Download the Chaos and Order Mystery Box Soundtrack for Free!

i thought we can get a free box, but its just only a soundtrash.
Just what?wtf?is that a kind of joke?
i just cant get "soundtrack for free"
wtf is this?
Thanks for the music! Title reads soundtrack download for free and people be asking where their free mystery boxes at. Jeez people.
Meh I don't have much to brag here. Sorry.
I was expecting atleast a 30 min soundtrack that can be played while playing the game. Then found out it's just 2 mins long. Anyway, thanks for the free music.
Nice !!! i love it
Nice! :)
markimedes wrote:
i hope we will be able to do something about the duplicates.

This only one real reason why I don't want to buy a lot of boxes. But this time I was lucky and got what I want in the first try.
E = mc^(OMG)/wtf
58elrond wrote:
So this is how we get the hideout decorations accidentally released in 2.3... :<

2.3 ? Has it been that long already ? Man, I miss those decorations, they were nice... :(
Hm, best box though I haven't bought one yet, my favorite part is nothing is tagged exclusive to the box unlike the other ones and their hideout decorations. Means I can actually buy these later...

Got annoyed at my luck in a couple of the other boxes, Got some cool items yes, but wanted more of some of the decorations and my luck went the other way with no option to get them otherwise I gave up.

spent all my point, cant even get that goddam light portal !
Are you guys still going to add the rest of the tracks to the soundtrack we brought in supporter packs? Was sent out unfinished and we were told the rest of the tracks would be added later? Feels a bit shit buying something marketed as finished when it isn't....

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