3.0 [HC] Budget / Noob friendly 7kHP+ Cycloner

Hey guys this is my Cyclone build for 3.0 Currently playing hardcore.

I chose to go for slayer because of the increased life pool of the higher tier bosses and the 20% culling does wonders! This build can easly do Atziri / T16 maps / uberlab ( full key runs ). It could probably do shaper aswell but i havn't tried it yet.

This build is viable for both hardcore and softcore!


20% culling / good aoe duo ascendancy nodes
Great survivability
Can do almost all map mods
Cheap to get going ( can scale very high )

Can't run no leech maps
Can't run phys reflect maps
Being melee


1 > 12 use cleave untill you get sunder
12 > ... untill you feel confident to swap to cyclone

Use Herald of ash and hatred if you lvl as sunder.
Use herald of ash and blasphemy + warlords mark if you want to go cyclone at lvl 28 ( remove when you get enough leech )

You can use unique weapons to make the leveling process go smoother.

A good rare 1h will do just fine, look for %phys / flat phys and attack speed.

When you get lvl 64 you can buy a hezmana's bloodlust vaal axe, you can use this axe to get into red maps pretty comfortable. A Kaom's primacy will also get you into maps easy.

Help oak for the extra life regen and 20% physical damage.

Passive tree

Leveling tree
End game passive tree


For rare items you should look for Life / resistances and flat phys.
For flasks you can also use a lion's roar ( i get triggerd by the knockback ) but thats your own choice.


Cyclone - Faster attacks - Melee physical - Ruthless - Dmg on full life - Maim

Warchief - Faster attacks - Melee physical - Maim - Conc effect - Dmg on full life

CWDT - immortal call - Enfeeble/temp chains - inc. duration

Leapslam - Blood magic - Fortify - Faster attacks

Eduring cry - Blood rage

Aura's; Hatred and Herald of ash


For jewels you want a double dmg property and a life mod or if you in need of resistance for elemental weakness cap you can sacrefice a dmg property for a resistance mod. You will need 1 jewel with % physical attack damage leeched as mana to sustain your mana, unless you decide to spend 2 passives to get to the mana leech nodes underneath the duelist starting area. 1 node will be enough.

Use this link to look for jewels http://poe.trade/search/oinatarohunobo

Offensive stats

Unbuffed; 41.355 dps
Fully buffed; 176.921 dps

Warchief totem;
Unbuffed; 20.404 dps
Fully buffed; 87.359 dps

These numbers are with my current gear and passive tree at lvl 84 ( there is alot more room for improvement )

At lvl 92 i will be doing around 220k cyclone dps with my current weapon and when i get my hands on a Atziri's disfavor i will be doing around 270k dps.


This is my first build guide so feedback is greatly appreciated!
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Hey i'am really new to this game and i wanted to play this build in Solo selffound. Is this possible with this build?
Hello Myman9898 i'am glad to hear that you think this build is something for you! And yes you can play this build in soloself found. The easyest thing to do is lvl as sunder up untill around lvl 60 when you get to the blood aquaducts. Makes sure you pick up all the 1h and 2h axe/sword bases so that when you are ready to swap to cyclone you already got a good weapon! If you have anymore questions feel free to PM me, Goodluck!
What bandits do you help/kill?
How do you sustain your mana with this build? Others I've seen either use a blood magic support gem so they can use auras or use the blood magic keystone.
I sustain my mana with a %mana leech jewel and %leech on boots from the lab, just a single jewel is more then enough to sustain your mana even for single target fights. Just the lab enchant won't be enough to sustain single target bosses since you only get the leech when you killed recently ( 4 seconds ). If you have any other questions feel free to pm me.
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When do you switch from 1h build to the 2h build? Currently 44 act 5 hc ssf (xbox steering wheel btw /meme)?
which ascendancy should i pick first ? endless hunger and bane of legends or endless hunger and brutal favour ?
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What's better to have in a 5 link Maim or DMG on full life?
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Thank you for this awesome build! Using it right now.
Just two question:

1) Do you have any advice for Pantheon Points?
2) Why not get the "Two Handed Melee Damage" nodes?
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