[3.1] Raider - Ice Shot/Barrage / Everything Viable / 1 Week in League / Awesome Swag

Hey. Been running this build in standard for a little while now, and i absolutely love it. Always liked Ice Shot, both the offensive and defensive capabilities of the skill. I was just wondering if any of you better players out there can take a look at my char and give me some tips on upgrades? I know i need a better ammy (need int on it) and six-linking, but trying as best i can not to buy gear. Also lab and lab-enchants, but haven't managed that yet. Kinda SSF character this for me. Also, if any of the links are bad, please let me know. I'm still learning what's good and not with different skills and spells and such.


Thanks in advance
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What is the best 5L setup for Barrage?

Currently I have:

I'm wondering whether it is better to replace elemental focus with cold penetration? Please advise
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"2 million dps!"

click off enemy shocked and click on shaper instead of white monsters.
DPS drops to 800k.

But! it is so budget! no dying sun no vinktar. Not even a good opal ring!

when equiped with dying sun and vinktar like every another bow build. DPS goes to 1 million.

And switch phys to lightning and GMP with add cold and slow proj. booom. 1.3 million dps!

I guess 1.5 million is the max. I need help to max my pob dps!
Why would you link Generosity with HOI wtf?
Mind uploading an up to date passive tree without old Vaal pact?
i want to do this build for 3.2 but with the new deadeye pob has chin sol as the highest dps even with the far shot point blank canceling each other out. Is there a better option?
yeah. good question...
I'm wondering if it's better to use Poacher's Mark instead of Assassin's Mark? The chance to gain frenzy charge from Ice Bite Support wouldn't work on tough bosses since they usually wouldn't freeze correct?

I have a very newbie question...

I'm using this build with ice shot...
So from what i understand when ur in mapping
u have ice shot which converts 60% to cold
+ those 2 passive in ur skill tree also converts 40% to cold.....

All nice...but what about barrage? Will you be dealing 60% physicial with that skill?
So in a physicial reflect map....u switch to barrage and the boss certainly instant kills u???
Can some1 take a look at my raider hardcore/bestiary character?

I have around 7, tooltip dps on iceshot....but even in act 9 start i dont insta kill group of magic monsters...

Should I switch around gems or something?

I know i havent picked up much dmg nodes along the way but cuz of HC im doing the life nodes first....but still 7500 dps should insta kill mobs imo???

I put barrage in when facing unique mobs....but also that dmg feels really really low....takes an age to kill act 8 boss, and i had to call in for help to stay safe....cuz i was already take 25 portals and the boss wasnt off more than 50% or so....

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