[3.1] Inferno Sprinkler Knight: Uber Lab - T16 - Shaper - Elder - League Starter (Molten Strike)

Chieftain is good for the covering enemies in Ash if you are on a budget and don't think about getting Xoph's Blood anytime soon. Champion is the best option at this point in time, thanks to massive evasion/armour boost, intimidate, taunt, and Adrenaline, Scion is also a great choice for the same reason. Champion let's you take a rare shield instead of Lycosidae, so it's kind of wasted, but provides great dps/survivability. Champion/Slayer Scion is also a great choice for life based version.
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Would you make a tree for the class that you think suits this the best? Since Lead sprinkler is affordable
what you think about last info that you only need like 1 lightning dmg to apply that 20% shock and u can even scale it further. Does this make Elementalist good for splinker again or would you gor for sth like Champion since it seems great dmg wise and comes with some tankines

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