[3.2] 100% Fire Pen Blast Rain Deadeye - Rains of Blastamere - Updated League Gear Options


This is my 100% Fire Conversion Blast Rain Build. I use this build mostly for Red Tier Elder Farming and Guardians/Shaper. Blast Rain works great because it makes quick work of the portals ensuring Shaper stays alive and we get the chance at a Watcher's Eye jewel. (Watcher's Eye farming is EXTREMELY profitable if you can kill the portals fast enough)

Can be budget/League Starter
Only requires one 5 or 6 link
Can be done with almost any class/ascendancy
Fun play style
More Defensive for a bow build (not a 4k Eva Tornado Shot)
Scales well with currency
Your parents will be proud of you


Not as fast as a light arrow/TS for clear speed
Can get expensive if you want to min max everything
Parents.. not so much

Why Blast Rain?

Blast Rain creates 4 Explosions that overlap in the center where you fire it. This AOE Overlap is increased by AOE modifiers. (Tooltip is for 1 blast). BR fires extremely fast and is very easy to get to 100% elemental damage. The goal get as many explosions as possible into a small area with the boss taking damage from all at once in the overlap range. Using things like King of the Hill or Chin Sol's knockback at close range are pretty annoying as the boss will be pushed out of the kill zone. This is the reason I do not use a Chin Sol. Shaper POB Dps can be 3 million when fighting bosses who cannot be knocked back, but against 99% of everything else in game your basically reducing your dps up to 75%.

Chin Sol is still a great budget option for bosses who cannot be knocked back due to it's 100% increased damage at close range modifier, Chin Sol requires a slightly different damage scaling to reach max potential. I reccomend checking out the Chin Sol BR build in the ranger list of you wish to go that route.

BR is also cheaper to scale than TS or Barrage because you don't rely on fancy hippie items like Additional Projectiles... Just manly shit like penetration and fire. I've done Guardians, Shaper, and Uber Atziri so far as Raider/Pathfinder and Deadeye.

Get a head start on the 3.3 BLAST RAIN BUFF!!!

Blast Rain is getting 100% conversion to Fire and 25% Fire Pen in 3.3 which will make this build an INSANE boss killer. It will also free up your quiver slot to use an elder or shaped quiver and access to another +90 Life. Finally we're gonna Make Blast Rain Great Again.

Videos And 3.2 Gear Used
Sorry for low fps and res my computer hurts. You can always check my profile for most up to date gear.

T16 Mino Face Tank - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKjIW3p-jLY&t=4s

Gear Used:

"But But Rains I want to get a Headhunter and go MF the same map over and over. Can I do that with this build?"
Sure can homey, just get you a 5/6 Link body armor insert whatever go fapster bow skill you enjoy and go to town! I prefer Ice Shot with Chain since we're not scaling projectiles in this build.


MF Setup for Ice Shot With Addiotonal 6 Link

"Can I run just blast rain? Hows the clear speed?"
Pop in a mirage archer and you and your little green buddy can blast the rains down in Africa... or Wraeclast. Whichever is fine.


Trying out some League Uniques and Aspect of the Cat

The damage with Aspect of the Cat is insane on Deadeye because now we have access to Full Power/Frenzy charges all the time for boss fights. I used the Chest on a 5 Link Ice Shot (IIQ Support as 6L) and used a Less Duration Gem in the helm to reduce the duration of Aspect switching from Stealth --> Strength. This ensures we have full charges at all times. I also don't have the BR enchant here which is a 25% more damage multiplier.

Shoulda been deathless Shaper Run:


T14 Elder - No eye drop :(:



This build gets full 100% Fire conversion by using the 50% Fire from Blast Rain itself and the Signal Fire Arrow Quiver. With only one damage type we can abuse.. I mean utilize the Elemental Penetration Mechanic

Leveing: For leveling I used Split arrow until you get Blast Rain through your quests. Bows used are: Storm Cloud - Quil Rain - a rare bow with as much Phys DPS you can get with your current level requirement until you are able to use Chin Sol. Last nodes I grabbed were the jewel sockets.

Darkness Enthroned is great and get some ele dmg to bow attack jewels. Mirage archer is great to speed through to endgame as well. Follow any generic leveling guide. Ensure you begin leveling your support Gems for your blast rain setup as soon as you can.

Passive Skill Tree

Path of Building Paste Bin

Deadeye Version - High Budget - https://pastebin.com/7thqfcZM

Deadeye Chin Sol/No Lioneyes Fall Version - https://pastebin.com/aCQX798M

Raider Version - High Budget - https://pastebin.com/Km7bA286

Raider Chin Sol/No Lioneyes Low Budget Version - https://pastebin.com/n6ifSAeg

Hideout Stats Unbuffed/Inc AoE

Flasks/Charges/Conc Effect

Ascendancy Options
W Gathering Winds -> Far Shot -> Endless Munitions -> Fast and Deadly. This build has been a PF, Raider, Assassin... Deadeye trumps them all. With Tailwind its pretty insane how good of dps you can get from Blast Rain. The Inc Area node also increases the AOE overlap so the boss gets hit with all 4 explosions from BR. Its great for party play and solo. Trickster has the Highest DPS overall over every class/ascendency but isn't as smooth to play.

Also if you wanna swap out the Kaoms while mapping for a 5/6 Link TS or Light Arrow/Ice Shot while mapping Deadeye will also help this.

I have played this build with a few different classes.. here are some pros/cons if you chose to pick a different.

Deadeye is my current favorite version of this build. Tailwind is just too good right now not to use. Also the 50% increased Area node makes Blast Rain not feel terrible with map clearing. This build can be Raider or Pathfinder and they are basically interchangeable.

Raider - Best for Boss Killing on Budget Gear (tree and gear in pastebin)

Pathfinder - Smoothest Boss Killer once you reach around 1 mil Shaper DPS with unlimited Flasks (same as Raider but drop the Frenzy Nodes and pick up more life or another jewel socket. You will need something to generate either frenzy or power charges on bosses)

Deadeye - Fastest and smoothest Mapper - Highest Overall DPS = Decent Boss Killer at endgame but Flask Charges can be an issue if you spam them like I do.

Inquisitor - Can be done since we are elemental and crit but pathing from Templar seems awkward.

Assassin - Holy Crits, great DPS auto power charge generation/Less Defense Movement Speed

Elementalist - Would not recommenced it will be hard to get Str and Life.

Scion - Assasin/Pathfinder or Assasin/Raider are also great choices. Power charge generations!

Mandatory Gear/Uniques

With this quiver and Blast Rain's 50% conversion to fire we get 100% Conversion.

My Gear/Uniques

Kaom's is a great choice for us because we only neeed 1 six link for Blast Rain and it gives up to 40% increased fire damage. Try to get as high of fire damage as you can. Other good options here are QoTF or Belly, corrupted 6 link with life and res. Using Shroud of the Lightless is amazing but you will need to make up that 500 life somewhere.

The helm enchant here is BIS for Blast Rain. These are generally cheap since its a niche skill. I use a lightpoacher to help with clear speed. Devoto/Rats Nest/Lion pelt with Life/Res/Accuracty are all solid options here.

If you have access to Farrul's Helm, it can be extremely powerful. Aspect of the Cat is amazing for this build because you will have all your frenzy/power charges during boss fights. Just make sure you socket an unlinked Less Duration Gem to reduce the length of Cat's Stealth/Agility which will ensure you maintain your power/frenzy charges without running out.

Rare Elder - Gain X of Non-Chaos Damage as Extra Chaos Damage is HUUUUGEEE for this build since we are converting a lot of physical damage. You could honestly get a base and alt spam for this mod - divine to 13% - and then multi mod.

Xoph's Blood - great all around for the build. Avatar of fire does not effect is since we only deal fire damage. %in life and 10% fire pen definitely BIS outside of your near mirror crit ammys. Budget option would be a rare with good Crit Multi Life WED and whatever else dps stats you can afford. Try to get strength or int here because you will need it for Kaoms/Gems. If you are not using Xoph's Blood feel free to swap out Haste aura for Hatred as this will be a large DPS increase.

Rings - Crit or Opal Base - Grab RES and LIFE.. and whatever DPS you can afford. This build is a little resistance starved using the Kaoms so your jewelry, belt, and gloves will need a lot. If you can grab a shaped base and alt spam for Curse with Assasins mark on Hit you will save yourself the headache of trying to fit all the gems in your set up. While it may not seem to be better than your standard WED LIFE ring the curse on hit allows us to Drop Hearld of Ice for Herald of Ash and swap Ele Focus into our setup. This is huge. Again with that mod alone and multimod'd is all you need. If you don't care about Power Charges you can swap for a Poacher's Mark ring for the increased flask charges.

Bow - Higest Physical Damage Bow you can get. Harbinger's are best for the Critical Strike Chance.

Budget Options are - Lioneyes Glare or Chin Sol

Gloves - 2 Socket Tombfists here are BIS. Enchants to look for are either of fury (damage) or of spite (defensive)

Boots - Lots of options here.

I went with Rare's because I needed the Resistance. Nothing Fancy here just looking for Movement Speed, Life, and Res

Skyforth if you want power charge generation.

Any Uniques you want to use. Atziri, Farrul's etc.

BIS enchant is Elemental Penetration if you haven't killed recently

Good Enchants:
Life and Mana Leech
Movement Speed
Increased Attack Speed if you've killed recently

Belt - Life/RES/and WED if you can get it. Doryani's Invitation (Fire Damage) is a GREAT budget option here.


So you have a few options here based on how your bow chroming goes... Ideally you will want 2R2G2B
Blast Rain - Faster Attacks - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Concentrated Effect - Elemental Focus - Fire Penetration

Currently I will swap out Concentrated Effect for Increased Area of Effect Support while mapping. Inc AOE is plent to kill bosses up to T14s.

Other good gems here are:
Added Fire, Increased Critical Strikes, Slower Projectiles, Physical Projectile Attack Damage

Other gem setups
Herald of Ash
Hatred or Anger (I use anger currently due to a Watcher's Eye Jewel... If you are using Xoph's Anger will be best here)
Arctic Armor (Optional... Requires mana nodes on the tree and an Enlighten Lvl 4. You want enough mana to attack with Blast Rain 3 Times. If your Blast Rain has a 41 mana cost you need at least 123 unreserved Mana or it will feel bad during boss fights)

If your going to use Herald of Ice you will need to swap Elemental Focus for Increased Critical Strikes in your Blast Rain setup!!!

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Inc Duration or Vaal Light Trap - Vaal Haste

**I keep my CWDT to level 2 and Immortal Call at Level 2, levels are optional and adjust them as you like just be sure that the required level of the CWDT support matches or is greater than your Immortal Call.

Curses: IF your not using a Curse on Hit Ring you have two options.

1)Socket a Curse into your CWDT setup (I would remove the Increased Duration Support)

2)Run Herald of Ice - Curse on Hit - Curse of your choice (If you go this route you will not be able to use Elemental Focus in your Blast Rain Setup)

Projectile Weakness - Highest added DPS
Flammability - Good Choice if you are using Xoph's Blood Amulet
Elemental Weakness - Best if you are using Hatred and a Taste of Hate Flask
Enfeeble - Defensive

Blink Arrow - Summon Ice Golem.


You will need to roll Bleed Immunity on one of your flasks. I like using an Instant Bleed Flask.
Mandatory Flasks are:

Utility Flasks

Using Xoph's Blood Amulet -
Wise Oak (Make sure your fire damage is the highest overcapped res to use the penetration)
Basalt/Onslaught/Stibnite or Taste of Hate (I use this for the Phys Damage Mitigation)

Not Using Xoph's Blood -
Atziri Flask
Wise Oak/Taste of Hate/Basalt/Onslaught/Stibnite

If you choose to not use a Taste of Hate you need to roll Immunity to Freeze on your flask of choice. Atziri's Flask will not work with Avatar of Fire granted from the Xoph's Blood amulet.

Things to prioritize are:
Attack speed with bows ***
Attack Speed
Phys Dmg with bows
Crit Multi / Ele / Fire / Global
Fire Damage
Area Damage
Projectile Damage
Crit Strike/Accuracy
Projectile Speed for QoL (makes blast rain fall faster from attack)

Its pretty cheap to get 3 dmg jewels for this build I always look for an attack speed with bows roll and then whatever else fits the build the best.

Abyss Jewels

Attack Speed if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently
Physical Damage to Attacks or Physical Damage to Attacks with Bows
% Physical Damage added as Extra Fire Damage
Critical Strike Multiplier
Fire Damage to Attacks or Fire Damage to attacks with Bows
Onslaught on Kill / Blind on hit

Watcher's Eyes
Using Xoph's Blood Amulet you will want an Anger Roll-

% Physical Damage as Extra Fire
Damage Penetrates X% Fire Resistance
Critical Strike Mulitplier while affected by Anger

If your not using Xoph's the best bang for your buck will still be the Anger Jewels but you want to spend the money a Base Crit Hatred Jewel is the way to go.


Map mods to ignore
Cannot Leech/Ele Reflect/No Regen(Can be done but annoying)
The only thing I hate about BR is you can't attack if you have no mana. I will bind my other mouse button to default attack in order to attack and get mana leech to continue using BR in no regen maps.

Solaris or Lunaris
I use the immune to poison one but anyone you want. More movespeed or Phys dmg reduction.

Budget Gear

Bandits will be 2 passive skill points if you have good jewels, if not feel free to grab Alira.

Lots of things in this build are able to be tweaked to your playstyle this is just my current version. Just be sure to balance your unique gear choices with balancing your res. If you go with devotos you may need to make up res elsewhere without sacrificing damage rolls on jewlery.

Anyways if i forgot anything let me know and i'll make sure to update.

Stay Safe!

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really liking the build so far, I just need to know, where are you getting your mana leech? it seems to be the biggest problem especially against bosses for me.
At endgame mana leech comes from the sole node on the tree towards the bottom right and the boot enchant. If your having mana issues a +2 mana gained on hit jewel can help out until you can sustain without it.
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can u add a lvling tips pls
Added a few things -
*Damage on Full Life is better than Fire Pen for general Mapping only.. Guardians you will still want to use Fire Pen
*Tree for no Kaoms/No Xoph's cuz they're riddiculously exp in league
*Leveling tips - also follow any Bow Char Leveling Guide on youtube - grab jewels last
*Added video showing char with budget harbinger gear added at bottom of thread
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How about using Xoph's Nurture
Citadel Bow?

is it good for this build perhaps u can also the have another nice quiver because xop´s also converts dmg to fire so we get 100%
Xophs wouldn't be as good due to the low phys dps compared to Lioneyes or Chin Sol. Maybe a decent clear speed bow but you will need to get rid of the Ele Focus gem to take advantage of the ignite prolif.

Also be mindful if Vaal Pact is nerfed this build will need a rework from a point blank fast attack speed build since Vaal Pact is the only thing keeping us alive.
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Any plan of updating guide to 3.1 to include changes due to VP nerfs?
Sorry the Update took so long had to wait for gear to merge over from league. Not too much changed and with new ascendancy reworks there will be lots more options to try out. I'll probably run a scion in the new league to give that another go.
possible to play with Bisco's ? :)

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