[3.0] Uul-Netol's Embrace Cyclone Deadeye - Ignite Proliferation Bone Nova || Insane Clear Speed


Hey guys, this is my build guide for my Uul-Netol's Embrace Cyclone Deadeye. I wanted to make this build featured around the unique Uul-Netol's Embrace, as I have yet to see one in action and I feel it is highly underrated and powerful. I use Deadeye, because the ascendancy synergizes well with Bone Nova, with the free Pierce, Projectiles return, bleed chance and the bonus AoE / additional projectile.

The Axe grants level 20 Bone Nova, which triggers when we kill bleeding enemies. The issue with Bone Nova is that while it deals high damage, it has limited to coverage. Therefore to improve on this coverage and take advantage of its high base damage, I convert 90% of my physical damage to Cold, then use Hrimburn to make my cold damage ignite. I then use the gems 'ignite proliferation' and 'chance to ignite' to allow my Bone Nova to spread a powerful ignite to all nearby enemies. I also grab additional ignite chance from jewels, the passive tree and the unique item 'Gang's Momentum'. This allows our build to achieve insane levels of clear speed.

I leave 10% of my damage as physical, so that I can trigger bleeds, which would then trigger Bone Nova itself. I use Cyclone because it lowers our base damage, which is essential, because if we one-shot our enemies before we bleed them, the bone nova doesn't trigger. Altogether, we reach 75% bleed chance, which is more than adequate to trigger Bone Novas with every kill.

The character link is here https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/monstahz/characters


http://youtu.be/BooXXDmJaF8 (T10 - Underground River)



+ Insane clear speed
+ Budget Friendly
+ Moderately Defensive
+ Very Fun!


- Can't Run Elemental Reflect maps
- Build is a bit complex to understand


Ranger - Deadeye

Passive Tree (For level 88)

Ascendancy Points: Far Shot, Endless Munitions, Powerful Precision, Rupture.

Bandits: Passives


Basically, for the skill tree, we grab the best 2H melee and axe nodes for our build that also increase ailment damage the most. We also grab cold damage conversion and weapon elemental damage, since we want to convert 90% of our physical damage to cold. Defensively, we grab Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics. This skill tree has a moderate amount of life (171%), but I would suggest getting life on as many jewels as you can, to improve your life pool further. We also grab Resolute Technique because Elemental Overload is way too far away to be efficient for our build.


For jewels, we want high life and ignite chance. The rest are optional, but I would emphasise mods such as cold damage, attack speed with axes, burning damage, fire damage, physical damage with axes etc.


Cyclone DPS (On a 5L with No Flasks)

Bone Nova Ignite DPS (Not Factoring Blasphemy - Elemental Weakness)






For our weapon, we want to use Uul-Netol's Embrace for the Bone Nova on kill. Basically the Bone Nova is similar to a Cast on Melee Kill gem except it is effectively on a 7L. We need to get a 6 socket Uul-Netol's Embrace if possible. The sockets do not have to be linked.


For our helm, we just need a rare helm with good resistances and life. Try to get high evasion and intelligence on your helm as well, like mine.


For our chest, we can use a rare chest, belly, lightning coil or Kintsugi. I prefer Kintsugi since it offers pretty nice damage reduction, good evasion, life and resistances. It also has awesome 3D art.


For Gloves, we want to use the Hrimburn gloves. These gloves convert 50% of our physical damage to cold. Combined with the cold conversion from our passive tree, we can reach 90% cold conversion, leaving 10% to proc our bleed. We also gain the modifier, "our cold damage can ignite". This allows our bone nova to ignite enemies and proliferate that ignite using the ignite proliferation gem.


For our boots, we want to use the unique Gang's Momentum. Basically, these boots give the build a lot of additional ignite chance that really helps our bone nova ignite enemies. We can combine these boots with the lab enchant "additional chance to ignite, freeze and shock if we haven't crit recently", since our build is non-crit. The item also gives some nice boosts to burning damage.


For the Amulet, we want to use an amulet with high physical damage, life resistances and intelligence.


For our rings, we want high life, resistances and phys damage.


For the Belt, we ideally want a rare leather belt with good resists and life.


Bone Nova Setup

For our Bone Nova, these are the optimal links shown. We need chance to ignite and ignite proliferation to make the bone nova ignite and proliferate that ignite. Deadly Ailments gives us a lot of burning DPS, so does WED and Increased Burning Damage. We also run GMP to improve our AoE coverage.

CWDT and Utility Setup

For defense, we use the recently popular combo of CWDT-Immortal Call combined with Bloodrage and Soul of Arakaali Pantheon skill. Basically when we get hit, we trigger Immortal Call. Immortal Call makes us immune to Bloodrage for a short moment. This will trigger the Soul of Arakaali Pantheon and give us 50% more life recovery. This means we can effectively increase our leech cap from 25% to 37.5%. Bloodrage also grants us additional frenzy charges and attack speed, which is great for DPS.

Cyclone Setup

This is our cyclone setup and is the most optimal for our build, since we convert 90% of our damage to cold. We use Faster Attacks instead of Maim, because we don't want to hit too hard and one-shot our enemies. The Last link will be Fortify for increased defenses.

Aura and Minion Setup

This is our Aura setup and we use Hatred and Blasphemy-Elemental Weakness. We can't use Flammability for the ignite chance as our cyclone DPS is cold damage, so it wouldn't be affected. We can't use Frostbite because Frostbite doesn't increase burning damage. As a result, elemental weakness is the best curse to use. Using a curse also allows us to gain 25% chance to bleed on hitting cursed enemies from the Uul-Netol's Embrace. We use Hatred for a huge boost to our cold damage.

For our minion, we use a flame golem for additional DPS. I attach it with minion life so that it can survive a bit longer. If you don't have the links, you can drop minion life.

Ancestral Warchief Setup

This setup provides a huge boost to our single target DPS. I would highly recommend running it for bosses. Instead of Faster Attacks I would suggest using Bloodlust if possible. I can't at the moment, because getting 4 Red Sockets on my evasion helm would cost me over 1500 chromes.


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This build looks like a lot of fun. My only criticism is deadeye is likely not the best for this. Projectile damage no longer effects ignite damage. If i were to run this build i would probably go chieftain.

Thanks. I mainly go Deadeye for the 50% Increased AoE, which increases the Prolif and cyclone radius by a lot. Deadeye also gives Pierce, an additional Projectile and Projectiles Returning which boosts Clear Speed by a lot. The Bleed Chance from Deadeye allows helps us to proc Bone Nova.

Chieftain doesn't really do much aside from the 15% chance to ignite. Since Fire Penetration doesn't affect Ignite DPS. Also, my build is 90% cold damage so it doesn't get any attack bonuses from fire penetration, and the 1% fire damage leeched as life doesn't work either.
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Where is this build weakest? What part of the game is hardest for this build? Innocence, Act 6, 7, elsewhere?

Also, how much does this build need Uul-Neto? It seems like a lot.

Another thing to note, berserker could potentially be another option for this build simply because the leech nodes allow us to save some passives and the 40% more damage multiplier applies to both our cyclone and burning damage from bone nova.

This would allow us to redirect some of our damage passives to the AoE and Pierce clusters to make up for the loss of AoE and Pierce.
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Where is this build weakest? What part of the game is hardest for this build? Innocence, Act 6, 7, elsewhere?

Also, how much does this build need Uul-Neto? It seems like a lot.

This build isn't weak over any acts to be honest, since there are heaps of strong leveling axes available before you can start using uul-netol's embrace. Maybe early on you might need to level with some other skill since cyclone requires level 28.

Since this build is made solely with the uul-netol's embrace and bone nova in mind, I would say that it is a mandatory unique (It's fairly cheap anyways). Otherwise, you might be better off running a regular 2H cyclone build with an different ascendancy class such as berserker, slayer or raider.
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Neat build. I was going to import your character to PoB and see how Immolate would do in place of other gems (like GMP for the Bone Nova), but it looks like that character doesn't exist on your profile?

Edit: nvm, found you have another account.
No fun allowed.™
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Yeah here's the PoB link.


I made the character on my other account.
Another build with ProjectPT movement speed and "Insane clear speed" in title pls stahp. This is below par clearspeed

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