[3.1] Berserker Barrage 5M DPS -ALL CONTENT VIABLE-

You are right mate Flat fire damage is giving much more DPS. :)

OK cool! Got worried there for a bit, it took a good few days to find all those jewels hehe ;)

And you were right too ;) Lion chest is much much better! and cheaper... only 3.5ex compared to the 18ex for lightless.

Here's a couple of videos:

Youtube: Abyss BarBarrage - T15 Basilica
Youtube: Abyss BarBarrage - Poorjoy's Asylum

Still need to get used to playing it, cuz I feel I'm taking much more damage than I should, but not worried, it's only been a few hours and I have been playing BladeFlurry for the last 3 leagues, so just need a bit more practice with it. Having a good time though! ;)

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