{3.0} Nowlech's Tempest Binding Frost Blades/Blade Flurry BURRRRserker! ~Easy Shaper~ Videos!

Aurabots are fun
Hi there! Welcome to my BURRRRserker Frost Blades and Blade Flurry Build Guide.

Question. Have you ever felt like your bossing character was too slow? Maybe just not fun to play?
Now what about your mapper? Not strong enough to do endgame? Way too squishy?

Not anymore! This build can do it all! Super fast maps to taking Shaper down in 5 seconds. No weapon swaps, no changing out gems, and finally not a dark pact build!

I wanted a character that I could map fast with, and also comfortably do bossing with. I don't like swapping out gems or weapon swaps, I find them too clunky. So I decided with the new helm, The Tempest Binding, we can have 2 6links without weapon swapping or gem changing!


Pros and Cons

-Insanely fast anything
-6k+ HP without a Kaoms
-1 shot any pack
-Over 1mil Shaper dps with decent gear
-Expensive for endgame
-No Life flasks
-2 6 Links with no weapon swapping (1 is your helmet)
-Don't have to move for Shapers Hammer slam
-Vaal Pact

-You're a Beserker, so you do take some damage
-Expensive for endgame
-No life flask? (You can use one if you want to though, 2 flasks are not mandatory)
-Vaal pact (not a good lab farmer)

3.0 Videos


After I switched to blade flurry is down below.

Showcasing that this build can tank through Shapers Slam

Why Beserker? Why not Raider?

Beserker gets an insane amount of leech (enough to tank Shapers beam) and it also gets crazy attack speed. Attack speed is one of the main focus' on this build and when you apply that with Beserkers damage and leech, you get a tank. An unstoppable tank that takes down everything.

Raider is good, don't get me wrong, it is good. But the problem with raider is that you get such little life and less damage than beserker. I would play raider if I was ONLY farming maps, but this guy can do anything and everything.

Skill Trees and PoB

If you don't have Path of Building, I highly recommend it. It is the best tool for any Path of Exile player by far.
PoB Pastebin

Leveling and Final Skill Tree

Here you can find the leveling skill trees and then the final skill tree.


For Bandits we take Alira for Crit and the resists are nice too!

I added a level 93 tree because that's where I usually finish my builds, but I also added a level 100 tree if you would like to take this character to it's max.


Soul of the Brine King (or Soul of Solaris)
Soul of Yugul - Mandatory

My current gear

Gem Setups

All the gems are listed from most important to least.

Blade Flurry- Linked in Chest


Frost Blades - Linked in Helmet


Auras/Totem - Linked in Weapon

(We use Protector instead of Warchief because it gives us much more attack speed, and a 1 Link Warchief wouldn't really do anything for us)


Movement - Linked in Shield

You can switch out Leap Slam for Fortify but I do not enjoy not being able to get over gaps, or only leap slamming everywhere so I opted out of fortify


1st Cast when Damage Taken Setup - Linked in Gloves

(level 1)
(level 1)
(level 20)
(level 20)

This Cast when damage taken, keep it and frost bomb level 1


2nd Cast when Damage Taken Setup - Linked in Boots

You can level everything up in here


Why Beserker of course!

Normal - Pain Reaver
1% of Damage Leeched as Life
1% of Damage Leeched as Mana
2% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently

Cruel - Crave the Slaughter
25% increased Attack Speed if you've been Hit Recently
15% increased Movement Speed if you haven't been Hit Recently

Merciless - Cloaked in Savagery
100% of Damage Leeched as Life if you've taken a Savage Hit Recently
50% increased Damage if you've taken a Savage Hit Recently
25% increased Attack Speed if you've taken a Savage Hit Recently

Uber - Aspect of Carnage
10% increased Damage taken
40% more Damage

You can switch Uber and Merciless if you want to live on the edge, but this is how I did it so I have it down the way I know.


For our chest we go for a 6 Link Belly of the Beast for mostly the %Increaded Max Life it gives. Also quite easy to color here!


For our helmet we use the new Harbinger unique, The Tempest Binding. It gives us another 6 Link for our Frost Blades and also generates our frenzy charges for us! Also quite easy to color.


For the shield we use the lyc, lycos, uhhhhhhh the lycosidae thing. Just so we don't have to worry about accuracy. Plus is gives a little life which is nice. Easy to color.


For our weapon we use a 1 handed elemental Jeweled Foil. You are preferably looking for one with at least 350edps and 475 dps. Aps should be at least 2, and Crit should be above 6.8.
Look for added elemental damage > Attack speed > Crit Multi > Crit Chance
Mine isn't very good but can take down Shaper and Guardians no problem, mine is 366edps, 478dps, 2.03 aps and 6.98 crit. You can easily get something better than mine. Not the easiest to color, but easy with Vorici


For our gloves, use Spiked Gloves as your base, try to get as much life and resistances as you can. Added lightning or cold damage to attack, and attack speed are a luxury but not a necessity. Use vorici to color!


For our boots we use skyforths, and thank god they are fairly cheap this league! We use them only for the explicit "25% chance to gain a power charge on critical strike" Fairly easy to color.


Rings, oh boy here is where it starts getting expensive, we use 2 of The Tamings. They give us an INSANE amount of damage, and incredible resists, you can get one with +40 all res, so 2 of them can give us +80 all res.


For the belt, we can use either a leather belt, or a rustic sash. Leather Belt gives us a little more life, and rustic sash' give us a tiny amount of damage. I went for rustic sash because it had the mods I needed.
For the belt, look for
+Max Life > Resists > Elemental damage with Weapons


And for our amulet we NEED to get around 60+ int to cover for our int requirements for wrath. If you have filled out the rest of your resistances on your gear just go for,
>60 Int > Life > Crit Multi > Added Lightning to attacks > Elemental damage with attacks > Resistances.


I will talk about flasks and Jewels below


Helmet - 40% Blade Flurry damage - Enough said here

Gloves - DO NOT ENCHANT YOUR GLOVES IF YOU ARE USING SPIKED GLOVES, if you are not using spiked gloves you can use
-Of Frost > Fire a nova of icy projectiles. That can chill enemies like shaper.
-Of Inferno > Drops a meteor from above on a nearby foe, dealing Fire damage in an area around them.

Boots - Any enchant that gives added Elemental damage. But the BIS is Elemental damage penetration if you haven't killed recently for Shaper Grinding!


Now we have a few mandatory flasks and 2 that you can change around if you'd like.
The three mandatory flasks are,

Taste of hate, gives us a lot of damage, but most importantly it helps our defenses quite a but because of that 20% phys damage taken as cold damage.

Atziri's Promise, gives us more damage, but more importantly it gives us more leech when we haven't taken a savage hit recently.

A Diamond flask of either bleed immunity or freeze immunity. Helps with our crit, nuff said here.


Now here is what I use for the last 2 flasks

I use a doedre's elixir for making us take a savage hit, it really helps with leech and attack speed. It allows us to tank shapers beam no problem.

Also I am using a silver flask for attack speed and that's mostly it, these 2 flasks give us so much attack speed it's just kind of insane.

You could swap out the Silver flask for a Life Flask if you want to for those oh shit moments, but if you want to be a man and tank the world with hitting fast and hitting hard, that's the flask I recommend.


On our skill tree we pass by/take 5 jewel sockets. It's quite important to get %max life here so you can get over 6k life. We don't grab a bunch of Flat life on our gear, so life on jewels really helps out a lot.

Look out for these jewel mods
-%Increased maximum Life
-Crit multi with one handed melee weapons
-Global crit multi
-Attack speed
-Attack speed with shields
-Attack speed with one handed melee weapons
-Intelligence if you still need it

3.0 Screenshots

Hideout with no flasks/charges - Blade Flurry

Hideout with no flasks/charges - Frost Blades

Hideout with Flasks, 1 power/frenzy charge - Blade Flurry

Hideout with Flasks, 1 power/frenzy charge - Frost Blades


Thanks for checking out my Build! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, this build was just way too much fun not to share!

Make sure to check out my other build guide here

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- Changed the Build from Spectral throw for our single target to Blade Flurry. It does indeed do a little more damage but it fits my play style much better.

If you want to play spectral throw because you like that more, you still can, you will still socket it into your chest, use gripped gloves instead of spiked gloves, and take point blank in the tree.

Links for Spectral throw
- Spectral Throw > Added Lightning > Elemental Damage with Attacks > Elemental Focus > Slower Proj > Added Cold

- Added a gif into the 3.0 Videos
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alternative for skyforge?
sogo69 wrote:
alternative for skyforge?

You don't need skyforths, they give us power charges and we max out at 3, so it's not a HUGE loss, any boots with resistances, life, and movement speed will suffice if you can't afford skyforths.
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Great build! done my first shaper kill with this build. good work!
Would Inquisitor be a solid option?
lsymsun wrote:
Would Inquisitor be a solid option?

You could do inquisitor, but you would need to find some leech on the tree and I think in total, you won't do as much damage.
Cool build. I'm excited to get this going.

Any suggestions on squeezing out DPS for early red map farming? Any uniques that are slipping my mind? I need to save a bit before I can get a better foil, two tamings, and a ToH.


Character: Boards_of_Canada
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Labract wrote:
Cool build. I'm excited to get this going.

Any suggestions on squeezing out DPS for early red map farming? Any uniques that are slipping my mind? I need to save a bit before I can get a better foil, two tamings, and a ToH.


Character: Boards_of_Canada

A lot of your gems aren't qualitied, and that does help a lot. We get a lot of damage from jewels so it's hard to pass those up. But the priority would be jewels and then gem levels/quality
Ahh, you're right. That won't be too expensive either. thanks

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