[3.1 SC] Poet Shakespear's CoC Guide

Feruki wrote:
Which gem setup should I use when I wanna go for that build now?
The one in the gear section (DD chance to ignite ele focus & unearth gmp bodyswap), the one in the links section (Arc controlled destruction added lightning & bodyswap ele focus magma orb) or the one that ur character is currently using (Arc controlled destruction lightning pen & glacial cascade controlled destruction ele focus)?

A bit confused there. :/

The one I'm currently using with Glacial Cascade, will update the guide soon
ok so im 88 and doing this build. my question is how in the hell are you running 3 curses???? and boss damage is terrible and clunky with traps
Just tried this build out and its pretty awesome.

I´d just like to ask how you capped Fire+ Lighting resistence because you only have cold resi on your gear.Thx alot!

EDIT: Path of Building -> https://pastebin.com/hisMmJzs

Someone please check this out and tell me what i am doing wrong.I feel like the DPS is way too low.

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Yagamai wrote:
sqvirel wrote:
Yagamai wrote:
Haha this build actually works without Mana cost as you only need to use the default attack :)

Wait, so I'm NOT supposed to blast everything with KB?

Not while leveling then you use frenzy with faster attacks and onslaught linked from level 1 -> 38 and switch to a kinetic blast curse on hit setup in a tabula or 5 link.

Hello! This is very confusing. Could you add your changes to the actual guide?

Frenzy + faster attacks until level 38 is straight forward but after that?

Yes.. Can you please actually update the guide section? Reading through all of this is kind of confusing.
You put Rat's Nest as an alternate for the lightpoacher, but I got a bit confused as to what should I use on Rat's Nest aside brutality and life leech, could someone shed some light in this matter?
Haven't played since new year. Will update soon...
I have found that i don't need to run double curse, so i've gone down to the Templar's area instead and grabbed some life and elemental dmg.

My setup is also altered a bit, so instead i run:

Wand 2: Arc- Controlled Destruction- Unearth
Helmet: KB- Life on hit- Mult Projectiles- Ice Bite
Armor: Lvl. 12 CWDT- Ice Golem- Cremation- Volatile Dead- Desecrate- Conc. effect.

This way i seem to have fine DMG ouptut against bosses and the Unearth gives you the preferred travelpoint for bodyswap.
What's the point of going all the way to bottom to grab evasion to armor node? Is armor really that much better than evasion? I notice you're linking a 3.0 passive tree, that's probably the reason that you reach out for Revenge of Hunted, because that's where Vaal Pact was. Is Revenge of Hunted still worth it or should I spec toward new VP location?
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I took the time to gather all the required gear and skills, but was wondering if u got any further within the build. since the last activity here was long ago.

the gameplay sounds interesting, hoping to hear from you! thanks

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