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ComfyGangsta wrote:

I'm rewriting currency cop to be more efficient, easier to code on, and to have a nicer experience.

I need your help to do so.

Below are a few questions that would help me going forward:

1. Do you like the portfolio feature?
2. Would you rather it only tracked the whole league?
3. Would you rather it only tracked one tab?
4. How do you personally wish that Currency Cop worked?
5. What features would you like to see?
6. Any other input?

Thank you!

Just downloaded this, and it's nice to get an general overview of the stash worth :D
One thing I would like is to have one portfolio that show/tracks all of my stash in the selected league.
Beside that I do really like the sleek interface.
Weird... saying that beach map etc are priced to 10C, I doubt about that ... ^^

Hey, thanks for the work on currency cop, it's still my favourite stash pricing app.

1. The portfolio feature is nice, allowing for different combinations of tab pricing that is suitable for things such as multiple dump tabs.

2. Not entirely sure what the question is but it's nice to allow different leagues.

3. I think its best to continue to allow the user to choose what tabs they would like.

4. I'm generally very happy with the overall process.

5. I would enjoy a physical "refresh" button to instantly refresh the current portfolio.

6. Unsure if this is a problem on my end but during the current league (Metamorph SC), it prices clear and amber oils at 1.00c each which is far from the actual prices. This leads to mispricing dump tabs.

Thanks again.

sorry for my very noob question. I have noticed that the prices are shown only for unique items (not for skill gems, rare item like rings etc)? Am I right or I am doing something wrong?

I have tried to close and re-open Currency Cop and also to log-out and log-in. But still only unique items are being priced.

Thanks for you help.
slodon wrote:
ShoninyasTube wrote:

Click remove individual cookies. It's a link in the middle of the page. Doing so will bring up a list of your Firefox browser's cookies.

If you're using custom settings for your Firefox history, you won't have the remove individual cookies option; instead, click the Show Cookies button on the right side of the page.

hi, firefox is the only browser i use and its configured as not saving any cookies, so i get find anything from your guide regarding to find a poesessid, what can i do?


shift + f9 then on the left side is cookies

That worked. The instructions for firefox need to be updated to include shift + f9.

The program doesn't work though. I get this:

Nevermind, but ty for the app!
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How the hell do you find the remove individual cookie link of FIREFOX v72.
Pain in the ass..

Looking for the POESESSID.

Found it.. SHIFT + F9
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I get this screen right after Fetching Leagues? Does anybody know what this is?

I tried all the standard stuff already, like reinstalling and deleting the appdata folder.

Privacy settings of my chars are all set to public.

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Why does currency cop show stacked deck as being worth 20c?
Can someone help me.
How i can use get request to get my stashes?

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