[3.1] Crit Volatile Dead Inquisitor - Cheap, 8k eHP+ Allrounder

Why This Build?


- Fast mapping on all layouts.
- Good boss killer (500k - 1m actual shaper/guardian DPS)
- Cheap (You can start mapping quickly with a 1c scepter.)
- At least 8k eHP (5.8k Life + MoM) at level 90.
- Zero required uniques.


- VD's mechanics mean you cannot react to threats the instant they appear.
- T10+ mapping can slow you down as your white mob DPS isn't absurd.
- Reflect maps aren't happening.
- Life sustain is entirely pot-dependent until you can afford a Catalyst or leech enchanted boots.
- Desecrate's cooldown can limit sustained damage output in long boss fights.


Level 90 Tree:


https://pastebin.com/qfk7yR5X (PoB Pastebin)

Kill Alira


5l/6l (Chest):

Volatile Dead - Spell Cascade - Elemental Focus - Increased Critical Strikes - Added Cold - Conc Effect OR Spell Echo OR Controlled Destruction

Conc Effect can be slotted in for bossing, Spell Echo can make mapping smoother if you do not have volatile dead's helm enchant, Controlled Destruction is a good middle ground.

4l (Boots, Gloves, Helm):

Summon Lightning Golem - Minion Life - Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance - Flame Dash

The golem is completely superfluous, don't summon him in chain maps or against chain bosses.

Desecrate - Spell Cascade - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge

Desecrate with Spell Cascade creates the maximum allowed corpses in one cast. Do not level Arcane Surge past level 7 to ensure it triggers after each desecrate cast.

3l (Scepter, Shield):

Shield Charge - Fortify - Faster Attacks

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration


Since this build has no unique requirements, you can go ham here. You must find some source of leech though - leech enchanted boots are the best solution, but any elemental life leech source & a mana pot can work too. The items below are simply uniques that you can use in place of rares if you like their mechanics or want more damage.



Carcass Jack, Belly of the Beast, Daresso's Defiance, Infernal Mantle, Kintsugi, Lightning Coil, The Perfect Form


Shadows and Dust, Maligaro's Virtuosity


Mutewind Whispersteps, Kaom's Roots


Hrimnor's Resolve, The Gull, Starkonja's Head


Ngamahu Tiki, Xoph's Heart, Bisco's Collar


Cyclopean Coil, Doryani's Invitation


Doryani's Catalyst


Eternal Life Flask OR Bubbling Divine Life Flask + Diamond + Quicksilver + Basalt + Silver OR Eternal Mana Flask
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Well...Sorry to say it, but sounds like you didn't play this build enough.

Con 1 - No curses.

Desecrate's cooldown can limit sustained damage output in long boss fights

Con 2 - Clunky corpses generation. Mind to add unearth spell totem with faster casting and gmp. You really want both unearth and desecrate. More corpses - more dps.

Life sustain is entirely pot-dependent until you can afford a Catalyst or leech enchanted boots.

1 - Warlords mark + blasphemy.
2 - Go for sanctify and pious path instead instruments of virtue and augury of penitence. It helps a lot.

Tip - use 3l cremation with controlled destruction and elemental focus for more damage on bosses and rares. Also, it's good option to keep spell totem alive.

Feel free to check my profile for another tips to improve your build. It's very comfortable and pretty safe to play.

Is pious path worth it for a crit build? I'm leveling up a similar character and it seems with how fast I shield charge around, I'd virtually never benefit. The DPS also seems substantially higher with the other Inquisitor path.
Ok, lets do some simple math here. Don't pretend to be true, but that's how I see things.

IoV tree gives us increased 34% cast speed and 40% damage.
AoP tree gives 10% increased damage and 16% increased damage taken by mobs. It's huge, yes.

PP tree gives 60% damage, 25% cast speed. Obv, it's lower.
But PP tree also gives 7% life regen + 6% mana regen per second, so its great amount of eHP regen for MoM builds. Also c-ground with PP gives immunity to shock and freeze. For me, it definetly worths.
I'm running warlord's mark + blasphemy, so I can just facetank some crap.

As for movement issue - today I solved it by brightbeak + some rare attack speed shield to offset. And binded switch to space button.

Also another tip - try GMP for cremation. It's really devastating =)
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What's the highest tier maps you've done?
I'm doing atlas step by step atm, heavy modded (95%) twinned t10 in atlas is the highest done, waiting for lvl89 and eternal lab (1 trial more)for finishing my passive tree.

Thinking about body armour to buy. Choosing between belly of the beast and impulsa's with vinktar.

I'm at 5.1k life and 1.45k mana right now. Belly ups it to about 5.7 or so, but impulsa's + vinktar give more clearspeed, damage and leech.
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Why not using spell cascade with VD?
valapy wrote:
Why not using spell cascade with VD?

I used it up to lvl 88 and changed my mind after I started red maps. On paper math, it's definetly good, but when you face mob with crapload of life, cascade becomes inefficient due to fast corpses consuming. Slightly less but stable dps w/o cascade feels better.
Without cascade there is a feeling like you miss smth, but it becomes ok later.
Overall, it's more pleasant, when 1 or 2 balls shatter the pack, than 6-7 balls hit mobs and some of them still stay alive.

Btw, updated my build after uber lab. Did some passive tree and skill setup optimization. Also, got inpulsa's. As long as I'm running c-ground regen tree, I dropped mana flask with immunity to freeze or chill for vinktar.
Clearspeed noticeably increased, damage is enough for easy running red maps for atlas. Did some 120+% and it feels ok.

I tried dual curse blasphemy setup, warlords+temporal chains. But I dropped chains for arctic armor. Besides AA, HoI is good too.
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I like it
I'm only level 79 so just starting to move into yellow maps. I'm trying to avoid consecrated ground nodes, but I'll see if I run into any trouble in red maps. Poxh and ZiggyD both seemed to make similar builds, so I'm hoping it can handle shaper and elder. Not sure about end game sustain right now.

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