3.0.1 Patch Notes

I don't know what your idea was, but killing 50+ of those blue dudes and not seeing a single harbinger shard, nor annulment, ancient or even horizon isn't fun at all.
"what you do or do not find funny isn't my problem whatsoever. nor is your mistaken definition of a "troll""

OK, then why do you even comment on it? ba dum tss

Your other arguments are pretty convincing, too. No way are you a troll, that doesn't even use arguments!11! Others just have the wrong definition, thats how it is, I tell ya! rofl

"I'm just wasting time til I actually *can* get back to standard!

(though my arc witch was nerfed fivefold and might not be playable anymore, which means uninstall cause I'm sure as hell not levelling another character as long as those act 5-10 dark souls bosses are in the game)""

Maybe you're the new moderator here or why are you answering stuff that wasn't even directed at you? You sure you looked up that defintion of troll in a dictionary and not in you colouring book instead?

PS: Did you already look up "sarcacm"? Somehow I cant find it.

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