SonicSunder is a build that lets you leap slam at sonic speeds everywhere while being able to easily survive all end game content with budget gear. This build has a perfect trifecta of tankiness, clear speed and DPS. This is a very versatile build where it can dish out massive amounts of damage, while also being budget and beginner friendly enough to be a HC/SSF/League starter.map ino2

Now, what makes this build different to other sunder builds?

1) 20+ attacks per second = VERY VERY FAST + STUN IMMUNE (drawback of sunder being slow is a thing of the past)
2) Tanky - Easily survive all guardians
3) DPS & Clear speed - Dual wield 2 minute phoenix runs with 7 frenzy charges 1M+ DPS with permanent onslaught
4) Uber lab/atziri farm viable because of fast attack speed easily dodging atziri spells
uberlab highscore
My current uberlab high score: Top 200 of dec 18 uberlab (out of 8703 people)

If i had an SSD, I could've shaved a few minutes off.
Imo this build is top tier for uber lab farmers. Don't care about traps, able to facetank izaro while super tired at sonic speeds. With slayer overleech and brass dome, it's nearly impossible to rip.
Other stats
1) League starter & budget friendly, SSF/HC viable (Can replace any unique with a rare)
2) Tank shaper hits with brass dome, uber izaro, uber atziri and all guardians
3) Beginner friendly, only needed active skills are sunder and leap slam
3.0 Videos

Disclaimer: These are 3.0 videos, 3.3 videos should mean faster clear speed and more DPS, but less survivability (although chimera is still a piece of cake, especially the smoke phase)

Heyu'S videos
[3.0] Deathless shaper (tanked beam/balls) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc0XUV5Jux0
[3.0] T16 Phoenix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2blCwrd-Xc4
[3.0] T16 Chimera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNFmoM-aLz8
[3.0] T16 Minotaur https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqOzgpbsZUo
[3.0] T16 Hydra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APjLsqUiX_A&t=4s

[3.0] T15 BeachHead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me86Ow8IlEM
[3.0] Chayula https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vkiRuWgTSs
[3.0] Xoph https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV5bLQYO4Oo&t=75s

hi10203040's videos

[3.0] Uber atziri (similar build): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZXvF3uUD1Y
Recommended gear/Gem links
Refer to levelling guide for what I personally used to level. If you can't afford any of the luxury items, you can just down-grade, no big deal. The uniques without good implicits/enchants are pretty cheap even early on into the league.

You can have a full set of gear for less than 100c, with a 5 link belly/brass dome/tabula (i used tabula until lvl 95 until I six-linked my own brass dome, I recommend tabula over 5 link because I'm tanky enough).

For mapping and first character ez profits with fast clear speed for a budget character:

Rare helm (3c), Tabula (15c), rare amulet/rings (5c each), soul taker (20c), princess/tempestous steel (1c), kaoms roots or rare or darkray vectors (2c), belt of deceiver (1c), insanity gloves (20c), Jewels (2c each)

That's 89c, which should be enough to carry you to t15 maps.

Budget flask options
My Current Gear
3.0 berserker gear
Gear I had for races
[3.0]Turmoil, played 6 days, pushed to 96, top 160 players in ladder
[3.0] Mayhem, played 2 days (BUDGET)
Took less than 2 days to get to lvl 90 in the 10 day mayhem race. I gave all the gear away, but I managed to link some gear before the character was cleaned out:

Passive tree
passive tree: http://poe-profile.info/profile/xcise/SonicSunder

(gave away all my shit to guildies, jewels are gone, you can still see the passive tree though)
How i leveled
Interestingly, I used brightbeak all the way to t10 with abyssus and the same rings/amulet. The high amounts of flat phys made it easily able to clear t10 maps.

I just spammed t10 shaped dunes until lvl 90. Unfortunately, the only brass dome on poe.trade was 150c, so I had to 6L a belly. I actually didn't even bother to do the uber lab ascend, didn't need the 40% more damage.
Most expensive gear was:
Belly cost me around 200c of fusings and the chest itself (bought at 1:3)
Soul taker 180c (bought early, so was expensive)
Three insanity essences, 40c each, ended up with a pretty crappy glove

Ended up giving around 1,000 chaos worth of gear in around 13 hours play time. Didn't really need the bismuth flask, but I didn't really need a basalt flask either since I wasn't dying much.
[3.0] Harbinger (LUXURY)
Current gear and skill tree (Changes depending on whether i am farming uber lab/atziri/shaper/guardians/beachheads - http://poe-profile.info/profile/xcise/

Beachheads are OP in 3.0, profitable + easy leveling.

(Special note, staunching flask is for corrupted blood, pretty much the only real danger in harbinger)
For regular mapping, change the staunching silver flask into a silver warding flask or overflowing chalice. If you are still using a tabula, consider using a silver curing flask, because porcupines + poison on hit damage over time will hurt a lot unless you have high armour (which then it'd tickle).
(Around 1M DPS, around 6.1k life (don't need much life for beachheads) but high clear speed gear. I use this gear and setup for pretty much most maps tier 15 and under. You can replicate similar gear to mine if you have at least 6ex to buy an enlighten(4). Rest of the gear is replaceable with other rares/uniques, but you need an enlighten(4) to run Poachers/HoA/Hatred without spending three passive points on charisma reserved aura node.
Gear cost for me

Main gear
Crafted, 60c (Currently in the middle of crafting better gloves)
Crafted, 80c
Crafted, 2ex

Crafted, ~20 alts
Crafted. ~40 alts
Lucky drop
Bought, 1c

Bought all of these for around 3ex each. Took a long time to find good deals.

With two bonus cheap temporary jewels for int/res/ias

Passive tree/ascendency

Ascendency: Brutal Fervour -> Headsman

Should be able to tank most bosses with enough life leech (slitherpinch or leech on rings/amulet)
Kill all for passive points
Use Ryslatha if you're running uber lab.
Uber lab
- Pantheon: Soul of Solaris + Ryslatha
- MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT USING ABYSSUS, this guide does not recommend abyssus any more.
- Biggest threat is the spinning gear traps on the ground if you don't see it. With brass dome, you should be able to leap over the anti-mobility totems without taking much damage.
- Izaro is a joke, just pop flasks, health flask when he hits a big hit, keep fortify up, totem and then facetank to kill. Enduring cry is optional if you have low life. 5k+ life is recommended, else you'd need to dodge one shots.
- With traps, I just pop all my flasks and leap slam through. Since the green circle anti-movement totems do physical damage and we have so much armour with lion's roar flask + iron skin flask affix + granite/ToH+brass dome, it won't do much damage.
- Brass dome, basalt + iron skin + lion's roar will help. ToH is nice, but you can replace that with a seething divine flask of staunching.

Should be able to facetank at around 5k life, optionally using enduring cry and pot both before and after big hits for ez facetank
For Minotaur/Chimera, I recommend taking abyssus off, because abyssus causes 40% more phys damage taken.

Phoenix/Chimera is the easiest to survive.

Because Phoenix has a -50% fire res debuff, you'll need to be 50% fire res overcapped.

Chimera video [3.0]: https://youtu.be/KNFmoM-aLz8?t=92
Minotaur with 7k life [3.0]: https://youtu.be/UqOzgpbsZUo?t=145
Phoenix [3.0]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2blCwrd-Xc4
You can even hard mods with 3 endurances with enduring cry
No video yet for hydra, but there will be one up soon.
Stats for shaper: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Shaper


Remember: Shaper will not use yellow balls if you are in melee range.
1) Cast blood rage and Ancestral protector to make sure both are up during the fight
2) Leap slam straight onto shaper to apply fortify
3) Cast enduring cry whenever the timer on your endurance charges drops low in duration
4) If Shaper uses shaper slam, pop Lion's roar, life flask + Taste of hate
5) If Shaper uses shaper beam, leap behind or to the side of him
6) Pop Overflowing chalice on mobs (optional)
7) Make sure you place the vortex balls outside or on the perimeter of zana bubble

Gear change possible possible suggestions (ordered in priority)

Flasks I use for shaper:

- Arcic armour instead of Herald of Ash (for tanking shaper's slam)
- Warlord's or purity of ice instead of blasphemy
- Enfeeble instead of poacher's mark
- Pris. eclipse + belly instead of Brass Dome + shaper offhand
- Whirling blades instead of leap slam
- Quicksilver instead of basalt/sin's
- Move speed bots instead of kaom's
- Optionally replace Sin's rebirth with atziri's flask for more DPS

- If you are having trouble with the mirror, then make sure you deal no ele damage. Replace Hatred with haste, blasphemy with purity of fire or lightning (atziri deals both fire and lightning), herald of ash with arctic armour and replace shaper offhand to another that only deals chaos damage, or prismatic eclipse. If you deal only phys and chaos, you won't take any reflected damage. The fight is still do-able by attacking far away from the mirror, but is a lot harder.
- The rest of uber atziri is quite easy, just make sure you have brass dome and a lot of DPS and you can safely kill everything else.
- You'll have to dodge a lot of spells, so make sure you have internet and frame lag.
Path of building
Luxury optimised gear lvl 100
With luxury gear:
- 7495HP with belt a belt of the deceiver
- 7795HP with a headhunter
- 3429hp/s overleech
- 2.44M DPS (3.0M DPS with 20% slayer culling)
- 7951 armour
Additional information
Permanent attack in place
Be sure to use attack in place when using sunder! It will make your life a lot easier. Click the icon then click "Always attack without moving"
Map Mods

Careful of ele reflect, you'll have to replace offhand with pris. eclipse, replace hatred/HoA with determination and arctic armour or something, or just link sunder and possibly leap slam with the brutality gem, and trade hatred/HoA with haste/arctic armour.
No life leech is do-able, I've done T15 shaped siege map with no leech. With brass dome and flasks, porcupines is no problem.
Try running these map mods when you level, with double beyond maps which has abaxoth which might be a bit rippy.
Levelling guide
Why Leap slam is better than whirling blades?
1) So much more satisfying jumping into packs and getting fortify buff.
2) If you have a fast main hand and slower offhand, leap slam will be faster.
3) Since most of your jewels and passive nodes will increased axe attack speed/damage, it will make leap slam go faster than whirling blades.
4) Leap slam can jump over some obstacles!
5) Leap slam is required for minotaur, in order to apply fortify. Whirling blades will make you move too far away, making Minotaur burrow. It helps with dodging things with uber atziri / shaper as well, because leap slam is more precise.
How do I sustain my endurance/frenzy charges?
Poacher's mark, The writhing jar, Blood rage, warlord's mark and enduring cry.

If you are still having trouble (For bosses), try this:

1) Replacing poacher-blasphemy with warlord's-blasphemy
2) Replacing something in the CWDT 4 link with enduring cry and self-cast
3) Make sure you're not using immortal call.

At the moment I only use blood rage and poacher's mark for frenzy charges, but putting frenzy instead of culling strike into your leap slam 4 link is a way for permanent maximum frenzy charges.
Is it really possible to reach 9k life and 7M DPS?
Yes, these are some of the maximum outputs I've reached with mirror gear in PoB. This build is very versatile. Every piece of gear can be replaced by a rare (except flasks and offhand). Reaching 9k Life and 9 endurance charges is possible, so is 7M DPS with mirror gear.

To clarify, it's not realistic numbers, and it's also not going to be optimal setups. I currently map with around 1.5 mill DPS. I don't need any more than that while mapping. I currently get around 1.5M DPS on PoB on white mobs in PoB with decent gear.

You should aim for 1.5mill when mapping and 1mill on guardians for around 10ex worth of gear (including the expensive brass dome 6L)
Set looks pretty nice even without MTX!

https://i.imgur.com/HQezAnG.jpg 2.2M tooltip DPS in a beachhead!
Leave a comment, or join us at our discord channel: https://discord.gg/RuE95zP
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Slayer time. Bump.
I'm not that pro in this game. So going for crit would it be a wise choice for me especially in the league beginning?
Mutasyon wrote:
I'm not that pro in this game. So going for crit would it be a wise choice for me especially in the league beginning?
No, crit is expensive, since soul taker only has 5% crit chance. You will need a good rare or atziri gloves if you want to go crit. With soul taker, you can reserve 100% of your mana, which is very good.
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What are your thoughts on using brightbeak vs. a good rare axe before obtaining a soul taker?
glee_ wrote:
What are your thoughts on using brightbeak vs. a good rare axe before obtaining a soul taker?
Brightbeak for faster clear speed in low tier maps (1-10), rare axe for DPS.

Early on in the league a rare axe will be too expensive, so I suggest Brightbeak. If you get a 250+ pDPS + 1.8APS+ rare axe, then I suggest using the rare. Up to personal preference, But I personally prefer the brightbeak for faster leap slams (also don't need to bother buying/identifying rare axes from lvl 20 until soul taker)

Why abyss helmet when u have Resolute Technique note?
Froztmorz wrote:

Why abyss helmet when u have Resolute Technique note?

Adds 40 to 60 Physical Damage to Attacks Gives a ton of damage, and 40% debuff is not that bad on maps. For real fight (bosses) change to rare helm with life.


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₩hy did you move to Slayer from Berserker?
heyu wrote:
Froztmorz wrote:

Why abyss helmet when u have Resolute Technique note?

Adds 40 to 60 Physical Damage to Attacks Gives a ton of damage, and 40% debuff is not that bad on maps. For real fight (bosses) change to rare helm with life.



Ty alot.

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