[3.1] Video up! MoM Detonate/Volatile Dead Trickster! (Great league starter!)


For those who followed this build from the beginning, this build has been overhauled. But dont worry! The transition is very easy and wont cost you $$$ except for a few Chromatics
See changes below!

Hi! So, this is the build i have been playing on Softcore Abyss league. Alot of experimentation has been done, and i think that i have finally come up with a finished build.

I am nowhere near a professional, and i have never done shaper, guardians or uber atziri. Mostly due to the fact that i get tired after playing the same build for too long. But so far this build has achieved:

Uber Itzaro

Red maps
Abyssal depths and 2 of its bosses



T11 No Regen Primordial Pool - I linked Life and Mana leech to Cremation, so i could sustain myself. Almost died to corrupted blood since im a noob :)

I see most are going for Inquisitor. While Inquisitor probably gives you abit more DPS from Inevitable Judgement, Trickster gives you better defense (evasion, mana regen), power and frenzy charge generation and more speed overall. If you really want to, i guess you could use this exact tree and go for Inquisitor or Elementalist if you wish

Pros & Cons

+Defensive (MoM, Evasion, Leech)
+High Damage
+Frenzy and Power charge on kill
+Cheap, no mandatory uniques
(altough a few recommended)
+Great mana and life sustain
+Generates Power Charges reliably on bosses
+Very active playstyle
+Cost effective
+LOTS of explosions!

-Mana hungry build (No problem for Tricksters though!)
-Not immortal. Heavy physical hits and DoTs can kill you if they get past your defenses.
-Not reflect immune
-Relies on corpses to deal damage
-Active playstyle. Not your typical 1 button build

Leveling Guide and Bandits

Short guide on how to level
1-10 Use frost blades linked with (what ever you want) and pick up lesser multiple projectiles and Spell Cascade when available, by level 10 after killing Brutus Pick up Unearth, Clarity and and start leveling those gems

10-12 Run straight to The Cavern of Wrath, picking up the waypoints on the way there, and head back to down and pick up Volatile dead. By now you can start using Volatile Dead - Spell Cascade plus Unearth - Lesser Multiple Projectiles!

12-16 After defeating Merveil, head towards the Chamber of Sins. Pick up Herald of Thunder and Herald of Ice. You will be using both of those for awhile

16-20ish - Head towards the Broken Bridge and kill Kraityn. After that you go back to down, head down to The Riverways, pick up the waypoint and follow the path leading to the Wetlands. Kill Oak, pick up the Waypoint by the cave and head back to the Riverways. Run down to The western Forest and do "The way forward" and "Sharp and Cruel" quest. After that you pick up Elemental Focus and Controlled Destruction and link those to Volatile Dead. Feel free to pick up any other gem you want aswell.

20-28 Once you done "The Root of the Problem", you can pick up Desecrate and use the links Desecrate - Spell Cascade - Faster Casting (-Arcane surge). After killing Vaal you head to act 3. Just do the quests as normal. By level 28, you pick up Cremation from the "Sever the Right Hand" quest. Link Cremation to Concecrated Effect and Power Charge on crit - Elemental Focus (In 3 link, leave out Elemental Focus)

By now you should be able to handle yourself. My recommendation would be to pick up Stone Golem in act 4.

Usefull tips:

Dropping down Cremation by a decoy totem melts most things.
Precast Volatile Dead and Cremation if you know where the enemy will be.
Vendor magic Sceptre + ruby ring + alteration orb gives you a sceptre with +1 Fire gems!

***You can spec into jewel sockets any time you like, it all depends on if you find some nice ones early on***

20 Points

40 points

60 points

80 points

100 points

121 points

Ascendancy & Bandits
Swift Killer - Weave the Arcane - Ghost Dance - Shade Form

Help alira. The crit multi and mana regen beats 2 skill points any day. Also 15% all resists helps capping alot aswell.

Detonate Dead vs Volatile Dead

You do have two choices for this build. That is Volatile Dead and Detonate Dead. For general mapping i prefer Detonate Dead. Reason is because i feel it clears faster, and the single target damage is insane. I use Volatile Dead only for Labyrinth (not Itzaro fight).

Detonade Dead links

Detonate Dead - Elemental Focus - Spell Cascade - Spell Echo - Fire Penetration - Concecrated Effect OR
Controlled Destruction

This is what i use. Its both great for clearing and bossing.

Volatile Dead links (3 versions)
There are 3 version for Volatile Dead. You can try them out for yourself since it does not require colouring and they are great for each their own use!

Version 1 (Highest potential DPS)

Volatile Dead - Spell Cascade - Elemental Focus - Fire Penetration - Spell Echo - Concecrated Effect OR
Controlled Destruction

Version 2

Volatile Dead - Spell Echo - Elemental Focus - Fire Penetration - Controlled Destruction - Concecrated Effect

Version 3

Volatile Dead - Spell Cascade - Elemental Focus - Fire Penetration - Controlled Destruction - Concecrated Effect

Spell Echo + Cascade does in fact do the most dps, assuming you fire 18 balls in total (no helmet enchant). But you can go with whatever feels the best!

Corpse Generation

Desecrate - Spell Cascade

Unearth - Spell Totem - Greater Multiple Projectiles

You can go with only one of those, but i highly recommend going for both. Desecrate is great for general clearing, while Unearth shoots corpses by the feet of the boss, wich turns into huge bursts of damage when detonated

Other links
Cremation - Great Multiple Projectiles - Power Charge on crit - Fire Penetration
This is your Power charge generation on bosses

Cast when damage taken(level 7) - Immortal Call (level 9)

Cast when damage taken(level 1) - Warlords Mark (level 1)

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify


Stone Golem or Flame Golem or Lightning Golem

I highly recommend socketing Grace into an Essence Worm. It ups your evasion rating by alot.

My Current Gear setup

Cloak of Defiance and Doryani's Catalyst is BiS. Reason, 10% extra damage mitigation beats a life roll any day, and Doryani's high elemental damage is unrivalled, for the price that is. An extremely well rolled crit-spell damage dagger would surpass it though.

Helmet Enchantment
Detonate Dead has a 45% chance to detonate an additional Corpse. It "double dips", explanation below

If you have spell echo linked to Detonate dead, even the "free" cast gets a chance to detonate another corpse. Its the same with Spell Cascade, wich can explode up to 3 additional corpses. Combine those two, and you could potentionally explode 8 additional corpses. So in total you get 6 + 8 = 14. Its not very realistic though and rarely happens.
I have tested this and i can prove it if someone claims im wrong.

I am not sure wich enchant to use for Volatile Dead, after the nerf on the enchantment..

Soul of the Brine King and Soul of Yugul

I am not sure what to use yet, but this is what i use for now, for stun immunity and reduced reflect damage

Path of Building Link
Gear in PoB is mediocre. Not added any resists to them. Only thing that might be "too good to be true" is the Jewels.

THE LINK IS OUTDATED! will update soon

Path of buildingdfgdf does NOT show Shade Form's 20% cast speed. If you simply hover the mouse over at walk the aether node, you see how much DPS shade form gives you (in this case ~20k dps)


1.0: Updated PoB Skill tree and gems.

1.1: Added Ascendancy order and bandit rewards.

1.2: Added Leveling and Pantheon Section

1.3: Updated Gem links

1.4: Updated guide

1.5: Updated Skill gems

2.0: Whole build overhaul

2.1: Added video
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Dont have too much time to play due to studies. I just beat act 5 Kitava @48 and did Lab @33. It was super easy. 0 deaths so far. This is my League starter, and i have done zero trading to get my gear. All is selfound. 0 uniques, so i suppose this build is SSF viable.

I picked up MoM and Swift Killer for the frenzy / power charge generation. Next 2 points will go into Weave the Arcane. Build is very tanky due to MoM and shield charge linked with Fortify, and does huge damage.
Im using 2 four links

Volatile Death - Spell Cascade - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction

Cremation - Power charge on Crit - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction (Conc effect probably better)

I found that using Orb of Storms for Power Charge generation on bosses is just clunky. We already have 3 spells to cast frequently (Desecrate, Volatile Death and Cremation), so having to recast OoS every 6 sec or so is a real pain in the ass.

Current skill tree @lv 48

I went for the crit nodes first, before heading over to MoM and Templar area.
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I'm going to try your build. Thanks for sharing it :) Sound very fun
I'm going to try your build. Thanks for sharing it :) Sound very fun

Thank you! Its fun indeed.

Lv 63 at this point. I had one death, wich was simply bad play by me. Just hit act 5 and had bad fire resistance. I didnt move away from the lava pool spawned by the Unique Monster in Mud Flats..
Else i got to say that the build is doing incredibly good. Great dps, great survivabilty, altough manuall dodging is required (easy with shield charge though).

There are a few bosses i always have a death or two against while leveling, but not on this one. Dont know the names but its some of those that puts these heavy dots on you.

I bought myself a
. Changed around my links abit. Nycta's Lantern gave me more dps on volatile Dead rather than having it on a 5 link. So thats one great budget option!

I just hit act 9. Gonna keep you updated!
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I just enter in act 5. before cremation, i have a little trouble with boss. I really enjoy the lvling.

i will try the Nycta. Atziri's steps could be a good boot for this build ?

I just enter in act 5. before cremation, i have a little trouble with boss. I really enjoy the lvling.

Glad you're enjoying it! I haven't had any troubles with bosses, even before Cremation. What links are you using?

i will try the Nycta. Atziri's steps could be a good boot for this build ?

This build is flexible to use what ever you like! Altough the boots are nice for some additional spell dodge, you lose a potential mana roll. So both pros and cons on it. Off colouring might take quite a few chromes though. My build does not use more than 1 green gem in each skill section. If you were to use Unearth + GMP, i would socket it in the boots.

Hi ! i'm 52 atm and i love it. i'm not a hc player so i'm not afraid by death :D

Nycto is really good for lvling. Actually i invest less than 40chaos ( tabula/ 2 Nycta/ some lvling unique/ essence worm).

I trying a cwdt set on tabula. It's a "lvling "Yolo build" for sure.

Maybe i'm in a wrong direction, tell me !

(I'm french, yes.. )
Hi ! i'm 52 atm and i love it. i'm not a hc player so i'm not afraid by death :D

Nycto is really good for lvling. Actually i invest less than 40chaos ( tabula/ 2 Nycta/ some lvling unique/ essence worm).

I trying a cwdt set on tabula. It's a "lvling "Yolo build" for sure.

Maybe i'm in a wrong direction, tell me !

(I'm french, yes.. )

Great to hear that.

I did not quite level the way you did though. All i have invested is 1 chaos for the Nyctas. Im using a shield with shield charge - faster attacks - fortify. Fortify seriously ups your toughness ALOT, and shield charge gets you out of sticky situations easily, and you breeze through content more quickly combined with a quicksilver / silver flask. Im only using a cwdt - immortall call, both being lvl 1.

I personally dont see much point in dual wielding two nyctas. I would go with 1 Nyctas and a shield if i were you. Either having volatile dead socketed in it, or 6 socketeing it in your tabula. Up to you though!

Have fun :)
i use two nycto for cremation and volatile dead. I going shield/fortify for sure for mapping/endgame.

On tabula i set : Cwdt 3 /immortal call/vortex/phase run/molten shell/flame dash

On 4l : cwdt 2 /body swap/summon flame golem/desecrate

bizarrely it's work ( for now)
Trying this build as a leaguestarter.

If I could recommend a qol feature for the guide it would be a regular tree link.

Most newcomers will have no clue what pob is or how to open that link.

So if you're trying to pupularize a fun build meeting newbies needs would improve your visibility alot.

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