Wyncote wrote:

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Decoy Totem

Since CWDT doesn't trigger totems, any other advice for the 4th link in this chain?
"Though evil endures, and legends don't die, the hero exists in a blink of time's eye"
This build is so much fun - well worth farming up for the poet's pens. Thanks for sharing it Wyncote XD

I'm using a lightpoacher at present, which adds to the pyrotechnics and damage.

I read your post Raligard and saw mine has an empty R slot there too. I'm using a golem now, because why not? I recoloured to B for a chaos golem (fire would work there too, or stone). I guess it'll stay low level because of the cwdt but every little bit?

Wyncote of course might have a good suggestion too.

Trying this out now, for now it feels like SRS on horse steroids. Loving it so far XD
has anyone tested this build against guadians, shaper or uber atziri?
Re: Decoy Totem and the CWDT setup: I leveled the Decoy Totem higher than the CWDT so that I could self-cast it in this setup. I just needed a socket for it!

If you have an empty red socket elsewhere, I'd move the totem there and then put a golem in the open CWDT socket like erdelyii suggests.

Re: Shaper, Guardians, and Uber Atziri: I have beaten Chimera and Minotaur so far with this character. I have not tried any Atziri yet because I think that the split phase, the mirror might kill me due to the reflect damage and the way Volatile Dead autotargets. I will tell you how Shaper goes once I get all the Guardians down. Elder Guardians are not that bad on any tier, though Elder himself is pretty beastly in red maps. Haven't been able to do that yet, though I have mostly been trying in a party and that makes him harder. The Guardians I did solo.

I'm glad that people are enjoying this build!

Thanks for the comments.
I'm loving this build! Adding Druidic Right and Primal Spirit to the build tree helps even more with the already insane longevity of utility flasks. I'm also using some utility flasks for extra survivability and damage when things start getting rough. My life flask is outdated and needs replacement, but here's what I'm using right now. The instant recovery on the mana flask is AWESOME with MoM.

"Though evil endures, and legends don't die, the hero exists in a blink of time's eye"
Goofing around with this build on Coves with my buddy on the line.


"Though evil endures, and legends don't die, the hero exists in a blink of time's eye"
Raligard, thanks for the info on your gear and flasks. Thanks for the video too!

I have updated the main post with some gear changes that I have made. I also tried Shaper, but this is the first time I've tried it ever so I was bad at dodging things! I think I just need more practice.

Stay tuned!

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