[3.2] Practical Blade Flurry - 3 million DPS - 7k Life - Immune to Shock Freeze Stun - own the Game


We've been gathering ideas, experiences and test results to update this build for 3.1.

Page 48 and following are pretty informative and inspirational to adjust and improve your Practical Blade Flurry to the current game status. All of the statements there contain useful OPTIONS. These options all have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to you what way you choose.

That said, there is no single path you MUST go. Pure phys, hybrid phys/ele, full conversion are all possibilites that work fine with Blade Flurry. Although everything has been nerfed a lot in 2017 Blade Flurry still allows you to create your own path through Wraeclast, Oriath and across the Atlas.
Especially with Abyssus in use scaling DPS is very easy with this skill. If that is done properly you can focus on survivability and figuring out how to scale your gameplay and quality of life. This is where synergies get a high significance when assembling and gambling with gear, tree, jewels and gems.

Like in 3.0 once again thanks to the great and helpful participation of many nice players and after testing a lot of the ideas and options I came to a very good balancing without focussing on dps as much as in 3.0. That is because it is not possible anymore to reach the numbers from the past unless you buy a bunch of legacy items on Standard. So, some fights take a little bit longer now, which means we also need to survive a little bit longer. But be sure I‘m talking about a little bit only, we still kill everything in maps in no time and really increased our tankiness. It would even be defensive enough for HC I guess. Although the big bosses last a bit longer in 3.1 this build downs them all pretty easily.

Ok let’s start, here we go!




Kill all for +2 passive points unless you have dephicits that a bandit can handle better.



I inherited the Ascendancies from the 3.0 build, so Raider for Frenzy Charges and Speed (Onslaught), Slayer for Life Leeching on Full Life. Together with well-known flasks and Abyssus we get a good base DPS that can be scaled out pretty easily as long as you see the need for scaling DPS.
If you feel safer without Blood Rage and prefer Vaal Grace for 70% Dodge or something, or just want to farm Guardians, Shaper, Elder, Uber and stuff Pathfinder might be a considerably secondary class due to gaining flask charges on crit which scale much more than 3 frenzy charges.

The starting points of the passive tree are very flexible as well. Using Ranger‘s starting point is giving the highest amount of HP, while Slayer‘s one offers a bit more DPS.
Anyway, the fastest combination for progressive mapping is Slayer + Raider while using Blood Rage. But keep in mind that Bloodrage can make some trouble without a life flask, especially in vulnerability maps. In case you would like to run the same setup, make sure Blood Rage is slottet in a weapon to get rid of its degen with a simple weapon swap in weird situations. Also do not slot any aura in a weapon.


To compensate Abyssus' downside of 40%-50% increased physical damage taken I still wear the Lightning Coil. So 30% of incoming physical damage is taken as Lightning damage. The cost for that benefit is a -60% to Lightning resistance malus, where Purity of Lightning comes into its own. This aura helps a lot to cap your resists and gives you some extra percents to maximum Lightning resistance as well, which is a big deal.

But using Lightning Coil also makes incoming physical damage able to shock you! The build in 3.0 was compensating that issue with Arctic Armour that lowered the amount of incoming physical damage a bit together with more outgoing DPS and hopefully faster killing which worked pretty fine to me.
Now, in 3.1 we can completely get rid of being shocked by running Purity of Lightning plus simply using a Watcher's Eye with the mod "Immune to shock while affected by Purity of Lightning". If you get such one paired with the mod „+x% to critical strike chance while affected by Hatred“ you are the chief since we run Hatred as well of course. But I recommend to focus on the shock immunity for sure.

To enjoy Stun and Freeze Immunity get Kaom's Roots again, those boots also boost your lifepool significantly.
Feel free to use any gloves you wish. Personnally I would prefer Shaper's Touch for DPS, Life and some Accuracy or Malachai’s Mark for free power, frenzy and endurance charges while mapping. If you have issues with your resists try to get a pair of good rare gloves.


We are dualwielding a Bloodseeker claw for instant Life Leech with a 250+ pDPS rare claw as offhand to get normal life leech instances in queue. You also can just grab a Rive or Scourge claw until find a big booster. This way we don’t waste any leech because we automatically store it in many leech instances that can last entire maps. As Slayer they don’t expire on full life. This is the perfect way to leech and only this way the Damage on Full Life gem is working properly. This also lets you disclaim your life flasks or you use Blood Rage or just do both like me.
Leeching to full life instantly is no issue despite only one Bloodseeker, you will see. You can even just stand in Shaper‘s beam and outleech it - with 250 pDPS weapons!
If you you want too boost your instaleech, watch out for a Life gain on Hit Implicit.
In 3.1 the Shaper drops with extra Cold or Lightning Damage make it possible to find cheap 250 pdps claws that equal 400+pdps claws when used as offhand. At this time they are pretty cheap to get and craft.
However, this combinations give a very constant and high dps level that ensures to kill everything fast and safely.


To make yourself fancy try to get an amulet and rings with Life, Resists, Flat Phys and more or less of Flat Accuracy (depending on your gloves!). To get enough Intelligence(155) for Purity of Lightning and Enfeeble watch out for a Lapis, Agate, Turquoise or at least an Onyx amulet.
Your belt can be one of many options, a Stygian Vise with a Murderous Eye Jewel, Belt of the Deceiver or any good rolled Rustic Sash or Leather Belt, Headhunter, and so on as long as your resists are capped (best case 109%/109%/113%) and you feel good with your lifepool.


Watcher's Eye: Immune to Shock + anything
rare jewels: with life, resists (if needed), crit multi, attack speed and so on


Against Bleeding I took a Diamond Flask of Staunching.
Taste of Hate, Lion's Roar, Atziri's Promise and Sin's Rebirth are still the flasks to search for best performance. You can also replace Taste with Vinktar's.


6L Blade Flurry - Damage on Full Life - Melee Physical Damage - Maim - Increased Critical Damage / Strikes - Concentrated Effect / Increased Area of Effect

4L Enlighten - Hatred - Herald of Ash - Purity of Lightning

4L Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic

3L Ice Golem / Vaal Grace - Vaal Haste / Blood Rage - Ancestral Protector / Warchief

3L Cast when Damage Taken - Enfeeble - Immortal Call / Bodyswap / Ice Golem / Vaal anything


Mapping: Soul of Lunaris, Soul of Shakari
Bossing: Soul of Lunaris / Solaris, Soul of Tukohama


No ranged killing: Blade Flurry is still a melee skill, so sometimes we get hit
Need a bit more Intelligence: ...for Purity of Lightning and Enfeeble
This build can get expensive: Jewels, high rolls, good rare claw
For endgame you want a 6L to be comfortable: 5L might work, too but...
No Grandmasterkiller: pretty sure you get killed in the Hall with this build
Chaos Resistance: you probably need to swap some stuff for Chaos Breach maps
Not a super fast map clearer: because it is a Blade Flurry build...


But still one of the faster BF builds: endless Whirling Blades, high attack speed
Gamebreaker: can do most important and funky content, all map mods except physical reflect and no leech maps
Direct and high DPS: 2 - 4 Million DPS to Shaper is not a big problem
High Life Pool: 5.5k to 6.5k in the 90ies; @99 up to 7k or more possible
Tanky: Acrobatics, Freeze, Chill, Maim, Fortify, Enfeeble, Immunity to Stun, Freeze, Shock, Slow
Fast boss killing: Blade Flurry...
Effective synergies Abyssus -> Coil -> Purity -> Watcher's Eye; Slayer -> Damage on Full Life
High quality of Life: endless whirling, no life or mana flasking, no oneshots
Really a lot of fun: everything is so practical; no gem swap while mapping, only for Guardians and the big


Shaper deathless with only 2 million DPS @ lvl 92

Hydra deathless with only 2 million DPS @ lvl 92



3.0 Legacy Build and Guide

> P r a c t i c a l - B l a d e - F l u r r y ---- Shaper run in 02:40 ---- Uber Atziri run in 02:32

Path of Building


For mapping use Increased Aera of Effect Gem instead of Concentrated Effect
and use Bloodlust, Chance to Bleed + Faster Attacks (Totem) only for Shaper fights, everything else with Ruthless and Blind + Maim on Totem, optional Vengeance + Curse on Hit + Enfeeble isntead of Totem or Immortal Call)

for those without Path of Building

Passive Trees

with rare boots with Kaom's Roots


+2 Skill Points (kill all)

SC Gear

Wall of text

There are some synergies that make this build so practical.

I use Scion with Slayer Ascendant mainly for anti-reflect (only works best with Soul of Yugul @ high DPS), stun on hit at full life and for life leech effects on full life. Second Ascendancy can be anythin, works fine with Assassin, Berserker, Pathfinder, but best is Raider for free Frenzy charges everywhere, Onslaught and movement speed.

Atziri's Acuity gives instant full life when damaging while still having a lot of life leech instances in the queue. The same effect happens with a Bloodseeker claw while the offhand being a rare claw/sword/dagger. Instant leech is synergising with the Slayer Ascendant's life leech effect on full life from the other so good, that there is no need for a life flask and we I can profit from the Damage on Full Life Gem nearly 100% of the time. That is because 50% of leeched life is instant, the other 50% being queued regen.

For full dps I use Abyssus and counter its downside with wearing a Lightning Coil, Arctic Armour and Fortify on Whirling Blades. This is pretty save even to map with. Phys reflecting rares wont kill you when Sould of Yugul is active.

Exquisitely on Shaper I let the Ancestral Warchief or Protector bleed on hit with Rigwalds Savagery and Chance to Bleed gem + some chance from the tree (makes 75%, character sheet says 50% tho), this synergises with a fucking strong physical multiplier on Blade Flurry, Bloodlust. Fully buffed that way I could reach 15 Million DPS against the Shaper if the fight would take long enough (it doesnt tho).
But I use Bloodlust, Chance to Bleed, Faster Attacks (Totem) only for Shaper fights. Note that I run everything else with Ruthless and Blind + Maim linked to the Totem, or Vengeance + Curse on Hit + Enfeeble instead of the Totem. Also a 4L with Cwdt + Blade Vortex + Curse on Hit + Enfeeble would be possible. One could drop Enhance for it and swap the gems a bit.

Major Soul is Brineking, Lunaris or Solaris, Minor Soul is Yugul or Tukohama.
On all the gear there is no elemental damage needed, what makes building up very easy and comfortable. Watch out for Life, Resists and Accuracy for rings, craft flat phys and you are ready to go.

In a league, without +1 corruptions and a normal 350pdps weapon your'e still able to rock the Shaper with 7 or even 10 million DPS depending on your wealth. Trash in T15/16 is a joke and the Guardiands can be handled fast and save as well.

As mentioned the Budget version (if you wanna call it so, with a 6L chest..) comes along with the Bloodseeker claw + a mediocre rare claw (or a very good one ofc). I've added a claw-featured skill tree below. 2 million DPS vs Shaper is a low gear value and can be easily topped. But note don't invest too much in claw gear including jewels with claw mods, because as soon as you got your hands on a pair of Atziri gloves you can drop off Bloodseeker. So damn get a sword! It scales so much better with Death's hand or even better with Rigwald's Savagery.

You won't be disappointed, because it is practical and achievable...

Practical Temp League Version (7M vs Shaper @lvl 93)


Practical Bloodseeker Budget Version (2M vs Shaper @lvl 89)


Current Standard Gear with Yriel's and Kaom's Roots (20M vs Shaper @lvl 100)

IGN: Lawyne (Stream: www.twitch.tv/lawyne) [inactive]
100% Life Shaper in 1s https://www.twitch.tv/videos/173720595
Practical Blade Flurry https://tinyurl.com/practicalBF
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*updated for 3.1

last update 2018-01-01
- new guide, new tree, new gems
IGN: Lawyne (Stream: www.twitch.tv/lawyne) [inactive]
100% Life Shaper in 1s https://www.twitch.tv/videos/173720595
Practical Blade Flurry https://tinyurl.com/practicalBF
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Can attest. Disgusting build, beat the shaper so hard that the guy completly gave up, droping skyforth & dying sun at once.

100% unethical
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:D too bad I didn't stream the runs yesterday, indeed disgusting rng in 4 runs resulting in 3 flasks + skyforth, this never happens to me in temp leagues tho...
IGN: Lawyne (Stream: www.twitch.tv/lawyne) [inactive]
100% Life Shaper in 1s https://www.twitch.tv/videos/173720595
Practical Blade Flurry https://tinyurl.com/practicalBF
g'damn! thats crazy bro - gz
trolled Fox News in an interview... wound up famous. thx for the virility humans!
"...I'm one of the heroes." lol
can you give me a Pastebin or just a skillthree for the budget claw version?
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Mind posting the budget claw version? i'd like to test it out

the Duelist shoud be way more defensive with stun and bleed immunity while leeching,
the Scion will bring you to top end dps tho.

flasks and bandits to be adjusted to your playstyle

let me know if there is smth to improve or correct, ty

EDIT: just noticed the changes to Bloodseeker claws, that make the budget version pretty crappy as Duelist and Duelist Ascendant, so I deleted the Duelist budget version and adjusted the Scion to Berserker/Raider skill tree. Sorry for that!

Keep in mind that due to the changes it is maybe not worth to run Bloodseeker claws without any life flask, so just add at least one.

I'd need some feedback what is better to map with, bloodseeker with instant leech or a rare weapon with non-instant leech.

for sure u wanna go for Atziri'S Acuity asap.
IGN: Lawyne (Stream: www.twitch.tv/lawyne) [inactive]
100% Life Shaper in 1s https://www.twitch.tv/videos/173720595
Practical Blade Flurry https://tinyurl.com/practicalBF
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Just tell me plz what i can use instead of rigwald coz its basicly unavilable right now on poe trade
Death's Hand
IGN: Lawyne (Stream: www.twitch.tv/lawyne) [inactive]
100% Life Shaper in 1s https://www.twitch.tv/videos/173720595
Practical Blade Flurry https://tinyurl.com/practicalBF
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