[3.0] Brainless killer BOOM BOOM pact. 8.5k HP. 2.7m Shaper DPS.

Hello. I decided to do this guide after testing another DP builds. I wasn't happy enough with builds from another guides and did my own. I can say for sure it works very good and let me do end game. Already did about 30 shapers, uber atziri and about 150 guardians. I can farm maps very fast and doubled HP bosses in 3.0 doesn't bother me. I got again fun like with good old day builds like cospri discharge, bladefall poison trapper etc. It's just really strong.

Path of building, profile link:
Path of Building

Here you got link to my profile:
Character is called lIlIlIlIlIl and it's 95 level HSC now.

Dps on shaper 2,7 milion. It can be still much higher! My setup for mapping / bossing isn't ready!
I would use ES shield with cast speed / spell damage / crit chance for spells for bosses.
Why I don't do this? I don't need this extra dmg now. It's doing everything fast enough.

HP with kaom's roots is 8.5k without kaom's roots it's 8.2k. I don't use kaoms usually it's just for really hard rolled guardians because I don't wanna be stunned.

Pantheon: I would recommend soul of the brone king if you are not gonna wear kaoms all the time and soul of garukhan
Bandits: Alira or 2 points. I would say Alira if you are not rich. It's easier to focus on DMG on gear with free +15 all res and crit multi is sweet. If you are rich just rush points.

My gear:

Carcass is BiS, kaoms roots if you are leveling if you want to be very, very safe.
Yellow items focus on: LIFE, LIFE, LIFE > STRENGHT (LIFE) > resists > cast speed > spell dmg > crit multi > glob crit chance, crit for spells
Remember if you don't have money for good rings with cast speed, diamond ring base, high life and resist just go buy without resists, you can cap your resists with jewels!

No no map mods:
DON'T try to do maps with mod no leech - R.I.P
No regen - just take mana flask and remember to use it
Other mods? I don't give a fuck, everything dies in 1 second.

Don't try to change wand over dagger. Wands are just better. It's easy to find with high cast speed, spell damage and crit chance for spells!

poe.trade finds:

Deathless Minotaur 3 minutes run - https://youtu.be/JaHs36Q7Hzw
1 Death Shaper run https://youtu.be/Mag2-Yy_Zao

This is my first guide I hope someone will enjoy this build like me!

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added shaper video
Will check out those items + passive tree :)
A leveling guide and order of skill tree acquisition would be great for those of us who have not played DP before.
All that and a bag of chips!
Would you consider adding your mapping setup? Also the colors on your gloves did you just spam chroms till you got them?
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looks really fun. would this be playable with a 5 link? and what gem would you drop?
Love the poe trade links
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I will answer questions after my job
krysztian wrote:
I will answer questions after my job

Thank you
Got 71 lvl so far, most chaos i had was 15 so im poor as fk compared to those poe.trade links, yet im having great fun, thanks to vaal pact, character's survivability is great and im not dying like a pleb anymore, mapping is fun and fast, sometimes dying cuz of stuns, other than that great guide man! thank you

My question is, what would u suggest to do, when a map bosses can 1 shot me? I obviously have no currency for upgrades. I know kiting is one of those, but is there any setup that would help me survive those?

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