3.1 - Necro BV MoM Uber Lab (Budget to Endgame) The Queen of Blades

Hello, my name is DonTheCrown and this guide is going to cover the build that I used to farm Uber Lab in the start of Abyss League.

Please note that I will be spending the majority of my free time playing the game and streaming for the first few weeks of the league so if you have questions please stop over by the stream or post on the Build Discussion channel in my Discord server and I’ll be happy to help right away.

Note: You should likely use a 5L or 6L chest with shield until have Kaom's Heart!

When deciding on this build I looked for something that meets the following requirements:
Levels Fast
Doesn’t need any uniques to do maps
All uniques needed are both common and cheap
Can do Uber Lab / Atziri safely with very little gear
Damage and survivability scales up well with gear

If you’re looking a Berzerker version of this build you can find my Zerk BV 3.1 guide here. Personally I found the Necromancer version to be incredibly strong and reliable. I’m thinking about trying it out in HC.

This guide is broken into sections:
Videos - Watch the build in action
Build Breakdown - What's this build all about
Links / Pantheon / Bandits - What I picked
Gearing this build - What type of rares to get here
Leveling - how I leveled the character
Starting Uber Lab - where I was skill and gear wise when I started the lab
Endgame Gear - what to get to make this build really shine


Build Breakdown

This build is designed to be a boss farmer that can complete a lot of boss content with little gear. This build also scales well with gear so the survivability and boss killing speed gets better over time. I was able to successfully complete a max key uber lab as soon as I unlocked in uber lab this league (~17 hours due to waiting to find trials). This build is designed mostly around farming Uber lab; however, would also function great as a boss clearer to complement a fast clearing mapper.

When you think about Uber lab you really have two separate specialties: killing Izaro / Argus with a low chance of failure and moving through the lab as fast as you can. We use two weapon sets to achieve these goals

+ Leap Slam-Faster Attacks - Fortify to navigate the lab.

How I landed on this build
3.1 The War for the Atlas and Abyss League brought a lot of substantial changes to the meta and Instant Leech builds were all greatly nerfed by these changes. As someone who had started the last four leagues (Essence / Breach / Legacy / Harbinger) with Vaal Pact Blade Vortex builds, to remarkable success, I was worried. War for the Atlas also completely reset the atlas system and I wasn't confident that I would be able to accurately predict and adapt to the new meta in a profitable way the first week. (The first week of a league is the best time to make money) Because of these factors I wanted a build that I would be comfortable bossing with right off the bat. Atziri is generally always profitable the first week and is a reliable source of character experience. Uber lab likewise is always profitable and with the changes in 3.0 is likely too profitable. Lastly, farming shaper and the other new bosses can be a great option early on. To this end I went and tried out my old Berserker build without Vaal Pact but wanted to try something different.

Links / Pantheon / Bandits


Main Damage
Before Pledge
Blade Vortex - Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction - Increased Critical Strikes - Concentrated Effect ~ Increased Critical Damage ~ Added Fire (in that order of importance)
If you doing a boss where you’ll be able to setup and do burst damage you can drop Spell Echo as long as you are desecrating and using Flesh Offering
After Pledge
Blade Vortex - Controlled Destruction - Increased Critical Strikes - Concentrated Effect ~ Increased Critical Damage Added Fire (in that order of importance, put this in Pledge of hands!)
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Maim (jump on things to make them take more damage)
Hatred (This must go inside Essence Worm ring)
Decoy Totem (level up as much as possible and put wherever there is space)
Cast when damage taken (1) - Bone Offering(8) (29 / 28 Block / Spell block is really good )
Cast when damage taken (1) - Warlords Mark (1) - Immortal Call (1) ~ Vortex (1) (these keep you alive and lets you leech)
Flesh Offering
Find a spot for this, this helps a lot.
Power Charges
Power Charge on Crit - Orb of Storms ~ Increased Critical Strikes(if space allows)


For lab I always used:
Soul of Solaris to help smooth out any slippery big hits from Izaro
Soul of Ryslatha for free flasks back, the rest of the pantheon doesn’t really help you all that much.


I helped Alira because at the start of a league the 15% all resist is a massive help.

Gearing this build

As a Mind over Matter user we want to make sure that we have at least 43% of our max life as unreserved mana. (Supporting math found on wiki)
In order to maximize our survivability without breaking the bank we are going to use Aurumvorax at first. This will give you 40-60% all res (don't break the bank going for 60%) which is a big deal! In order to be resist cap you need 135% in each of the 3 elemental resists, so 405% resists. Since Aurumvorax is going to provide 120-180% of this (~42%) then you're free to buy rares with higher Life/Mana but crappy resists. These items will be SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than rares with high Life and high resists, let alone ones with Life/Mana and high res.

Stat Priority on Rares
1 - Maximum Life
2 - A single elemental resist (any resist you're not capped on)
3 - Maximum Mana
4 - Chaos resist (we don't need a ton in the lab)
5 - Extra resist

oh by the way you need a good amount of Dex (151/155/159) for level 19/20/21 Blade Vortex.

Please note that only Energy shield bases will have Mana on them. Armour and Evasion are generally worthless for this build, don't bother stacking them on your gear. Until you have pledge of hands you will likely not have enough mana to cover the Life * .43 ratio. IF you are over on mana without Pledge then you're likely low on life.

Side note: Amulet / Ring
You can score a LOT of resists on a single piece here. I would generally start with a medium life, HIGH res ring and amulet. Then eventually move towards an amulet with more damage mods, you can get the following on amulets:
Global Crit Multi / Global Crit / Spell Damage / Cast Speed

Leveling / Passives

You'll likely need gear that has DEX on it in order to level your gems smoothly, although taking nearby +30 DEX nodes is okay. If this is your first character of a league you may need friends / the market in order to obtain gems. Otherwise, if you have completed the gem vendor quest in Act 6 you should purchase the following:
Required Gems

- Blade Vortex (quality is nice here)
- Bone Offering
- Flesh Offering (really good for leveling)
- Haste (use this to level until you start to feel the pinch for damage near the end of A9)
- Hatred
- Added Fire (Only witches don’t get this)
- Controlled Destruction
- Concentrated effect
- Increased Critical strikes
- Increased Critical Damage
- Spell Echo
- Cast When Damage Taken x 2


Ascendancy Order

I started with Mistress of Sacrifice for the insane leveling speed. Next Commander of Darkness (make sure you’re running an aura and not just heralds. Third Spirit Eater. Lastly Beacon of Corruption will give you some nice chaos res and bump your Atziri’s flask damage a bit.

Fancy Leveling Gear

None of this is required; however, these will add to your leveling ease if you have a base of wealth.
[[[TABULA RASA]]] - easy links are always nice
[[[GOLDRIM]]] - solid resist hat
[[[AURUMVORAX]]] - often underrated, this sword is amazing at fixing your resists when you are broke. I started farming the Uber lab with one of these in each weapon setup to fix my resists for both combat and travel.

Starting Uber Lab

When you start Uber lab I would recommend at least being level 70 and having a 5L Blade vortex (Level 19). Decoy totem and a spell linked to Culling Strike Support is also EXTREMELY helpful at this phase. Make sure the rest of your gear has life and mana with a bit of resists. Aurumvorax can carry a lot of the resists (especially if you buy a good roll) so you should be able to buy higher life + mana items than normal since the resists will be middling. Generally, before I do my first Uber I'll do a test Atziri run or two to check the damage and survivability.

Once again I cannot state how important Decoy totem is when starting off the lab. With proper decoy totem use, its possible to take barely any damage with Izaro, don’t try to just face tank him. Our first and primary defense layer is that Izaro is busy walking over to decoy while we burn him down.

My gear was roughly:
and a bunch of junk rares.

I think these are some of the rares:


- Helps a lot on traps
- it pains me to use this BUT mana is also life and being out of mana is the WORST
- Lots more Crits
- Some more damage
- This is great, blinds anything in the 'cloud' that is created when you use it. This makes Izaro have a 50% chance to miss on top of any other defenses you have.

I would highly recommend ignoring Argus and skipping/bypassing extremely rippy Izaro mods (Charges|Conduits|Essences|Gargoyles are generally more dangerous). I would also EXTREMELY recommend hitting as many Darkshrines (that are somewhat reasonably easy to get) since they are always positive now and can give you permanent shrine mods that can make the lab a cakewalk. (e.g. 100% crit, take no damage)

Endgame Gear

Final Tree
As I farmed Uber lab I slowly upgraded some of my rares until I could drop Aurumvorax and then started using another cheap weapon:

This weapon is underestimated in a big way. For our build, we'll get mana for MoM, spell damage, and Culling Strike on spells. This will free up a slot from dropping Culling Strike Support. Eventually I 5 linked a:

and bought a

and switched to these items. This gave me about 2,000 effective life because of the big bumps in both life and mana. Also, you can drop Spell Echo Support and add Increased Critical Damage since Pledge automatically grants you a Spell Echo(lvl 30) for anything in the staff.

At this point you should be able to comfortably defeat any Uber Izaro combination with a little bit of Decoy Totem tactics. If you want to keep improving your gear, in case you want to go farm harder bosses, you can get better rare items, maybe even a fancy shaper/elder item.
My Final Rares

Thanks for reading my guide! This is my first full length guide so feedback is appreciated! If you want to catch me live you can find me at: www.twitch.tv/donthecrown

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Going to be trying one of your builds for labs this season.
What are the pro's and cons of picking Witch over Berserker, anything besides the Vaal pact stuff?
Lunarsz wrote:
Going to be trying one of your builds for labs this season.
What are the pro's and cons of picking Witch over Berserker, anything besides the Vaal pact stuff?

For me zerker was always great because of the leech you would get. Without instant leech it just doesn't have enough layers of defense to feel godly. Necro on the other hand can get insane levels of block, like with a Rumi's I will be over attack block cap. Depending on how Elder/Shaper rares shake out I could see myself mapping with a max block necro using The Surrender to regain life like mad.
The Surrender with Pledge of Hands? What about echo and mana problems?

Love the Starcraft reference
raider op
jvlinh wrote:
The Surrender with Pledge of Hands? What about echo and mana problems?

Love the Starcraft reference

I wish, but no with maybe a REALLY nice 3 gem weapon (adds 3 supports) you could switch to shield charging through maps. Thanks, it just seemed to fit.
This looks very nice, really had me thinking if i should roll this over a standard slayer sunder character for uber lab early in the league.
both are good options and I'd generally recommend starting with what you're the most comfortable with. If you have any questions I'll be around.
Thing is i played sunder and sunder leveling characters a lot for the past few leagues. So i think ill try this one out as i enjoy BV mechanic, and with the extra duration from Ascendancy it won't be a hassle to keep it at higher stacks.
dont like it.
you got a skill tree map?


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