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This item is recognized poorly, almost no mod is identified.

link to identification

Should be:
I love the idea, is this still under development?
"6% Chance to Dodge Attack Hits" generates with an erroneous space which prevents PoB from reading it.

Rarity: Rare
Victory Veil
Zodiac Leather
Item Level: 74
+181 to Evasion Rating
+96 to maximum Life
+35% to Fire Resistance
Reflects 21 Physical Damage to Melee Attackers
+29% to Lightning Resistance
6 % chance to Dodge Attack Hits

"No valid items found

Rarity: Rare
Behemoth Tether
Stygian Vise
Level: 59
Sockets: A
Item Level: 86
Has 1 Abyssal Socket
29% increased Lightning Damage
+44% to Cold Resistance
+27% to Lightning Resistance
28% increased Elemental Damage
+64 to maximum Life

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