[3.3 Updated] MoM`s bloody Gladiator: when bleed actually does the job

Frog1111 wrote:
Hello =)

that's a very interesting build, I would like to play it next season, it looks very funny and save - thank you!

I have a few questions to you, it would be very nice, if you could give me your opinion.

- I always play hardcore - would you change something for that?

- Why do you not play with a "CWDT" + "immortal call" setup? I find it give much more survivability, when two big hits hit you or especially when the player make a big mistake, like walking around with bleeding - find already the soundprocc of immortal call says loud "caution, you do shit!". For witch gems you should swap that, "minion life support" and "increased area of effect" ?

- Work your flasksetup save? I never played without instant heal, cause the next hit after drop at 60% could kill you. Does this build realy need two hybrid flasks (never played with any mana/hybridflask, also never played MoM ...), cause theres a lot of items/passives that grands manareg.


Thank you for your interest in my build :)

-Well, I never play hardcore (no time for that sadly), so I believe not much, it is quite tanky and most of deaths are already due to "lag" (aka me being careless:) I believe that what you suggest in point 2 would be my biggest idea-adding immortal call setup, including auto cast of golem, therefore your suggested swap sounds good.

-Another one that pops to my mind is switching one curse for some defensive one. Damage is more than adequate with one curse as it is, therefore second curse can be defensive.

-for most situations you will not even touch the flasks, as all recovery mechanisms will take care of most problems. Two hybrid flasks are mostly for the boss big hits. I have this setup, because I don´t care that much if I accidentally die, but for hardcore I would suggest one instaheal and one slow with increased recovery total (hybrid flasks have both low charge count and total ammounts recovered, therefore you need them count for specific situations). Those would be my probably most important ideas about flasks

hope it helps and good luck in HC :)

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