3.0.2 Patch Notes

Is there any plans to add old content into game?
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Golems are un-summoned between logins, but the mana reservation for the auras cast on them (via Generosity) now persists between sessions, i.e you login and have mana reserved for auras on golems, but no actual golems.

I don't have enough unreserved mana to simply re-cast the golems, so have to unequip the aura gems (to cancel the auras on the golems, as you don't get an on-screen icon for these), wait for mana to regen, re-summon golems and finally re-cast auras on them again. This is easy enough to do at the start of each session, but it seems a messy workaround at best.

If golems are un-summoned between sessions, shouldn't the auras on them also be cancelled (and the associated mana reservation cancelled as well)? Alternatively, could both the golems and their auras persist between sessions if easier?
Before the update, with the ascendancy notable of Pious Path, my inquisitor character was not affected by shock when using vessel of vinktar if standing on consecrated ground.

But after current update, my character is shocked during the effect of the vessel of vinktar even standing on the consecrated ground and I wonder if this change is intended.

If this is intended, the current Pious Path description seems misleading? as it expressly says that the character 'CANNOT be affected by Elemental Ailments while one Consecrated Ground"
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So just to be clear on the spectre/desecrate change(it's a bit shocking)...
I used to be able to get, for example, Kitava Heralds from the Lvl 64 zone Cathedral Rooftops. Desecrate would spawn corpses of a higher level than that(let's say lvl 100 versions of Kitava Heralds).

Now desecrate will only give me a lvl 64 corpse even if I'm using a desecrate gem that used to make a lvl 100 corpse? So this is to say I'd have to be blessed by a leprechaun and hope to find a specific unit in a high lvl map?
In addition to all the angry comments about spectres above: The Hall of Grandmasters is now 1000% impossible since there are no monsters to be desecrated in this map.
Has anyone at GGG even played a spectre build?! F****** IDIOTS.

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