[3.0] Perma frozen Juggernaut thoughts

Fair warning, I'm a noob of sorts, and this is mostly me chasing down wiki stuff.

Basically, I wanted to make the most of Berek's Pass 5000 armor, Plus Winterheart's 20% life regen.

Well, you can move while frozen if you're a Juggernaut. Now how to I get constantly frozen?
You can also do this with Kaom's Roots, which opens other options.

Some wiki diving later I come up with Skold's Bridle To take mana spent as physical damage, Essence of Horror's effect on chest armors to turn that physical to cold, and Auxium's calculation of freeze and chill off of 65% energy shield.

I figure that if we don't quality Skolds and Corrupt Auxium to something not ES, we can keep our base ES to 200 or so.
call the 65% es 135, and 65 cold damage will freeze us for max duration.

50% after cold resist of course, so 260 cold.
That 260 is 15% of the physical damage Skold's causes us, or about 1735 physical.

1735 is 400% of the mana we spent for our last skill, so 433 mana per skill to freeze.

Or ~150 mana every second.

I feel like this is totally doable. The life regen will totally overpower any non-lethal damage you're taking.
The trick will be getting enough mana to sustain this without getting an overpowering amount of bonus energy shield.
Now, I'm sure there are better options, but in keeping with the theme you could use Izaro's Dilemma and blade vortex/blade fall/ethereal knives. Plus the claws would let you use whirling blades to get around.

Plus you can still do all the cast-on-damage-taken stuff Skold builds normally go for.

Plus plus, Winterheart will almost cancel out Righteous Fire, which gives further bonuses because of Berek's Pass damage bonus when ignited.

Anyway, I whipped up a skill tree with the goal of 130 int, 160 dex and all the life, mana and resists I could find. Looks something like this at 90?

I'm still working on my first high level character, but around when I can start to craft that horror chest piece I'll be coming back to this!
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I dont know but you got +111 from me for the unusual idea! xD
What about cwdt+movement spell so you still get to enemies who are ranged? Maybe even check and try something like "AFK gone cheap build" idea. xD
I think there is potential for something crazy and fun like...Cast on Death build we had time ago. xD
Slow down for a minute to enjoy the beauty around us.
You know, it's probably much easier to do this with CI and Zealot's Oath. No shenanigans involving 400 mana skills when you have to do all of one cold damage to yourself to be frozen.

Also, I'm not very certain that the self cold damage will freeze you without some investment in chance to freeze.

So here's a guardian templar alternate skill tree with a Scolds, Essence of Horror chest, Aegis Aurora and Kaom's Roots. Koam solves the stun issue CI builds tend to have too.

I'm not really sure how to handle this guy offensively though. Reckoning and Vengeance are obvious ones, but scold's 100 spell damage is very nice. Maybe just use Ephemeral Edge and rely hard on CWDT.

I need to make sure Scolds, damage conversion and chance to X will actually cause status procs.
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Someone pointed out to me that Self-Temporal Chains will extend status effects, but wouldn't slow someone who is Unstoppable.

While potentially useful, I'm not aware of a way to curse yourself except via Shackles of the Wretched, which would stop us from getting frozen consistently.
Hm, Reddit posted a thread of 'cast on weapon swap' that uses Heartbound Loop and Essence of Insanity weapons to hit yourself constantly.

This would make Juggernaut + Auxium much more viable, as the reliable 700 hits will let you skip over the mana issues and allow you to drop scolds.
Maybe use Three Dragons and Lightning Coil.

There is some potential for a permanently freezing + cast on weapon swap fusion.
Testing has revealed that Shackles of the Wretched are required for this build.

You HAVE to be cursed by frostbite for self-damage to freeze you, and only at a 14% chance at that.

Temporal chains and CI should make it easy enough to get around the 3 second freeze immunity from shackles, but Auxium/HP users will have to trigger the full 3 seconds every time if they want to stay frozen permanently. Which means getting frozen, waiting three seconds then spending 200 mana around 7 times in a second to keep frozen up.

Auxium seems to be a dead end frankly. I theoretically put together a fairly solid yellow mapper, but even at half cost I just couldn't get the mana somewhere sustainable.

Builder ended up as this, with acrobatics to lower max energy shield, and nowhere near enough int to wear scolds before I gave up on it.
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CI still calculates freeze duration based on life before CI, so Auxium is actually better.
Mmm. A level 90 character has ~1000 hp without anything bringing it up, far more than the Auxium build has.

This guy has made a great build that uses most of the self freeze mechanics, but lets enemies hit you and always crit to cause freezing.

Far more reliable, fingers crossed that the fun he's using to freeze shaper holds up.
This looks like a very clever idea. However why don't add Izaro's Dilemma into your buid it would be OP.
Also as I know you can't use skills while frozen. So how are you going to combat?
THe debuff of frozen is better thought of as a 100% animation slow. Any effects that stop you from falling below a certain speed, like Kaom's Roots or the juggernaut ascendancy, you'll only get slower, not stopped.

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