I want to share this build with everyone. Is the best i've done so far, very well balanced between damage and survivability.


19/3/2018 Minor changes due to ascendancy buff. Changed Some tree points, changed vaal haste for increased duration and minor god pantheon. Willing to try Farrul's Fur. Also changed flask setup to have surgeon sulphur flask of guarding ready and can have lower resistances without risks.

26/2/2018 New leveling trees added.

1/1/2018: Paste bin updated.

15/12/2017: 3.1 UPDATE! With VP nerf bloodseeker builds like this will shine. U can get much more damage using Abyssus, reflection only appears on maps. Is not a must, but i prefer this way. Only one change, swap ruthless gem for increased critical strikes.

10/9/2017: Added two new videos, chimera and hydra. Also trying new boots atziri step slink boots. Next week will share my final decision and possible changes.

28/9/2017: Updated to final version! Changed boots (atziri's step with dodge spell damage enchant), one new gem (quit molten shell and add vaal haste, to buff mapping speed), flask (swap amethyst for sulphur for more damage and life regen) and jewels (with all elem. resists to overcap). Also changed to allira bandit reward. New paste bin added. Spell dodge chance almost double. Up to 1.2M dps full buffed with charges and flasks, around 5k flat. 6660 life ATM. CHECK NEW PASTE BIN!.

20/2/18: Added new leveling trees.

20/11/2017: After a break, completed Alluring Abyss also!. I used Abyssus on boss fights for extra damage and quickness.

Why choose this build?

If u are tired of playing glasscanon builds, dont search more. Balance is more important for me than have more dps. This build can do all content in game.

-High DPS without very expensive gear. Around 750k with frenzy charges (x5), ancestral warchief and blood rage. 1.3M with flasks and power charges. Around 350 k with cheap gear in a 6l.

- Insane mitigation of damage, due to double leech: instant and slayer ascendancy. Can facetank guardians and most bosses. Huge mitigation of damage over time like bleed, ignite and chaos.

-Dont use abyssus, this helmet buff dps a lot (25% around), but make reflect a problem and also very vulnerable to phys dmg. OFC not needed. I just used it at shaper first runs, only last fight.

-Inmune to damage reflection. Can do maps with all mods.

-Hard to kill, but not immortal xD.Around 50% chance to evade attacks. Acrobatics and phase acrobatics. 49% chance to dodge attacks and 57% chance to dodge spell damage all time. With quartz flask + 10% both (59% and 67%) and while using vaal grace 75% dodge chance both.

-On low life our chance to evade is higher, around 65% due to starkonja helmet and frenzy charges buff.

-Can get to 6k life with higher rolls of life on gear or getting to lvl 100 with medium rolls.

-Around 20% armour with arctic armour buff, plus 12% from endurance charges. 32% armour most of the time. A bit more when use lion roar.

-Good league starter. Scale very well when u get more currency.

-Shaper and guardians can be done pretty easy aswell as breach bosses. Vaal temple also completed, still havent tried uber atziri but i am sure it can be done. Only map I havent done yet is HOGM.










Helmet: faster attacks + whirling blades + fortify + power charge on critical.
Gloves: CWDT + ice golem + immortal call + enfeeble (lvl 13).
Boots: Ancestral warchief + faster attacks + brutality + melee physical damage.
Weapon 1: grace + arctic armour + blood rage.
Weapon 2: enduring cry + increased duration + vaal grace.
Armour: Blade flurry + brutality + melee physical damage + concentrated effect + maim + increased critical strikes. (Can swap conc. effect for inc. area for mapping if u prtefer)






Soul of lunaris and soul of Tukohama.


Shaper deathless run


Minotaur rare map deathless run.


Hydra rare map deathless.


Chimera rare map deathless run.


Thanks to everyone that visit this post, I will try to answer any question. English is not my first language.
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Looks very promising, I'll give it a run tomorrow. I'd rather have a bit lower damage (but still quite decent) and great tankiness/survival, than be a glass cannon, that may or may not get 1 shot.

Thanks a lot for sharing it.
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is the mapping speed terrible?
nice build steal :D
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Thanks for your feedback. Mapping speed is decent dont worry about that, but not as fast as wanderer, etc. I havent stealed any build from anyone. I planned this build before 3.0. I started going armour, abyssus and daggers, vaal pact and assasin ascendancy. Later changed to claws, evasion,acrobatics and raider ascendancy beacuse i died a lot at lvl 80. More damage but more vulnerable, reflect was so annoying. This build took me some time to improve, since new league started, and still trying different . I am sure that if u link the build u think i have copied there are a lot changes in tree and gear. Yesterday i tried uber atziri for first time, and get to final fight with her with two portals. Died one time on first boss. At second fight, K'aj A'alai (ranged boss from trio) killed me three times, the other died fast and easy with flasks. Final fight with atziri went well until 50 hp%, on that moment she casted one flameblast that killed me, and died on last portal when i just enter room with another flameblast. I am sure a skilled player would have ended map with portals left.
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Gonna try it.

One question - bandits reward?
de99ial wrote:
Gonna try it.

One question - bandits reward?

Oak got the best stats for this build.
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Took Alira for resists. Just moment ago.

Still will remember in future.
de99ial wrote:
Took Alira for resists. Just moment ago.

Still will remember in future.

No problem is also good, maybe some more damage but I prefer 2% physical damage reduction.
Im kinda lazy and i dont like to many push to use skills. How about drop two gems from main chain and put blood rage with cast while channelling?

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