With less than two weeks until the War for the Atlas begins, today we're showcasing some of the unique items and divination cards you'll soon be able to find.
The Long Winter joins the ever-growing roster of threshold jewels designed to bring low-level skills (Glacial Cascade in this case) up to high levels of power. This jewel achieves such a feat by both increasing the overall range of Glacial Cascade and converting some of its physical damage to cold. With two of these, your Glacial Cascade will be dealing purely cold damage.

While you wouldn't thumb your nose at a pair of gloves with built-in Faster Casting and decent amounts of both Life and Energy Shield, it's the bottom mod that is certain to draw critical-strike-based casters to Kalisa's Grace. Maximising how often that mod is in effect is sure to be a tricky but rewarding balancing act.

You may recall Vix Lunaris, a shield shown off in a previous unique item preview. Invictus Solaris is Vix Lunaris's fire-themed counterpart, providing the Fire Aegis skill instead. Once you have discovered their source, which of these two shields you obtain will, to some extent, be up to you!

Alongside these (and many more!) items, we are adding the following divination cards:

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