[3.5] Mjölner Untethered 3.5 UPDATE! Mjölner is back! Uberelder+Shaper done

Updated for 3.5 Betrayal! Mjölner is back! Stronger than ever!

showcase vid (T16 hydra)

POB: https://pastebin.com/JLnVpyHk

Gear: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Sacr0/characters


the changes in 3.5 to mjölner are huge. it now has a 0.15 sec cd on triggered spells. the arc rework some patches ago (15% more dmg per remaining chain) give arc and mjölner(+2chains) a great synergy.
these 2 changes make mjölner an amazing choice to play.

i have killed shaper/uber elder in betrayal with this build. it's really tanky (like mjölner builds should be) with 8k life, fortify and permanent flasks.
It has extremely high clearspeed (pathfinder+arc) with around 200% ms and dishes out enough damage to clear all content ingame, including uber elder and shaper.

this build uses cyclone+faster attacks+fortify+additional accuracy to proc spells with 2 mjölners. 1 mjölner casts arc, the other casts ball lightning.

Repentance for the spelldmg boost.
Kaoms for life.
Mark of the shaper for life+dmg.
the flow untethered for more attack speed/movement speed/ cdr / life recovery (great belt!)

3.5 shaper : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp4yCRUEISE&feature=youtu.be

if you have problems capping your resist, use a purity instead of herald of thunder.

old version (discontinued)

2 new unique items added in 3.0 made me think about reviving an old mjölner build.
these items are

The flow untethered is an amazing belt that reduces any cooldown that exists in the game. cwdt, immortal call, coc, cospri's malice and mjölner all get up to 20% reduced cooldowns. for this build, this means theoretical permanent uptime for immortal calls triggered via cwdt and a discharge every 0.2seconds instead of every 0.25seconds resulting in 1 extra discharge per second or basically 20% more dps.
The boots are amazing for extra power charge generation and make sure that every discharge hits with full power.
we choose pathfinder for this build because we are using a crit based discharge and need to get high crit chance for both attacks and spells to reach a great amount of charge generation via voll's protector. therefore, a diamond flask with 100% uptime is necessary for this build.

this build excels at fast mapping with 129% inc movement speed and great boss dmg. guardians are also really easy to kill, you can even tank phoenix cry(check video).

i killed the shaper with this build on lvl 94 (deathless shaper achieved with lvl 97). however, there are far better builds for killing him. This build is not made for bosskills, but it's a great alrounder for any existing content.


minotaur fight

phoenix map+fight[2:20min] (item rarity is socketed into mjölner during mapping, swapped for conc effect in bossfight)

shaper run(not deathless and sorry for no sound)


getting high amounts of str on rings/helmet and shield is a must to reach 412 str required for mjölner. it also gives some life.


Master Alchemist and Master Surgeon.
Master Surgeon offers the possibility to sustain flasks vs bosses thanks to the 5 extra charges gained per second( 10 with overflowing chalice)
i chose to NOT use veteran bowyer because the random added damage works on our cyclone and kills Elemental Equilibrium.


bandits: 2 passive points. if you like you could also help alira.
pantheon: yugul! reduced reflected dmg taken is a must. big one: solaris
Pathfinder gives us the ability to reach a 100% uptime on all flasks. Even the 3.0 Vessel of Vinktar can be sustained permanently with the overflowing chalice and some optimized flask using.
This way we gain an insane amount of leech and sustain. The diamond flask is required for a much higher crit chance and gives a huge dps boost. The wise oak helps us cap our resists and gives some nice utility and with optimized resistances great amount of defences.

This build makes use of elemental equilibrium. It is important that you have some added cold damage on one of your rings( no lighting/fire!!!!!) you could use a herald of ice as well. once you hit the enemy with cyclone, he gets -50% to fire and -50% lightning resis resulting in a huge dps boost for our 6power/4(5)Endurance charge discharge. It's worth noting that firestorm does not counter this interaction because the discharge triggers right after the hit, any hit from firestorm on that enemy will only apply after the discharge.
we use a coc setup with cyclone and firestorm in our chest to maximize our charge generation. Blasphemy+assassins mark is mandatory to reach higher crit chance and damage for discharge/firestorm and cyclone.

==>crit multiplier on jewels is the key to get the discharge dmg up! check my jewels in PoB. dual crit multiplier is a must to get the dmg up. 3 crit multiplier are even better. look out for crit dmg with fire/cold/lightning skills, global crit multiplier, crit multiplier for spells, crit multiplier for elemental skills. with perfect jewels this build can easily reach 2 mil dps.<==

gifts from above is not necessary for this build. if you have problems getting enough str( i did for a long time), just go with a good rare ring( diamond, opal(best for dmg), or two stone ring) with str on it. Gifts from above gives a great dps boost with crit and consecrated ground( we have permanently cons ground thx to overflowing chalice flask) also, the flow untethered reduces the cooldown of cons ground spawned by gifts from above. awesome side-effect. wow.(not useful at all i guess). a cheap option could be kaom's sign for +1 end charge and some str.

Repentance gloves give us a great dps boost. i recommend using them.
crit chance for spells on the shield is nice to have. while it does not boost our paper dmg as much as spell dmg, it gives more consistency for crits and therefore more charge generation.

For mapping i reccomend using item rarity over conc effect in mjölner=> better overall clear speed and less dmg from reflect which can be an issue with conc effect. if you feel that your dmg isn't enough yet for mapping, you can use inc crit strikes/ inc crit dmg or contrl destruction instead of conc effect)

A 6L is not required for this build to work. 5L will do. Additional accuracy helps our charge generation due to more crits and therefore boosts our dmg, but it is not required by any means.
So for 5L only, leave additional accuracy out.

Voll's devotion is best-in slot with 3.0 ( choir of the storm got nerfed too hard) and boosts our dmg by quite a fair amount, but it is also not necessary for this build to get started.

Regarding attack speed

looking at your PoB link, it says your cyclone only attacks 2.74 times a second. Wouldn't you want it to be at least 5 so that you get the full dps value out of your mjolner cooldown ?

cyclone hits twice per spin. so 2.74 times a second= 5,48 hits per second. i agree that it's still really low attack speed and currently i am trying different amounts of attack speed( somewhat around 3.2 times a second=6.4 hits per second). this is very interesting:
i do believe that there is still a lot of room to min-max the attack speed so that it fits for the mjölner cooldown perfectly. having too high or too low attack speed can result in unoptimal triggers and reduce the number of dicharges per second.
for example, take 6 hits per second: 1s/6= 1 attack every 0.167 seconds. this mean that after our first discharge, we go on a cooldown of 0.2(0.21)seconds. with this attack time, the second hit comes at 0.167 s after the first meaning that discharge is on cd. only the third hit which comes after 0.334 seconds will trigger discharge again bringing it to another cooldown making it unoptimal attack speed. this would assume that the cyclone hitrate is linear.
now take an attack time of 4.8 hits per second: every hit comes in 0.208 seconds making the hitrate slightly above discharges cooldown. so every cyclone hit can trigger mjölner. this way, less attack speed can result in more mjölner procs.
its very difficult to reproduce this theory ingame and i'm currently trying to maximize the triggers with variable amounts of attack speed. it's definitely just minmaxing here. the build works fine even with 2.74 attacks per second on cyclone.


lvl 98 shaper tree: https://pastebin.com/KrzNnXrA (2 mil dps/ 1.25 mil shaper dps
lvl 98 mapping tree for save mapping+reflect survival: https://pastebin.com/fPvVjYeq

for leveling use storm cloud bow and then doomfletch's prism on lvl 40. use tabula rasa with tornado shot,added cold, gmp, ele dmg with attacks, pierce, faster attacks. use haste, herald of ice and equip all those lvling uniques with flat added phys dmg(meginords, drillneck, phys dmg rings, deidbell, redblade tramplers). Prism is expensive but once you're done lvling you can sell it for the same price you bought it. As amulet use karui ward or karui charge. with this setup you have enough dmg to do low tier maps and get to like lvl 70-75 before you swap to mjölner(depending on your gear/str requirement). As for the skilltree you can pretty much start building the mjölner tree, just use some proj dmg at the ranger starting area and get some ele dmg with attacks notes. spec out the shadow starting area for some dmg. make sure you use wise oak+diamond flask as well as a well rolled quicksilver flask. i got to lvl 60+act 9 in 4 hours using this method. buying all the uniques needed was done with this char and included in the 4hrs playtime.


Q: no romira's banquet?
A: no, this is a crit based build. we generate our charges with voll's protector and crits from our cyclone/firestorm/cwdt and discharges. we achieve this by using a permanent uptime diamond flasks + 6power charges

Q: 2 Discharge gems?
A: I assume you mean to use the 2. discharge in the CoC Setupt. i did this for quite a while and it does indeed work, but after a lot of testing i came to the conlusion that a single firestorm for charge generation results in higher dmg numbers than 2 discharges. the reason is the following: if you crit with your cyclone, discharge from mjölner will trigger first and deal full dmg. the charges will then be consumed and based on voll's devotion+voll's protector+boots 1-6 new power charges and 5 endurance will be created for 2. discharge. With 30% chance to not consume charges we have a decent chance for 2. discharge from CoC to trigger with full charges. HOWEVER: we use Elemental Equilibrium which means that after the first discharge, the enemies hit get +25% to fire and lightning resi instead of -50% to those elements. This results in a lot less dps for the 2.discharge triggered. It's definitely fun to run around with roughly 8 discharges/second instead of 5, but it does not really boost the dps that much. better just make full use of 1 discharge socketed into mjölner. Especially for bosses, when there's only 1 enemy near, firestorm provides a great source of charges and boosts our dps significantly over 2 discharge gems.

Q: Does this build work as Ascendant?
A: Unfortunately not. We rely heavily on our flasks for charge generation, resists, damage and leech!
pathfinder makes sure that we have our flasks permanently up, no other class can achieve that.
In my opinion, for a crit based Mjölner Discharge build, Pathfinder is by far the best option.

SinuredXD wrote:
With the new changes to shock, i think you can dish out more damage for high hp enemies if you switch the ele focus gem to controlled destruction. you would still have 70% to crit with it and though you loose 10% damage on the gem you can get much more shock effect from 10% (vinktars) up to 50%. looking at your phoenix vid its something worth testing further imo

yeah i tested contrl. destruction+shock in mjölner - as well as ele focus in discharge socketed in mjölner and a 2. discharge setup in coc to proc shocks. shock is a very interesting mechanic but i did not feel any dps boost in using it - although i might have to test it a bit more! enemies already take 10% inc dmg from shock due to vessel of vinktar(or is it 15% due to flasks effectiveness? not sure.) i'm not sure how far we're able to scale our inc dmg taken from shock against high hp enemies.
Anyway thanks for your feedback, you might have some point there. I gotta figure it out vs some bosses!

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cant find a shaper video and the minotaur video is not working. Please dont burst my hopes for mjolner by being just another clickbait.
video should work now, i also added another. i dont have a shaper video yet, but will make one in the next days, probably next week!
why no romira ring? or am I just thinking wrong here
how about two discharge gem? insted firestrom or fortify

and i want see your build in PoB. plz add PoB link.
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Looks fun, can you pls add a Path of Building Pastebin?
Looks good, I will give it a try in the league.

Do you think this build is possible with Ascendant?
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thx for your feedback and questions, i answered them in the FAQ in the main post!
i also added my PoB code. Some additional info in the explanations as well.
have a nice Weekend!
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Any particular reason you're not using Cospri's Malice here instead of Mjolner? It seems like your attack speed would be higher, tree would be easier, and you'd get some free crit and multi.
PremiumX wrote:
Any particular reason you're not using Cospri's Malice here instead of Mjolner? It seems like your attack speed would be higher, tree would be easier, and you'd get some free crit and multi.

with the flow untethered belt, both cospri's and mjölner can trigger 5 discharges/second- with cyclone we can easily reach 8-10 attacks per second on mjölner which is more than enough attack speed to trigger the maximum amount of discharges possible.The coc setup can only trigger 2.5 times a second. We dont need any more attack speed. mjölner gives discharge a 100% increased spelldmg. cospri's only offers low cold dmg rolls (discharge base dmg is far higher) and some crit. 100% inc spell dmg >> 25% crit multi+60% inc crit chance according to PoB.
Mjölner has a 100% chance to trigger on hit while cospri's only triggers on melee crit which means you have to actually invest into some melee/sword crit notes.

The difference between mjölner and cospri's is the str requirement. I'd like to think about it this way: cospri's "is best suited to a ci/lowlife build" while mjölner is "the life variant of a trigger unique".(this does not mean you cannot play cospri's life based!)
with the recent nerfs to ci and es leech i wanted to do a life based build with str stacking for repentance so i went with mjölner. I'm sure this build should work with cospri's as well although you might use a really different skill tree. i'm not sure if you could include endurance charges on a cospri's build.

So basically i chose mjölner because i went life based and liked the fact that the str requirement also boosts our life pool and spell dmg. Oh and i chose Mjölner because it's... Mjölner.
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