We're about halfway through the ten-day Turmoil Event and we're very pleased with how many of you are competing in this event. We've already seen many excellent video highlights from people's experiences so far and wanted to share them with the broader community!

We hope that you're enjoying the events as much as we are! Be sure to catch the action live on Twitch!
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Grinding Gear Games
cool stuff
"Gratitude is wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk." Rumi
US Mountain Time Zone
badass dude
I had no interest in participating.
I'm on hiatus from POE atm. I just can't stand to do act 10 again.
lol le epic frog reee meme haha xd!
No one cares about standard. It's literally a recycle bin, just press empty.
Hell Yeah
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens

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