It's October 31st here in New Zealand and about to become Halloween for the rest of the world too! This means that there's only a few more days to grab the Bleeding Eyes Helmet Effect, Devil Horns and Spiderweb Cloak! To celebrate this spooky occasion, we've collected some secret tidbits about Path of Exile and our development history to share with you! While many of you may know that Chatters was named after a laundromat that Chris frequented in early development, did you know that Rat Cage Unique will sometimes squeak if you take fire damage?

  • Some of the Chaos Warband Renegades are named in anagram form after our design staff. Lokan, named after Nick Kolan. Vessider, named after Carl de Visser. Berrots named after Mark Roberts. Marchak after Rory Rackham. Morgrants after Daniel Armstrong.
  • The new Rhys of Abram unique monster that was introduced to Act Six in The Fall of Oriath is named after one of our senior game designers, Rhys Abraham.
  • The new voice actor for Silk also played Haleth in the Lord of the Rings: Two Towers when he was much younger.
  • The voice actor for Dominus also played Solonius from Spartacus.
  • Many of Path of Exile's voice actors have also had a role on Power Rangers which is filmed in New Zealand.
  • Bestel's character is based on the New Zealand poet, Sam Hunt.
  • The voice actor for Izaro, Michael Hurst, was also the famous sidekick, Iolaus, from the Hercules television series.
  • Chris Wilson voiced Krillson, Master Fisherman. Some of the dialogue recorded has not yet been triggered in-game.
  • The Innsbury Edge unique sword is named after Innsmouth and Ashbury from Lovecraft stories.
  • Whirling Blades was originally called Blade Flurry and most of the in-game files still reference it as such. Then we introduced Blade Flurry which was originally called Charged Attack. This occasionally causes the staff a huge amount of confusion.
  • The wand Twyzel is named after the town Twizel in New Zealand.
  • The Beyond demon, Haast, is named after the town Haast in New Zealand. The demon is ice- and cold-themed as this town is an extremely cold place.
  • The Handmaiden monster was originally named as a joke since it's modelled as a servant girl with huge arms, but it stuck.
  • If you try to open the Tree Roots in Act 2 without the Baleful Gem and Maligaro's Spike you'll receive a haiku in response.
  • The "Static Shrine" text is a reference to Depeche Mode.
  • The Unique Decimation Bow, Infractem, is an anagram of "Minecraft" and was designed by Minecraft's creator, Notch.
  • The Perandus monsters in the Perandus manor are all named after metals with some pseudo latin thrown in to mask it a bit: Platinia, Auriot, Rhodion, Pallias, Argient, Rheniot.
  • Chatters was the very first boss monster back in version 0.2. Back when we first implemented the random dungeon generation system we had a 9-level dungeon using the Vaal Ruins tileset and Chatters was the boss at the end.
  • Hargan used to live in the Act 2 town. This was before Act 3 existed and while Act 2 was still under construction. Back then he was called, "Placeholder Quest Guy".
  • Many of the Rogue Exile names are anagrams. The Rogue Exile, Torr Oglosso, is loosely named after Erik's second two names: Tore and Olofsson.
  • If you take fire damage while wearing the Rat Cage unique, it has a chance to make a squeaking rat noise. This was originally a dormant mod that was added back during Torment League but it wasn't until sometime during the Legacy League that the mod was activated. Even versions that existed during Torment will now occasionally squeak.
  • There's another item that currently exists with a dormant mod. The Arakaali's Fang dagger has a mod that grants "increased damage while you're a spider".

By the way, there's only a few days left to grab your Halloween Microtransactions before they leave the store until next year's Halloween. The sale will end at Nov 02, 2017 9:30 PM (EDT) (This is displayed in your local time.) Check them out in the store!.

Thank you so much for your support!
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Cool :)
Rat Cage Unique Helmet?

Hehe quickly fixed :P.

Some cool little facts here though! This stuff is always awesome to know/find out.
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you guys missed an opportunity making a pumpkin SRS MTX
Very cool bits of info thanks bex also will you guys ever have events for like christmas,easter,halloween and such? like have decorations around the towns and quests for themed skins? would be awesome but probally a lot of work
"Chris Wilson voiced Krillson, Master Fisherman. Some of the dialogue recorded has not yet been triggered in-game."

Fishing hints detected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahahaha Krillson.

I hope there will be new fishing rods in next league.

Dang, quite the interesting post!
Bring back the hand pet next yr please!!
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