[3.0] Thor is Back, Jugg Rf Mjolner Tank, All guardians down

General Info:
Really strong build, can tank everything and you have alot of time full hp ( like 3200 hp/s from kingsguard and 2% general hp leech from warlord ), the damage is insane, check hydra vid ( i know 1 death ), for kill it i take under 1 min ( real time combat )
At map you are immortal!

Build Pro:

+ good defence from 8 Endurance and Fortify
+ cannot be stunned from cyclone
+ Total hp over 6,5 k
+ 88/79/79 max resitances unflasked ( or 85/84/84 if you use saffel )
+ Unrelanting + Inyas boots so you have 8/5 charge always up
+ real fast heal from 8 charge and kingsguard + walord mark
+ alot of damage discharge( with focus elemental, Concentrated effect ) + ee + eo + rf
+ with 8 charge and fortify on have a positive regen hp
+ 2 curse ew + warlord
+ all guardian go down easy, same for uber lab, need test with uber atziri and shaper
+ Immortal with any map
+ over 4 atk/sec with cyclone so you have always 4 heal discharge for second

Build Cons:

- map with no regen is a bit hard ( need not use RF )

Malachai Hit Core 15 no flask

How to work?
with cyclone or shield charge and a ring with cold damage you hit and proc Elemental Equilibrium, discharge do fire and light damage, the enemy have ee and elemental weakness so the damage is insane ( elemental overlord is always on ). When you hit 8 charge give you 800 hp for 4 time in one second so like 3200 hp/s + warlord mark give you 2% hp leech. RF do alot of damage so you have 2 way for make damage.
With Jugg sub and Inyas boots you have 8 endurance and 5 power charge always up.
Inyas boost alot your damage


Def Stat


RF Stat vs Shaper


Discharge Stat vs Shaper


Discharge Damage:

Discharge max damage ( with flask atziri + vinktar )


Skill three:


Equip + Skill Link:
Mjolner: Discharge, Focus Elemental ( change with arc if wanna fast map ), Concentrated effect

Kingsguard : Cyclone,fortify, accuracy, faster attack, if you have 6 link and voll with another curse can put curse on hit and warlord mark

Helmet ( with +30% more elemental damage ), hp, and resistance elemental: rf + burning damage, concetrated effect and elemental focus

Repentance + Elemental week on hit: purify of fire, pol, enligment lvl 4 and vitality

Rise of the phoenix or Saffel if you wanna more elemental resistance: shield charghe, purify on ice and englihment lvl 3

Belt with +1 endurance hp and ele/chaos resistance

Ring romira + another one with life/elemental resistance and add cold damage

Amulet vool's with add a curse

Boots inya's with +2% hp/mp regen: cwdt lvl 20 - immortal call lvl 20 - increaed duration

depend how you wanna play, atm use a ample eternal life flask of Staunching, sapphire and topaz flask perpetual, divination distillate and atziri promise for increase damage and life leech when you need. You can use for fast exp a perpetual quicksilver

Bandits: 2 Point.

Phanteon :
Arakalii - Yugul

Jewell : Hp, Damage, Burning Damage, Over time damage, Spell damage, Spell Damage with shield, Fire Damage, attack speed, attack speed with maces
A Intuitive leap in templar zone

More Info:

for map you can use arc and drop ce, on boss you can use all 3 purity or 2 purity and warlord mark / enfeblee with blasfemy, i prefer warlord mark with +30% effect from helmet
You can do all map, only with no regen, 60%regen and - elemental resist you need to drop rf or use more attention about it


Uber Lab full run
Gorge Speed Farm
New Colosseum
New Overgrown
New DarkForest
New Atziri Run
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added video
added some info and some stat
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added fast core boss, like 1min and 20 sec for all. No one wanna try this build? :D If no interesting i will dismiss it ^^
not understand why no one interesting this build...if no one coming i will closed it in this week...
Even if noone replies here it doesn't mean that your build is bad :)
good build, i will try it :D
Even if noone replies here it doesn't mean that your build is bad :)

i hope other ppl coming ;D
Nice build.

Could you post a full uber lab run? I might try this build out but I just wanna see how it performs in lab traps and face tanking izaro fully charged.


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