In 3.1.0 we're planning to improve how the Lightning Tendrils skill gem functions. This includes small changes to its mechanics and a major change to its visuals to make it feel more intense and powerful.

Since we introduced the channelling system, Lightning Tendrils has felt out of place as it uses the channeling animations but has a fixed length spellcast with four hits. This confused a lot of new players. Many also felt that it was unintuitive that you couldn't change direction while casting.

The new Lightning Tendrils is a channelled skill, letting you smoothly change directions to take out enemies in different directions and halt casting at any point. The skill deals more damage every fourth pulse, making it more reliable and powerful for long sustained casting against tougher foes. Each cast can be channeled as a short burst which is perfect for taking on weaker enemies while remaining mobile.

The visual effect of the skill will also been updated so that tendrils of energy are sent directly to enemies in its area of effect. It will also frequently shoot tendrils to its maximum range, letting you easily tell where it does damage. Here is a video of the skill in action:

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at long last, gg
Inundated with cockroaches, I am - labyrinth rework ideas/suggestions
looks nice
what a time to be alive
cool. when does it go live?
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is it actually going to do that much damage in pheonix** or you lyin'
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Woah... this looks cool!

So now we have

3 fire channeling:
- Scorching Ray
- Incinerate
- Fireblast

3 lightning channeling:
- Charged Dash
- Storm Burst
- Lightning Tendrils

.... and still no cold channeling.
*Would like to play CwC with cold skills...
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damn. now i have to do a lightning tendrils build. also please apply those lightning fx to the other lightning skills with very outdated fx (did someone say ARC?)

edit: also, is there any way we could get that skill BEFORE 3.1.0 (which is after harbinger has ended) and i believe it would a) bring back some players that are "done" with harbinger already (for various reasons) and b) would give you (GGG) the possibility to gather telemetry data for adjustments. PLEASE? :)
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This is amazing! Thank you!!!

Making all kinds of gains.
nice cool and fresh

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