[3.2] "Lady of Rain" - Ubber Lab farmer - starter and VERY cheap (20 chaos at max).

Its friendly, starter and cheap but... is a totem build :P

About the build

Idea of the build - Do a great damage and end game content with a little amount of chaos (20 at max) - You will not need to give your soul for a Tukos shield;

I did ubber lab at 67 with no issues (all rares but 2 required itens with normal quality gems).

Important info

Im at 90 - around 350k dps - I lost some dps after use Remorse shield couse i saw tha survival potential of the build - 50% chance to block, 6700 life, 58% physical damage reduction and 590 life regen per second. The skill tree with all changes after Remorse is updated as well :) - So, After 70 i really recommend you to use that shield XD

Goods and Bads


-You can do all content;
-Its easy to lvl;
-Its cheap even with better itens;
-The dps and movement control is amazing.


-Usually ppl dont like totem builds;
-Minotaur map is a pain in te axx;
-You have no uses for power charges.

About gear

The uniques required:

The Bringer of Rain;

You can check my character in Harbinger League - Nancybreaker (by clicking in Avhalla) - to see what im using atm.

My Gear

About leveling

After get the Facebreaker you will use Ancestral Protector and will try to get "Ancestral Bond" passive fastest you can. After that wait for Ancestral Warchief and be happy. Start your ascendancy with Chieftain couse you will only can use the bringer at 67, so theres no reason to start as Hierophant. I can assure you: your totens will do the jobs you need until you complete the build.

Bandits and Pantheon

Help Oak;
I recommend Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Ryslatha.

About Skill Tree on 90




OBS: For some reason it doesnt count the ruthless (just the passive quality from ruthless) and chieftain bonus (since your totens are active almost full time) - so your dps is a lot more and your life regen is a little bit more - you will see for yourself. And finnaly - the pastebin shows a little bit less life than i really have.

About the ascendancy choices

Hierophant will give you 1 more totem (just it);
Chieftain will give a lot of bonus to you and your totens.

"Oh, but i will lost the power charges because i dont crit!" - Deal with it :P

About gem links

Helm: Added Fire Damage Support - Ancestral Warchief - Concentred Effect Support - Ruthless Support;

Shield: Fortify Support - Maim Support - Shield Charge;

Gloves: Enfeeble - Tempest Shield - Increased Area of Effect Support - Cast on Damage Taken.
OBS: I never care about the lvl of CDT;

Boots: Cast on Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Molten Shell - Summon Flame Golem;

Final observations

If the Scion dont change on the next patch the build will not need changes.

I hope you like and enjoy the build - Comment if you have ideas for changes.
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Lioneye's Remorse shows the best performance for the build - i tried Great Old One and the dps is a lot better but Lioneye's Remorse is a lot but a lot better for the playstyle. I changed my gear not for a cheap version like at the beggining and some ppl in Brazil asked me why not concentred effect against increased area effect. Well, is just for your safe. CE gives you 12k dps more and it means with Ruthless and 3 totens around 80k dps more (im at 78 atm). So its just a choice, not a requirement.
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I changed my skill tree to get more bonus from remorse. The actual dps is around 270k with 50% of block and 55 physical dmg reduction -- 6.5k life at 86. look the changes on my profile.
what about flasks
I just use Atziris, 1 bleed immune, 1 freeze immune and all instant - lions roar should be great but also expensive in the beggining but probably will give you a great boost on dps. I posted the changes i made in the build since i got 90. Theres many changes.
Thanks for the build. I started playing them and now 20 level. Use Facebreaker and Ancestral Protector. How to look at your equipment
In some point on topic is the name "Avhalla" - click on it - will show my characters. But look - my gear is not soooo (still budget comparing with another builds) cheap anymore (still costs less than 1 exalted - the most expensive part i bought was the belt - 20 chaos). I also did all my gems quality but concentred effect i bought (its expensive and will bypass 1 exalted counting with). You also can do questions in game if im on @Nancybreaker.
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I still need to learn how to put videos on screen. So you guys can see how powerfull the build is at endgame.
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Right now im working in another theorycraft with scion and Cameria's Maul Gavel for rarity and quick kill on high maps - cheap and powerfull - i will post after i finish the theory and tests. Probably i will only finish in the next patch but will be worth - i assure you!
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