[3.0] Auto Heralds (non-crit) (not cheap) [Woolfio]

Hey there, Woolfio here with a fun build for Harbinger league.
This build uses Herald of Thunder and Herald of Ice to do damage and you just basically run and watch lightning strike enemies and turn them into ice and explode them to pieces. This build is NOT cheap and most likely not suited for new players or even new league start.
I have a video build guide if you prefer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bl3tZ0UdqcU

How it works?
Herald of Ice (HoI) is triggered if you kill frozen enemy. So you use Herald of Thunder (HoT) to freeze enemies to trigger HoI, and you use HoI to shock enemies (since HoT cannot apply shocks). So if your HoT does enough damage and has enough freeze you can begin this chain reaction. There are couple unique items that make this build work.

Unique items
In case links don't show up, i will name them as well: The Coming Calamity armour, Abberath's Hooves boots, Call of the Brotherhood ring, Southbound gloves, The Dark Seer weapon, Atziri's Promise flask, The Writhing Jar flask.

Other unique items
Doryani's Catalyst Vaal Sceptre https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Doryani%27s_Catalyst

The Tempest's Binding Callous Mask (very expensive, but very useful) https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Tempest%27s_Binding

IMPORTANT thing to know about Heralds
Heralds are NOT spells. Spell damage does NOT increase heralds damage. Added elemental damage to spells does NOT add damage to heralds. Therefore items like Doryani's Fist (while unarmed) will not add damage to heralds. Support gems like Controlled Destruction will NOT increase Heralds damage. Auras like Wrath or Anger will do nothing for heralds or thunder/ice. So you can only support it with gems that add cold/lightning damage like ice bite, innervate, added cold/lightning damage and Elemental proliferation. (Or crit support gems if you are making crit version). Also on gears try to get Elemental damage rather than spell damage.

More detailed explanation about my items and how it works
I am using new chest armour The Coming Calamity
This make your Heralds reserve fixed amount of mana no matter your links. So you can have 2 Heralds with 6 links and you will reserve 90% of your mana. Reduced mana reservation nodes do nothing for this, so you have more freedom with your passive skill points. Also i am using HoT in this unique armour because i want HoT to do as much damage as possible to make it easier to maintain this chain reaction.
A very useful item for this build is Abberath's Hooves boots.
Because with this you are doing damage while moving, and that helps freeze/shock enemies and helps is overall help for automation, because you can use Curse on Hit + Elemental weakness to also apply curse on enemies that survive heralds, making them easier to kill. It also helps you trigger Elemental Overload, which is big boost to your elemental damage.

An important but cheap item to get is Call of the Brotherhood ring.
Main focus of this item is 40% lightning damage converted into cold. You do need more cold damage because freezing enemies is harder than shocking. You may even want to use 2 of these, but be sure you will have enough lightning damage to shock enemies. The last line of this item saying that you get 100% shock chance against frozen enemies is useless for heralds because it only works for spells, and heralds are not spells.

My gloves and weapon can be different, but i am using Southbound gloves
for increase HoI damage and life, and weapon is The Dark Seer
which gives damage and a lot of life and energy shield, but if you have enough life/es you can use Doryani's Catalyst which is also more expensive.

Helmet is another big thing and probably the most expensive thing. There is new unique helmet The Tempests' Binding which is basically 6 link helmet, because it has lvl18 Innervate and lvl18 Ice bite support gems for free for socketed skill and you will want to use HoI in this helmet. It also gives life and all resistances which is always welcome

Skills and links
In body armour:
Herald of Thunder + Added Cold Damage + Ice Bite + Elemental Proliferation. 5link: + Added Lightning Damage. 6link: Innervate.
Herald of Ice + Elemental Proliferation + Added Lightning Damage + Innervate. If using The Tempests' Binding for Herald of Ice then just Added instead Innervate use Added Lightning Damage or maybe Inc. AoE or Concentrated Effect support gem.
Storm Burst + Cast While Channeling + Ball Lightning + Greater Multiple Projectiles
You can use other spell for bosses but you do have little mana, so cast while channeling is probably your best option. Unless you are using some 6link staff and maybe use blood magic, then it is up to you what you want to use. Heck you can even use The Whispering Ice, it won't do a lot of damage because it scales with Int, but it will most likely shock and freeze enemies and of course chill, to make enemies slower.
Other skills: Flame Dash, Flame Golem, Decoy Totem (very important). Cast when damage taken + Immortal Call + Molten Shell (low level to trigger as easily as possible)

Passive skill tree
Basically you get freeze/shock chance, elemental damage and life and jewel slots.

Path of Building import code

Will update later in case if forgot something.
Woolfio @YouTube
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Super interesting concept -- curious why scion over Witch, other than the fact that the starting nodes are ~4 points more efficient with Witch.

Also, how do you plan on sustaining yourself? Just potions?
chemistryz wrote:
Super interesting concept -- curious why scion over Witch, other than the fact that the starting nodes are ~4 points more efficient with Witch.

Also, how do you plan on sustaining yourself? Just potions?

I wasn't sure about the class so i went scion because it is flexible, but witch and even berserker are an option.
Yep, sustaining with pots. Use atziri's flask for some leech.
Woolfio @YouTube
For HoT, did you try to use hypothermia?
I have a 5L and don't want to reroll 3 green so I'm kinda limited.
I currently use HoT, added lightning, ice bite, hypothermia, and I'm trying some stuff with the 5th link (immolate, unbound ailments)
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kodr wrote:
For HoT, did you try to use hypothermia?
I have a 5L and don't want to reroll 3 green so I'm kinda limited.
I currently use HoT, added lightning, ice bite, hypothermia, and I'm trying some stuff with the 5th link (immolate, unbound ailments)

I haven't tried hypothermia. It needs chill to do more damage, which means you need to hit at least twice and this build kind of needs to be able to kill weak enemies in 1st hit.
Maybe try use HoI in that armor instead. And use HoT maybe in thunderfist gloves for easy 5link. Or if you can afford use that expensive helmet.
Woolfio @YouTube
This is a fun build! Thanks.
Great job Woolfio!. The build is really fun so far, been playing it since level 16 haha. Still, i'm having some issues with bosses, my single target damage is really low at the moment, since you can't shock or freeze bosses. What other skills would you use to deal masive single target damage with a 4L?. Thank you in advance! Loved the guide!.
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I think the PoB link is broken? I get an unsupported protocol error, might just be because of an update.

Also, any tips for leveling this?
Super fun build, so far I am level 60 in act 9 and everything shatters around me.
This will be a nice build to farm the 1337 map bosses challenge, probably.
I do however wonder what map tier it will be able to take down unltimately though, anyone playing this build in maps have an idea where it "ends" for this build ?

As for levelling this, I went for herald of thunder 6L in a tabula, and any skill works with that.
At level 42 I finally could wear my Aberrath's Hooves (bought them enchanted), and that trivialized everything.
Equip the chestpiece at 53, and walk through the entire game with HoI + HoT

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