[3.0] MOM RF Scorching Ray Scion (Trick/Inquis) - 450k+ DPS - Cheap League Start - Use RF at lvl 50!

**With the nerf to Rise of the Pheonix coming in 3.1, you can either use Rise of the Pheonix or Saffell's Frame. I will fully update the build guide in the near future.**

Tired of boring walking simulator RF builds?
Want to get RF running before you can equip Rise of the Phoenix at level 65?
Don't want to need Kaom's Heart and expensive gear to actually deal damage?
Want to be able to farm Uber Lab on 4 links?
No? You should read anyway.

As most of you know, Righteous Fire deals 90% of your life to you as fire damage wile burning your enemies for a portion of your life.

Rise of the Phoenix is considered a necessary unique to sustain RF since it essentially lets you take 8% less damage from fire - including RF.

So how does one sustain RF without Rise of the Phoenix?

As you could see from the title, we use Mind over Matter to take 30% of the RF DOT from mana instead of life.

This however, introduces a new problem. Now we not only need to out regen the burn to our health but also to our mana, and that's where these items come in.


Atziri's Foible is INSANE for any MOM build, especially this one, considering how much regen it gives.

Dream Fragments is pretty well known as a good item at this point. Freeze and chill immunity is fantastic. Never read a strongbox again!

Immortal Flesh is probably one of the most underrated belts in the game. The amount of regen you get out of it is nuts. It does make capping res a bit tricky, however since they moved the merciless resistance debuff to the end of Act 10, it's not that big of a deal while leveling.

The reason I listed the scepter is because +2 to fire gems means +2 to Purity of Fire, giving an additional 1% max fire res early on.

I got all three of these uniques for about 4 chaos on the second day of Harbinger League, and at lvl 50 I immediately started using Righteous Fire for an easy leveling experience.

Path of Building Proof of Concept
Using appropriately leveled gems and the uniques I mentioned, sustaining RF at 50 is simple.
You can check my level 50 Path of Building setup below if you don't believe me.

Current Dps (From Path of Building)

Unbuffed/No flasks

All buffs/No flasks

All buffs/Flasks

+Budget friendly start
+Decent ceiling for currency investment
+Can run Uber Lab on 4 links
+You are an idiot if you die to traps
+Can use RF as early as level 50
+Great Uber Lab farmer especially once you get geared
+Freeze/Chill/Stun/Reflect Immune

-Uses a lot of uniques (can be hard to cap resists)
-Big hits can be a problem until you get decent armour
-Seems to struggle against some red map bosses
-Needs to re-roll map mods more than most builds
-Haven't tried Guardians/Shaper yet (will update if/when I do)
-Regen < Vaal Pact for bosses

I chose to kill all since i like the extra skill points, killing Alira for the flat mana regen and resists, or killing Oak for the Physical mitigation and hp regen are also viable options

Level 50 Tree

Current Tree (Level 90)

Level 100 Tree

Gem Links
Support gems are listed in order of importance
Righteous Fire - Increased Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Increased Area/Concentrated Effect

Swap Concentrated Effect with Increased Area for more DPS on Bosses

Body Armour
Scorching Ray - Increased Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction -
Swift Affliction

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Enfeeble
I use a level 8 CWDT setup, but that is just my preference

Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Flammability - Arcane Surge
I keep Arcane Surge at a low level so I can activate it with one cast of Orb of Storms

Summon Stone Golem - Clarity - Purity of Fire
Use the highest level Clarity you can

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Ascendancy and explanation

Take Trickster first for extra sustain. 15 flat mana regen on using a movement skill is the rough equivalent to using a lvl 16 Clarity. The extra mana/health regen on kill is amazing, and since while RF is active, we have no ES we get 20% generic damage.

The consecrated ground on kill and reduced elemental damage taken on it is nice, 25% elemental damage is good, and the extra crit chance helps proc Elemental Overload

Pick up Path of the Shadow last

Jewel Affixes to prioritize
Fire Damage
Burning Damage
Mana Regeneration

Required Gear
At level 50, you can sustain RF with Clarity (leveled as high as possible), Purity of Fire,
Summon Stone Golem, and these uniques

I recommend not using Vitality, since it drastically lowers your mana (effective health) pool.
Once you get Rise of the Pheonix, feel free to get rid of Immortal Flesh if you feel like it's too hard to cap resists.


RF panic Flask - Saved me many times

Witchfire Brew is not optional - you get about 100k dps from this flask alone - also blinding Izaro is nice

Decent armour flask - you can use Rumi's Concotion instead if you want

Ruby flask is a staple for any RF build. Put any rolls you like most on it.

Bleed removal flask with many uses, give damage, and makes concecrated gound. What's not to like?

Gear Upgrades

While you don't strictly need Rise of the Phoenix, it undeniably makes the build much better.

It can be tough to get decent armour when you need so many blue sockets and don't have the currency to spend getting off colors on armour gear. Using the Formless Inferno makes up for that in a big way.

Doryani's Catalyst has everything you could want in a scepter for this build. You can use a budget rare or Brightbeak until you get the currency to buy one.

Current Gear

Terrible Video(s?)
Quick Showcase (Uber run, Shaped Strand, spooky corrupted Bazaar) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f5X5MlL8lc&feature=youtu.be
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Added Screenshots, Path of Building pastbins, Gem links, Flasks, and DPS screenshots from Path of Building.
I was looking for new build to play on HC, but sadly this is not it. On the 87 tree you got only 175% HP from tree for total of 4.8k hp on the character. Uber lab will one shot you. Pretty solid for softcore, but not HC build sadly.
IGN: Mahakali
I actually have no trouble farming Uber lab. After I got the Formless Inferno, I have yet to die in uber. MOM and armour makes my effective life pool higher than it seems. I will have a video up soon that shows me facetanking Argus and Izaro. I did have serious trouble before I got enough armour though.
This is my first build guide so if I left anything out or you have any questions, be sure to let me know.
Fixed the flask section by the way.
Video is up
Got to 50. Got uniques. Followed skill tree. Fire res capped.

RF eats through Hp and Mp within seconds.
Can you get me a pastebin of your build in path of building?
Also are you using purity of fire and clarity? and what level? do you have stone golem up?
I'm willing to help, I just need more information.
You might need better rolls on the uniques or your HP might be too high for your mana regen. Honestly there's a lot of moving parts in this build so it might be tricky to pull off before your purity is high enough level or you can equip rise of the phoenix.
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is this build up to hardcore?
Never played hardcore but I think it would work fine for it. I wouldn't bother trying to run it without rise of the phoenix though. And I wouldn't try Uber until you have around 50% phys mitigation from armour and at least 4.5k life and 1k unreserved mana. I doubt this would be a good starter for HC but you could make it work. It is worth mentioning that I still have yet to die in Uber since I got the Formless Inferno. The only thing I avoid in Uber layouts is charge disruptors. Other damage phases can be a bit spooky to facetank but I don't really bother dodging Izaro mechanics anymore. This is not a great mapping build, there are too many mods to be scared of and I feel like T13+ bosses have significantly more HP and damage than Izaro. If you want to farm Uber safely in HC this build is great.

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