[Tool] POE-sniper, a cross-platform PoE item sniper with a user friendly UI


poe-rates.com has been added to the whitelisted domains, I therefore have to stop serving whole API chunks through websockets since this goes against the whitelisting idea. Since this is the current way Poe-sniper is working, this also means that I have to retire poe-sniper, at least temporarly, until I use the same serving method used on poe-rates :: live. In the mean time, please use poe-rates :: live instead.

Hi everyone,

I would like to present you POE-sniper, an indexing tool I have been working on for quite a while.


Make sure to have an unlimited connection plan and a good bandwidth since the tool downloads currently around 1.5 MB of JSON data every second.

The tool now fetches chunks from poe-rates through web sockets to lighten the load on GGG's servers: chunks are downloaded once from the official servers and served to the clients.

Mandatory screenshots

Feel free to check the official website for additional videos.

Filter mode

Underpriced mode

Groups and filters with price stats and community site links


This tool lets you run live searches by parsing the latest item data from the Path of Exile API. The main benefit of this tool compared to poe.trade live search is the ability to centralize and save searches within a single window.


Here is a short 5 min video showcasing some of the features of the tool :)


Here is the set of features currently supported:

  • Find underpriced items for each leagues
  • Create item filters based on various criteria:
    • Type
    • Armor/Shield/Evasion values
    • Affixes
    • Amount of links
    • Sockets (total and R/G/B/W)
    • Item level
    • Item tier
    • Gem XP%
    • Quality
    • Corrupted/crafted/enchanted/identified
    • Rarity (including non-unique)
    • DPS (Total, Phys)
    • League
    • Price
  • Import your poe.trade searches (see video)
  • Show price stats of similar items appearing on poe.trade
  • Search on poe.trade using your filter criteria
  • Links to poe.trade, poe-rates.com and poe.ninja search as well as the official wiki
  • Notification support (both visual and sound)
  • Contact sellers by clicking on an item entry or toggle automatic copy to the clipboard
  • Item price recommendation based on poe.trade
  • Blacklist support (see video)
  • Filter categories (see video)
  • Mod group support (NOT, IF, SUM, COUNT, WEIGHT, AND)


The app is written in Node.js and packaged as a native application using the Electron framework.

How it works

The tool starts by fetching the last change_id using either the poe.ninja or poe-rates.com API. Chunks are then downloaded from the Path of Exile API with gzip compression into memory. Each item in the chunk is compared to the filters created by the user and, should it match the criteria, displayed in the tool.


Feel free to browse the sources and download one of the last releases .

Have fun :)



  • [FIX] Fixed issue where sockets/item types would show up undefined, preventing the search to work correctly


  • [NEW] 3.1 content update (new maps, gems, uniques, abyss jewels and belt)


  • [NEW] New notifications providing the same UX for everyone!
  • [FIX] Fixed bug where unique explicit would not be found


  • [NEW] Web sockets are now used to send chunks from poe-rates.com to the clients in an effort to save GGG's bandwidth
  • [NEW] Support for upcoming elder/shaped items
  • [FIX] Item affixes update


  • [NEW] Filters now have icons to be able to distinguish them easily


  • [NEW] League menu is now populated on restart (just restart the tool when a new league comes out and it will be available)
  • [FIX] Fix for poe.ninja API change


  • [FIX] Poe.trade import was broken due to a change in the mod formatting
  • [FIX] Visual notification delay settings were overwritten back to default on mode change


  • [NEW] Filter using ranges (<, >, <=, >= and X-Y).
  • [NEW] Filter using mod groups (AND, IF, COUNT, SUM, WEIGHT, NOT).
  • [FIX] Fixed corrupted filter option which stopped working after API format change
  • [FIX] Fixed crafted and enchanted filter options which were not working


  • [NEW] Categories: It is now possible to group items in categories. Group operations include changing the league, the price (either by a fixed value or by a percentage), currency, buyout and clipboard copy for the whole category. Filters can be placed into categories through drag and drop and pulled out using the opposite operation. Custom colors can be attributed to categories.
  • [NEW] Blacklist: You can now prevent target player accounts from showing up in the result list by pressing the hand icon near an item in the result list. A popup will appear to let you type the optional reason why you are blacklisting that player.
  • [NEW] Added a lot more unique affixes to the tool
  • [FIX] Program would crash when a custom affix was entered
  • [FIX] Elemental damage properties were sometimes incomplete
  • [FIX] Fixed update dialog scroll issue

Releases & Changelogs
Want to check out the price of your items? Check out http://poe-rates.com
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Want to check out the price of your items? Check out http://poe-rates.com
Surprised this hasn't gotten more attention, are people using this tool? Has anyone checked out the source code? Seems powerful.
gibtuck wrote:
are people using this tool?

About 50 people a day according to Google Analytics. You can see the download stats for the different versions here: http://www.somsubhra.com/github-release-stats/?username=licoffe&repository=POE-sniper
Want to check out the price of your items? Check out http://poe-rates.com
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Seems like search with b/o selected not works – for example i choosed Belly of the Beast for 3ex in HC, but poe sniper shows in results 3.5 ex each ones. Also when i import poe.trade link with price (for example same Belly for 3ex or lover) when i press poe.trade link in your app it shows all items by searched criteria but no price – showing all bellies with any price not only under 3 ex. What i'm doing wrong?
Last edited by Singerality on Dec 7, 2017, 10:57:33 AM
Could you send me the poe.trade search link?
Want to check out the price of your items? Check out http://poe-rates.com
I had to say "Live long and prosper", man. You are a magician.
somehow for me its not showing any result. i tried several generic items to test, non of them are displaying any result. any ideas on what i did wrong?
Same problem here, it just stopped parsing stashes, I already PM'd about issue to creator.
Hi everyone, sorry for the issues lately. It seems that there were connection leaks preventing me from opening new connections and sending the chunks to everyone.
Want to check out the price of your items? Check out http://poe-rates.com

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