[3.8] BRO, DO YOU EVEN SUMMON? Skeleton crit Hybrid Dark Pact BOSSKILLER

-millions of dps with affordable gear (10mil with 3-5ex budget shouldn't be a problem if you follow my guide right)
-can run any combination of any map mods
-interesting mechanics
-cheap to start with
-good league starter
-decent clearspeed
-great delver (depth 1000 achieved)
-doesn't rely on flasks
-pretty tanky

-maxing your gear may sink some currency

3.8 Path of Building
Some things you should keep in mind when working on your char in PoB:

-check 'Do you use Power Charges' window [Configuration]
-set 'is the enemy a Boss' at Shaper/Guardians [Configuration]
-set '# of Intensity' at 4 [Configuration]
-set Wither stacks at 15 [left side panel]
-set Dark Pact at 'Cast on Skeleton' [left side panel]
-check all your flasks [Items]
-check 'Show Minion Stats' window [Calcs\Summon Skeleton]
-manually type in Skeleton Life value into 'Skeleton Life' window [Configuration]
-manually multiply Total DPS value [left side panel] by 3 (by 4 if you have a Gloomfang) to get the real value of your dps

Power Charge rare wand Hybrid Life + ES Occultist (current one):


23.2m dps
23-42 DP radius
15% attack block (no Rumi's)
38 mana cost of DP
Profane Bloom
+1 Curse and can apply them to Hexproof monsters

Power Charge Void Battery Hybrid Life + ES Occultist:


28m dps
23-42 DP radius
15% attack block (no Rumi's)
38 mana cost of DP
Profane Bloom
+1 Curse and can apply them to Hexproof monsters

Offering rare wand Hybrid Life + ES Necromancer:


25m dps
21-40 DP radius
62% attack / 45% spell block (with perfect Rumi's)
42 mana cost of DP




3.5 SHaper 1 second kill






Your videos:

If you have a video of you playing with my build and want it to be featured here, let me know! However, I don't know yet if I want to put here every single video you submit or just the selected ones.

3.5 Elder Armoury MF run:

3.5 Delve depth 1000:

3.8 Gems and links


Chest: [Dark Pact + Intensify + Spell Echo + Void Manipulation + Concentraded Effect/Increased Area of Effect + Energy Leech]

Helmet: [Summon Skeleton + Minion Life + Arcane Surge + Empower]

Boots or Gloves: [Blasphemy + Temporal Chains] [Flame Dash] [lvl 1 Precision]

Boots or Gloves: [Phase Run + Vaal Righteous Fire + Vaal Discipline + Increased Duration]

Weapon: [Wither + Spell Totem + Multiple Totems]

Weapon: [Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call] [Vaal Blight]


Chest: [Dark Pact + Intensify + Spell Echo + Void Manipulation + Concentraded Effect/Increased Area of Effect + Energy Leech]

Helmet: [Summon Skeleton + Minion Life + Arcane Surge + Empower]

Boots or Gloves: [Blasphemy + Temporal Chains] [Flame Dash] [Vaal Discipline]

Boots or Gloves: [Phase Run + Vaal Righteous Fire + Vaal Blight + Increased Duration]

Weapon: [Wither + Spell Totem + Multiple Totems]

Weapon: [lvl 1 Cast When Damage Taken + lvl 1 Desecrate + lvl 1 Spirit Offering]

3.8 Gear

This build can be using many various items. Some of them are more and some are less important and expensive. Here is some clue for you:

Watcher's Eye - not required but very nice for the ES recovery. 'Es on spell hit' alone lets me to stay stil into the Delve darkness without using a flare as long as I'm hitting some moderatly sized group of monsters. You might buy one when you are at mid 90s'.

Void Batteries - not required but they will boost your dps to the roof. You might buy them if you are playing as an Occultist and grabbed all Power Charge nodes on your tree and have done the Uber Lab.

Gloomfang - required for the endgame. It will be your only source of life leech. Also +1 chain equals 33% MORE damage (there is no better amulet in the game for that purpose). Buy it when you hit maps and feel that life flask alone no more is enough for life sustain. It may be expensive early in a league since it can only drop from Elder Guardian.

rare Shaper ring with 'mana gain on spell hit' - necessary. Buy it when you 5L your Dark Pact. When you 6L your Dark Pact you may also need flat mana reduction crafts.

rare Shaper ring with 'life gain on spell hit' - not required but it negates 'life lose on hit' from Gloomfang. Buy it when you become more afraid of dying due to hitting a group of monsters with proximity shield / 'allies cannot die' aura - most likely at mid 90s'.

rare Shaper ring with 'Assassin's Mark on hit' - not required. Along with Profane Bloom It will improve your clearing. You might buy it if you want to clear maps faster as an Occultist.

Brinerot Flag - it's 1c item just buy it. As an Occultist it will help you maintaining Power Charges. As a Necro it will be probably your only way to generate them. It's like having a free damage boost.

+3 Minion gems helmet - not required but it gives a damage boost. Since it has a restriction of at least ilvl 86 it's a bit expensive. Just use +2 helmet until you have more currency.

Empower Support - same as the above. Buy lvl 2 or 3 until you can afford lvl 4.

Your Gear doesn't have to be multimod crafted like mine. If you are playing on a league you should be able to buy similar gear for a less cost than multimod craft.

If you want to craft gear by yourself, use Essence of Fear or Pristine/Dense, Bound and Aberrant fossils.

Secondary slot setup has multiple uses. Any warcry socketed into Brinerot Flag gives you 2 Power Charges. Wand with a 'Trigger socketed spells when you use a skill' craft lets you use 2 spells at 1 cast. Cold Snap spawns chilled ground and it slows down enemies and generates Frenzy Charges if they die while standing on it. Abyssal Cry makes that Porcupines don't throw out any spikes on death. Enduring Cry gives you Enduring charges and life regen. Let's be honest, nobody is going to cast it before every monster pack but it may be helpful before some hard encounters like Syndicate, between Uber Elder phases or when delving. Just cast it once before the encounter to gain Frenzy and Endurance charges for a few seconds. Rallying Cry may help you with mana sustain if youo have a problem with it.

General advices if you don't have much currency:

-don't buy Empower lvl 4, buy lvl 3
-don't buy neither +1 curse Gloomfang nor curse on hit ring. Curse on hit setup is mostly a luxury for better clear and this build is strong enough without it
-use rare wands until you can afford 2 Void Batteries

3.8 Offering Necro Hybrid Life + ES:

4th day in a league:

12th day in a league:

1 month in a league:

3.8 Occultist Hybrid Life + ES 2-curse gear

Secondary weapon slot:

3.6 Life 3-curse gear

Secondary weapon slot:

3.8 Tree and levelling



Occultist (Void Battery):

Start with any of the skills available from the begenning like Freezing Pulse, Arc, Volatile Dead or Firestorm. At 28 get the Dark Pact gem.

Start off with a right side of the passive tree in order to get enough dexterity to use Phase Run as soon as possible. Life nodes are the highest priority. If you are playing as an Occultist start picking power charge nodes at around lvl 85-90. This is also the right time to get Void Batteries and Brinerot Flag. If you are playing as a Necro start using Flesh Offering as soon as you're done with normal lab. You will switch it to CWDT + Spirit Offering later when you need more survivability.

With Clarity and a few mana regen mods on your gear you should be able to sustain the mana cost of 4L Dark Pact without mana flask. Later when you 5L or 6L your Dark Pact you will need 'mana gain on spell hit' ring along with '-# to mana cost' crafts. Dark Pact deals a lot of single hits when it chains off of the skeletons and this gives us a luxury to not sacrifice our ES by Eldritch Battery for mana sustain.

Here is the list of key skill gems you should know when to pick as a Witch:

-Dark Pact (requires lvl 28, available from act 3)
-Energy Leech (requires lvl 31, available from act 3)

-Summon Skeleton (requires lvl 10, available from act 1)
-Minion Life (requires lvl 18, available from act 2)

-Wither (requires lvl 10, available from act 1)
-Spell Totem (requires lvl 8, available from act 1)

-Flame Dash (requires lvl 10, available from act 1)
-Phase Run (requires lvl 34, available from act 6)

-Faster Casting (requires lvl 18, available from act 2)
-Increased Duration (requires lvl 31, available from act 6)

-Temporal Chains (requires lvl 24, available from act 3)
-Blasphemy (requires lvl 31, available from act 3)

3.8 A bit of theory

We are casting Dark Pact on our skeletons therefore sacrificing their life to damage our enemies. We can sacrifice our life if there are no skeletons summoned next to us but it would drain our hp pool pretty quick. Also dps is higner if we use skeletons.

We scale our damage with investing into crit multiplier (it has to has either 'global' or 'for spells' label to work), cast speed, minion life, spell/chaos/AoE damage, Power Charges and crit chance (also with either 'global' or 'for spells' label only).

Maximizing damage on bosses - some bosses in PoE won't get activated until we get close to them. We can use it at our advantage. Things we can do before activating such boss:

-summoning Skeletons a few times to proc Abyss Jewel cast speed bonus
-casting Cold Snap under boss's feet slowing it down
-activating Vaal RF
-pllacing Wither Totems
-pre-casting Dark Pact for a while to make all 4 chains overlap as well as get 4 Intensify stages
-casting Vaal Blight just before activating a boss

3.8 Ascendancy

Necromancer is easier to gear up when you don't have a lot of currency. But whith 10-20ex budget you may decide to go Occultist and you won't be disappointed. Higher damage along with Profane Bloom will make you breeze through the endgame content.



3.8 Bandits

Help Alira

3.8 Pantheon

Major - Soul of the Brine King. Choose your minor depending on a boss you gonna fight against.


Exile: I'm dying too much on higher maps.
Me: Try to get as much life and strength on your gear as you can. Take all life nodes and jewel slots on Passive Tree as early as possible. Put life jewels into that slots. Use Temporal Chains, Phase Run, Warlord's Mark, Cast When Damage Taken setup and Vaal Blight. Pre-cast Cold Snap on bosses before they activate to slow them even more. Swap out Spell Echo and put Faster Casting into your 6L to prevent being locked by casting animation.

Exile: Which gems use for 4L/5L?
Me: You should always check it in Path of Building. As you progress, certain supprt gems become more or less effective than others (e.g. Power Charge on Critical is pretty useless at the begining of your adventure, but it becomes really powerful once you have picked all +1 Power Charge nodes on a tree and you have 2 Void Batteries).

Exile: My dps is't satisfying.
Me: Show me your gear and Passive Tree so I could help you.

Exile: I'm confused what scales my dps the best.
Me: It depends on your current gear/tree. Let me quote my representation when I was having 8.4mil dps and my skeleton hp was 15210:

10% increased spell damage gives me 100k dps.
10% increased cast speed gives me 330k dps.
10% increased crit multi gives me 190k dps.
10% increased crit chance gives me 44k dps.
10% increased minion life gives me 218k dps.

It may vary depending on your current gear, e.g. if your crit chance is low then crit multi won't be that effective. Or if you maybe have low cast speed, any cast speed modifier will be godlike for your dps. You should always import your char into Path Of Building and compare all increases there.
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Thanks for listing Kwitch! I have added Uber Atziri fight and Gorge full run.
Good stuff.
⚡ Lightning Golems:
⛄ Ice Golems:
Hi this really looks like a fun build and one I want to test for next season when my Harbinger chars move to standard.

Just wondering how you feel about its mapping speed? From the Gorge run video it looks a bit slow when it comes to mapping.

edit: Just found out about the VP nerf, ouch!
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Hey! I'm not a big fan of fast clearing but you can self-cast DP if you want to make it faster and use skeletons once you reached to the boss. However, VP changes will push us now to use skeletons in most encounters I think. I messed a bit into PoB yesterday and made a CI concept of this build based on fast ES recharge and that's how I'm gonna probably play in upcoming league. I don't know how reliable would self-casted DP be without insta leech. I'm gonna play the current variant of my build on Mayhem HC to enjoy the last days with current VP mechanics and I recommend you to do so if you want to try that one ;)
I have something like u, but in video u kill much easily despite my items are a bit better. I think its because of Onslought and Sulphur flasks. Vaal Clarity which allows u to fire from distance and dont aggro helps a lot too.

I do with Power Charges 160k dps (without golem and Arcane Surge`, 7 Poweer Charges), hp is 4.8k and minions hp is almost 7.9k. 5.5k hp when minions life 6.8k.

I like idea of Vaal Clarity as mana is problem if out of leech range.

Main problem is with aggro: exile aggro instead of minions almost all time; while outside of curse range(?), minions are usually attacked first (but this theory fails if something is shooting out of screen like spiders, harbingers totems, demons..).

I was using Lightning Warp, but its really bad if have to play in range of aggro. Maybe if Vaal Clarity is present than Lightning Warp can be more useful. But maybe I just lack of skill, but its not Whirling Blades and even Flame Dash is faster.

Problem with this build is mainly that skeleton do almost no aggro, u have to press too many buttons to start shoot, u fire stationary with possibility of not leeching and can be under fire while dp is "casted" from minions. Heavily flask dependent. Sustain of Power Charges is also tricky.

But hey, at least we gave a try..

I have another Dark Pact on Scion totems and is much better overall: better hp, better dps, better dodge, no flask dependent at all, but lucky flask is useful, much faster clear speed, and much better survival ability overall.
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Rexeos wrote:
I have something like u, but in video u kill much easily despite my items are a bit better.

That's a bummer to read, your damage looks like it should be even better than the video with your gear, which should more than compensate for the flasks you mentioned.

You aren't using Vaal Summon Skels for bosses, are you? That seems like it would totally tank your DPS as DP dmg is based off skel life, and lvl 24 skels + lvl 24 minion life has to be a gigantic boost over unbuffed VSS.

I was considering this build so hopefully the OP can weigh in.
Is 7 your maximum number of charges? I have 9 max and 2 charges more = 108% increased damage with my setup. Also flasks make a difference indeed as well as the boot enchant. The rest of your gear is comparable or better than mine. I think the biggest difference could be into your passive tree.

I don't have any problems with exiles either meele or ranged ones. I sometimes find regular monsters more dangerous when one of them comes close to me in a very moment I just spawned my skeletons a few meters away and I can't attack it until skeleton cooldown expired. I keep Vaal Clarity mainly to always have a possibility to spam DP while keeping a distance from any danger. Atziri's Promise does its job when it comes to leech from an out of curse range.

I have started playing with this build when it was already levelled which resulted with dps being good enough that I didn't have any issues with having lightning warp as my movement skill. But if I played it from scratch Flame dash would be a better option if it comes to sustain longer boss fights and mechanics avoidance but it actually all depends on the content you face. While Whirling blades is being a top tier movement skill, it cannot be used with void batteries. You can use Brightbeak in addition to the Brinerot Flag and Whirling Blades into one weapon slot for fast clearing and Flame Dash with Void Batteries into another and swap on them only for bosses and that's something which I also probably should consider when I will be playing at the next league.

To be honest my build is not flask depentend and I could do all the endgame content without flasks. After a few days of playing with DP I have already got used to its playstyle and now I can minimize the risk caused by bad skeletons placement.

The thing with power charges sustain is that you always gonna call a warcry when they are about to expire. I have no problems with it but I understand some players may find it uncomfortable.

I don't like totem playstyle but I have to admit that totems are indeed really strong and safe option. I bet most of HC players gonna play DP with totems on the Abyss League especially after the Vaal Pact changes.
i can't view any of your gear or anything

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