Xbox One 3.0.3 4k Update

That feature does not work for what he asking about, if you are online when the update is available you will be forced to do it then and there before you can play the game again which happens to be during his evening time. That feature you described is solely for when you happen to be playing another game at the time that allows background updates of other games and when the console is in instant on mode and you are not using the Xbox.

Talk about passive aggressive.

You clearly assumed a lot based on your response.
Are you aware exactly of his time zone? Also the times he actually played and the exact time the update became available in his time zone? I very much doubt it As he never stated it was while he was playing the game! Yet you choose to criticise my attempt to help.

So i took it to mean he does not have auto updates on, and therefore tried to help, yet you decided to denigrate what I tried to do which was actually help, an a typical response from people on here which is quick to criticise and very slow to actually try and help someone who may not even know the feature is available. Hence my comment was based on others on here who decided their sole input following his post was to put a sarcastic remark, systematic of an ever growing belief that people have the right to feel superior and get to belittle or denigrate on forums when people actually post because they need help!

Maybe you should take more time putting helpful things not criticising!

Talk about criticism and pedantic.

Okay, there is a certain disdain here for the Xbox players.
So many things missing and no GGG position.

Where are my package titles I bought here in the forum?

We have to search for hours for a single jewel in the trade market because we do not have filters ...

And the support ignores the emails with these problems as we are ignored here in the forum.

But okay, we have 4k running on a console yet to launch. Great!
Xbox Version - Half game.
I keep trying to play on my computer but i keep getting the download now sign.. I can log in thru another account and it puts me into the game easy
How many players are there on the console version?
My apologies to all
The following is a stupid complaint about a minor inconvenience.

Hey, why do you guys gotta patch on the weeknights? Weeknight time is precious and fleeting. I only have like a few hours to play tops. It would be better to do this on the weekend when I have a lot more time overall during the day.

BTW, I'm really enjoying the game. Keep up the great work! I might consider getting an Xbox one X... But then I'd need to get a new TV... Crap. I'm not sure if I want to open that can of worms right now.

Either way, thanks for supporting the Xbox folks!

Dude are you high on something? Do you think everyone lives in your timezone only? There are 23 more timezones besides your meridian.
Will it play in 4K on One S or just the One X? I can't afford to upgrade my console and the S is supposed to support 4K as well....
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Will it play in 4K on One S or just the One X? I can't afford to upgrade my console and the S is supposed to support 4K as well....

Xbox one s only supports 4k for streaming and UHD Blu-rays.

Games get the benefit of HDR (if your tv supports it) and a very small bump in performance over the original xbox one. That is all...
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krilovich wrote:
I honestly can't wait for a few quality of life updates to come to xbox.. like trade board filtering and some social stuff.. in many other games you can find peoples xbox profile and send them a message.. or you can invite to game :( im stuck playing this alone on xbox 95% of the time

AGREED! Also, I would like to see a better party system implemented. Love the game and complexity, would love to run with someone.

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Now fire pixels in 4k !
whoaaa useless updates while the game in litterly crap on xbox rubberbanding cant use movement skills without auto targeting mobs, use movement skills to fast u rubberband back 30 secs i mean cmon man now this crap with 4k and xbox x crap u havent even fixed it for xbox one why waste everyones time with this crap

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