3.1 PANZER TANK Gladiator Max Block 78/78 Crit Varunastra Aegis 2 Curse, UberAtziri/Shaper/Chayula

What is the unbuffed/buffed attack speed? Your pob screenshot omit that by a few mines in the left column.
Builds : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1813247
Challenge boss kill services : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1814668
Song name :P?
Strykie wrote:
Song name :P?

Cola by camelphat


More uploaded vids of guardian kills.
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What is the unbuffed/buffed attack speed? Your pob screenshot omit that by a few mines in the left column.

Hrm you can just import the build link into POB and see those easily for yourself :)
Uber atziri down on the first try, not deathless stood in flameblasts every time but no deaths against trio and vaals, deathsdoor used to prevent dying to bleed.
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stormyknight wrote:
Fenex wrote:
stormyknight wrote:

one of them is disabled but sure :) the other link is for mapping and not conc when not bossing. the 7link would be 6.6m dps :)

Right... except it wasn't disabled. /facepalm

You seem a bit simple my friend so i made you a picture so you can use your eyes instead of your brain to work it out.


5.2m with the gem disabled...

7.29m with your imaginary 7 link enabled...


Its ok dude, everyone makes mistakes now and then... but you seem to keep making them....

You are right, everyone does make mistakes. Which is why you edited your POB link and are pretending it was correct. Not that difficult to just say "oops, fixed it!".

And since you clearly need help...

-Your Vengeance gem should be power charge on critical strike. You have a 22% chance to be hit and then a 40% chance to proc Vengeance... are you able to do the math on that?
-Your ancestral protector gem should be faster attacks.
-Drop Molten Shell (who the hell even still uses that...) and put your ancestral protector there, if you insist on using it at all.
-Why the hell are you using Enlighten... put the ice golem there and replace ice golem with increased duration.

This is "simple" stuff btw =)
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Uber atziri content uploaded
Nice Panzerkampfwagen IV you've got there. :D

Here's another one.

ps, I added the build finally to the list. :D

as a little tip, try to mention the used skill earlier. I needed to check your gear to get which skill you use.
You also should mention early that this is an standard build. Sure its possible to build in a templeague but not with the same strength.


█▀▀▌ █▌█▀▀▀ █▀▀▌█▄░▌
█▀▀█ █▌▀▀▀█ █░░▌█▀▌▌
█▄▄▌ █▌█▄▄█ █▄▄▌█░█▌
With nerf of vaalpact this build not die?

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